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life coach fees

Life Coach Fees
With The Coach Connection

After completing the
Initial Guaranteed Cycle

Once you complete the Initial Money-Back Guaranteed Cycle of Coaching

You can continue coaching with the Coach of your choice, Cycle-by-Cycle based upon the pricing of your chosen Coach.

  • There are NO CONTRACTS! PERIOD! To lock you up for 3, 6, or 12 months.
  • Moreover, you decide to purchase each cycle, one at a time, (lasting a month or less) and only if you feel coaching is best for you.
  • You receive the Pricing Structures of all Matched Coaches in writing before connecting with the coaches and before you decide to continue coaching. These prices cannot be increased within a year after your last session date.
  • You receive from 3 to 4 sessions per cycle with your chosen ideally Matched TCC coach. The life coach fees depend upon the TCC Member Coach you select and the number of sessions per cycle you choose. Sessions will be scheduled from 30 to 60 minutes each.
  • In addition, you have the opportunity to make Short Between Session Calls with your coach at no additional cost. You are not on the clock.
  • Furthermore, you receive Unlimited E-mail Support at no additional cost. Your TCC Member Coach will respond to your e-mails as quickly and thoroughly as possible.
  • AND, you can switch coaches anytime! Even in the middle of a cycle. Just call TCC and the switch will be made.
  • TCC is totally responsible for your successes. TCC exists for you to achieve your goals and we only win when you win. We only represent you, not the coach.
  • In addition, once we accept a world class coach they rarely want to leave. The average length of partnership with TCC Member Coaches exceeds 14.5 years. They get to do what the love! Just coach and get well paid for doing so. They avoid the parts they dislike, marketing, screening out potential clients, billing, collections, etc.
  • And you can STOP coaching anytime. Or you can Pause Coaching and Restart in the future if you want.
  • And Finally, you continue coaching on a cycle by cycle basis until You feel you have achieved all of your “Coachable Goals”

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential

Let’s Work Together
to Improve Your Life

Through our Special Coaching Partnership for Success

Your Life Coach will solve the “Greatest Mystery in the World – Ourselves” by Revealing You to You.

So You become the “World’s Leading Expert on YOU.”

To Gain the Ultimate in Clarity, Confidence and Stress-Free Power of Choice

Coachable Goals are remarkable, just like nature
“Coachable Goals” are like the wonders of Nature

Why do you receive such excellent coaching at such reasonable life coach fees?

  • First, TCC coaches are NOT employees. Saving you up to 31% additional employee costs.
  • In addition, TCC coaches set their own life coach fees. They like this option.
  • TCC coaches are forbidden to charge you, our client, one penny more than they would charge if you found them on your own. They are not allowed to mark up their life coach fees
  • Most noteworthy, approximately 85% of TCC’s coaches charge you less by going through TCC versus paying them directly. They do this voluntarily, for a host of reasons.
  • TCC Member Coaches only do 4 things they love: 1. Coach their ideally matched clients. 2. Schedule Coaching Sessions. 3. Email TCC the coaching schedules. 4. Cash their checks. All from the comfort of their own home.
  • Another reason is all payments go to TCC only. TCC pays the coaches and keeps a portion for our troubles.
  • More importantly, the portion TCC retains is NOT based upon a commission. We keep a flat “X” amount, and the coaches get vast majority of all of the rest. TCC has NO incentives to direct you to coaches with higher fees.
  • TCC Member Coaches are always personally matched up with their chosen Ideal clients. Based upon their personal descriptions of their ideal clients in our Data Base (which they control) and known history of previous very successfully matched Coach-Client relationships. We Promise only to make the best double Matches. (For both Client and Coach) There are NO quotas, NO pressures, and NO special favors for any coaches.
  • TCC Member Coaches are Independent Operators, who coach clients from other sources. They can accept or not accept new TCC clients. Many TCC Member Coaches find their practice filled. They ARE Excellent World Class Coaches. They request a pause until they have more room. Virtually all return with renewed enthusiasm.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential