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Motherhood-The Most Amazing Profession

Motherhood - The Most Amazing Profession

Mothers Day Honors Mothers Once A Year.

Yet, mothers deserve much more. Why? Because Motherhood is the most amazing profession in the world that has very unique and demanding requirements that are difficult to learn and master and are too often overlooked.

Hopefully, readers will gain more appreciation and respect for mothers. By exposing the true characteristics and demands of motherhood, .

Motherhood Is The Most Important Profession

Mothers control the development and growth of most of the children in the world, who eventually mature into adults. Mothers are entrusted, and are almost totally responsible for the health, care, training, morals, security, emotional strengths, attitudes, social understanding discipline, and learning success of their children.

The relationships children and even adults have with their mothers shape who they become as adults. The results of the efforts of mothers are universal, extremely powerful, everlasting, and extremely important to every person on the globe.

Motherhood, The Amazing Profession
Motherhood-The Amazing Profession

Motherhood Is A Difficult And Diverse Profession.

Mothers must be masters of many roles. Mothers are required to possess the knowledge, practice the skills, and perform the duties of so many different life functions. It would be impossible to list them all. Here are but a few.

Mothers must successfully perform as: nurses, cooks, nutritionists, teachers, trainers, educators, coaches, therapists, disciplinarians, financial advisors, protectors, cleaning specialists, transportation specialists, sports enthusiasts, clothing and appearance specialists, peacemakers, mediators, spiritual advisors, etc.


Mothers are given little, if any, prior formal training. Mothers must learn ON THE JOB a vast majority of the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to perform the important functions of motherhood.

I know of no colleges or schools that trains or teaches mothers. Other professions like attorneys, medical doctors, engineers, and dentists, must attend anywhere from six-to-ten years of additional education after high school to be qualified to begin their profession.

Yet, mothers are required to operate at almost full speed from the first day of motherhood. Mothers are expected to be fully knowledgeable of all motherhood requirements and with very little, if any, training.

Motherhood is a non-income producing profession. Mothers rarely, if ever, receive monetary income from their motherhood efforts. Mothers are rarely paid to change diapers, prepare meals, train their children, etc. In the past, husbands were expected to generate enough income to support mothers.

Unfortunately today, more mothers work at income-producing jobs while also performing full time motherhood duties.

Motherhood Also Has Some Unusual Characteristics

The time and energy demands on mothers diminish with time. As the youngest child grows up, the time demands, energy demands, mental involvement, and personal contact demands of mothers with their children will shrink.

Being a mother to young babies is almost a 24 hours, seven days a week profession. Think of the relief mothers feel when their youngest baby finally sleeps through the night for the first time, without awakening for feeding or to have a diaper changed.

The job requirements of motherhood are even further reduced, as their youngest child goes off to school. Time and energy demands on mothers diminish even more as their youngest child continues to grow and attend even more out of the house activities.

Eventually, mothers will be faced with an “empty nest” as the purposes of their motherhood depart. Empty Nest mothers frequently seek new careers.

Mothers Bring Exceptional Benefits To The Workplace.

Mothers are far more qualified and far more valuable producers than they, or the business world realizes.

Mothers Bring the following valuable benefits to the workplace

management skills, financial experience, remarkable knowledge, strong sense of responsibility, intuitive wisdom, patience, leadership qualities, organizational capabilities, resourcefulness, human relationship capabilities, and other real life skills that they developed as mothers over the years.

Mothers, especially empty nest mothers have proven to be:

excellent employees, excellent business owners (After all, they have in essence been running a business as a mother) and excellent independent contractors (self employed) Because of the incredible experiences and responsibilities they bring to the work force.

Yet, Empty Nest Mothers frequently feel inadequate

For numerous reasons that are easily overcome. For example they FALSELY feel incompetent because:
they have been out of the work force for so long, or they feel they have less education than they think is necessary, or they are older than other potential entry level workers, or finding and applying for jobs and can be a daunting and confusing process. Unless they use a Career Coach.

Empty Nest Mothers are a valuable source of outstanding proven skills, talents and wisdom entering the work place.

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