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Empty Nest

The Empty Nest Condition is a Game Changer for Parents

The Coach Connection Provides the Solution to Empty Nest

Empty Nest Sneaks up on Parents Then Hits Suddenly.

Empty nest occurs to both parents when the last child moves away to live elsewhere, leaving the home empty of day-to-day activity of raising children. The more the parents were devoted to and actively participated in raising their children the more severe the empty nest syndrome becomes. This sudden loss of daily parenting purpose and activity can be and is frequently devastating.

Parents routinely dedicate their lives to raising their children for at least 18 years. And even longer depending upon the ages of all children. Normally, the departing children are excited and motivated to show independence from their parents, without daily parental controls or involvement. This is a very natural phenomenon. Breaking long standing practiced bonds, relationships, and personal connections.

Empty Nest Parents Experience Multiple Emotions

Empty nest parents frequently feel loss of purpose, inadequacy, loneliness, grief, guilt, and even depression, especially for mothers. But these feelings are not obvious to the parents or to others, so they frequently go unrecognized and unresolved.

The Empty Nest surprise and mid life crisis frequently occur in tandem, mostly for the same reasons. Parents had clear reasons, purposes in life to focus on the growth, welfare, and safety of raising their children. And this purpose came naturally and is a welcomed highly regarded reason to live. But when the last child leaves, these fully engrossing life purposes and lifestyles suddenly become vacant.

Parents raised their children to live a great life being the best they can be to enjoy life. After their direct parenting relationships have concluded, empty nest parents will most likely want to continue relationships with their children. These connections may include advising, supporting, and loving their children to encourage them to grow into valuable loving adults. But the former children are now in charge of doing so on their own terms.

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Empty Nest Parents Arrive at Critical Crossroads of Life.

What new goals, lifestyles, purposes can possibly replace being full-time parents? It is now time for parents to become the best they can be and enjoy their new lives on their terms without constant parenting. Most children will welcome and encourage parents to discover new sparks in their lives and generate new lives to the fullest.

Empty Nest Parents Struggle to Figure Out Where to Go Next.

They become confused and frustrated at picking through the many options that appear before them. Classic “Option Overload.” Yet they feel GUILTY for redirecting their attentions away from their children, and even ASHAMED, because they feel they SHOULD be able to understand it all. After all they are older, more knowledgeable, wiser, more experienced, have raised children to adults and more. What’s wrong here? I mean they took to parenting and did well, why can’t they do the same for their next lives?

Empty Nest Parents Face “The Greatest Mystery in the World – THEMSELVES

Empty nest parents have very little understanding of what they want, don’t want, are talented in, and their priorities for themselves. Undoubtedly, they know more about the desires, talents, priorities and passions of their children than they know about themselves. The fact is they do NOT know very much about THEMSELVES for a host of reasons, which is proven by their confusions, frustrations from struggling with creating their new lives. Welcome to the human race. This is a very Natural Phenomenon. A vast majority of empty nest parents (and mid life crisis adults) know very little about themselves.

Empty Nest Parents Have 2 Different Methods to Figure Out Where the Want To Go Next.

    The Ultimate Solution to Empty Nest: Engage a Career Coach

    Your career coach will assist you to discove, custom build, and live in yourr newly developed life purpose and lifestyles that you will enjoy, thrive in and reap boundless rewards in many forms. And your personal coach will unravel The Mystery of YOU, so you become the World’s Leading Expert on YOU, to discover, and develop your new lifestyles and purposes to suit YOU fully the first time out. No trials, no confusion, no frustrations, and no errors.

    Empty Nest Parents can Create Better lives
    Empty Nest Parents Can Create Better Lives


      They can use the “Trial and Error” method emphasis on error. (Unfortunately, the most commonly used method.) Trying various options in hopes that at least one might feel OK by pure chance. Confusion and frustrations abound due to the many false starts leading down dead-end roads.

      Departing Children Want Their Parents to Thrive

      Most children will welcome and encourage parents to generate new sparks in their lives and live their lives to the fullest. The last thing children will want to have to take care of and support failing, confused, lost, unhealthy, and depressed parents. Many times, parents will embark on new adventures, they love that will also attract the involvement of their adult children to join in, whether it includes cooking, traveling, hiking, fishing, skiing, attending concerts, or developing real estate.

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      obligation FREE, and Very Confidential

      Everybody Wins When Parents Enter Their Desired & Rewarding New Lives.

      So, while their children are creating new lives for themselves, it behooves parents to create their own new lives for themselves, so everybody wins by navigating the empty nest crossroads successfully. It is very beneficial to everyone for empty nest parents to discover themselves and take control of their new lives and purposes. Such a deal.