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Types of Life Coaches - Clearing up the confusion

Types of Life Coaches

Clearing up the Confusion

Life Coaches will focus you on how you feel about your life. And how you can make your life better, enabling you to become the best person you can be for yourself and for others.

Life Balance Coaches will focus on assisting you to achieve balance in all 3 of your lives: your personal life, work life, and relationship lives. Without stress and without guilt.

Work Life Balance Coaches focus on achieving the same life balances as a life balance coach. The terminology is different to compensate for the popular label of work life balance.

Personal Coaches was the original name given to this remarkable life altering process by Thomas Leonard who invented Personal Coaching in about 1991.

Career Coaches will help you make decisions and changes regarding your career. Whether you need help reconsidering the current direction of your career or you need help making a career change with your Career Change Coach, we are here to help you.

Business Coaches will be your direction if you are or are considering becoming a business owner. Coaching will help you evaluate if business ownership is right for you, and, if so, assist you to become the most productive and successful business owner you can be, while balancing your personal and family lives at the same time.

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Leadership Coaches will help you discover and own your personal leadership potential. You will learn to become more effective at understanding people and discovering your vision for your team or your organization. Then you will learn how to win people to support of that vision. Review case study of Leadership Coaching reporting ROI over 529%.

ADD/ADHD Coaches will help you gain control over your ADD and convert your ADD into the Blessing it really is. expectations, your coping mechanisms and how to capitalize on the unique character of ADD.

Management Coaches might be right for you if you are transitioning into a management position or if you have been a manager for a while. And you feel you need to adjust your attitude or your style to be more effective and efficient.

Retirement Coaches will help you plan and prepare for a full, satisfying and rewarding new life. When you decide to retire from your current employment. You might retire completely or you might choose to work part-time. A happy and fulfilling life requires some thought and planning. But, Retirement Coaches are NOT Financial Planners.

Tony Robbins Coaching offers a contracted coaching program to fulfill many promised objectives.

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Best Kept Secret About The Many “Types of Life Coaches

“Personal Coach” was the accurate name given to this remarkable human improvement process by Thomas Leonard, the inventor of Personal Coaching and the force behind creating the Coaching Industry. Because as he explains “Personal Coaches Coach People” to discover, reflect, and reveal their real selves from within. To solve the “Greatest Mystery in the World-Ourselves.”

Thus, real Life (Personal) Coaches do NOT coach to subjects. And all of the various types of Life Coaching have to totally focus on the person, “The Client” to actually work. Learn more about deciding to use a Life Coach? Business Coach? Executive Coach? Worm Coach?

“Personal Coaching” WORKS! Your coach will focus on you achieving your “Coachable Goals” by concentrating on you “Growing and Improving as a Person.The Greatest form of “Growing and Improving as a Person” is “Self Awareness.” Your “Personal Coach” becomes your doorway to discover true “Self Awareness” because he or she focuses on “Revealing You to You” to unravel the “Mystery of You” so you become the “World’s Leading Expert on You;” the ultimate in “Self Awareness.” Just like Leonard laid it out for everyone.

The term “Life Coach” was foisted on the world by a Hollywood designed Reality TV Show called “Starting Over” to market and glamorize their scripted agendas. And the mainstream Media adopted “Life Coach” and promoted it without knowing why. The many types of Life Coaches were then developed as marketing ploys to create “niches” to provide key search phrases to maximize Google search engines. We lost count of the many different “Types” of coaching that are being marketed.

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We at The Coach Connection practice “Personal Coaching” only! Regardless of the “Type” of coaching being considered. Because “Personal Coaching” WORKS extremely well when done right (which we Guarantee). So why do we market the different “Types” of Coaching if we always follow the “Personal Coaching” conditions invented by Thomas Leonard? Because we Too have to play the Marketing games controlled by Google to attract attention.

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