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ADD Blessing or Disorder?

ADD – Blessing or Disorder?

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) The Secrets to Prove
it IS a Blessing and NOT a Disorder

If You Have ADD, Welcome Aboard!

I am blessed with ADD and enjoy every minute of it. Blessed with ADD? I must be crazy? Right? This is the reaction I frequently get. Especially when most ADDers are frustrated and confused about their ADD. Too many ADDers developed negative feelings because they have ADD. A quote from a fellow ADDer crystallizes the common feelings of many ADDers “ADDers get ground down so much and we lose our confidence and pick up shame.”

ADD is NOT the Disorder that we have been told it is! It is NOT the disorder we feel we are burdened with because we are different. Even the name “Attention Deficit DISORDER,” emphasis on “Disorder,” puts ADDers in a negative category.

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) is a Blessing for those who have it.

Allow me to explain Why, and show you How. So you too can escape the negative consequences of having ADD, and turn it into the blessing it really is!

Why I Wrote This Article About ADD/ADHD

I am writing this to fellow my ADDers to help you take control of your ADD and convert it into the blessing it really is from the perspective of someone with ADD who has done so myself. I recognized the powers of my ADD and used them to my advantage, and clarified the drawbacks of ADD to overcome them. To add further confusion, today the “Experts” have decided to rename ADD as ADHD. For simplicity I call it ADD.

If I can do it anyone can. I am not a Doctor, or someone with lots of letters behind my name. I am someone who has lived with my ADD for 72 years. I am so old that ADD was not recognized when I went to school. Instead, teachers, principals, coaches, and bosses, labeled me as a distraction who did not fit in.

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I was persecuted and reprimanded because I had ADD

People with ADD are frequently labeled Illiterate

Two English teachers (Eighth and Ninth Grades) personally told me that I was functionally illiterate and unteachable. I was a lousy English student. Having ADD, which was not recognized back then, I was bored, inattentive, and admittedly very disruptive. I clashed with the teachers. They frequently sent me to the principal’s office. I preferred the principals office over the wrath of the angry English teachers who forced me to conjugate verbs or describe a character in boring books, like: “Tale of Two Cities.”

All homework papers and tests were written by hand. No computers back then. I have dyslexia, (A common side affect of ADD) which caused me to transfer a number of different letters while writing and misspell many words and even write the wrong words without even knowing I was doing so.

They graded my handwritten dyslexia filled papers harshly, especially for grammar, syntax, and spelling, and rarely evaluated the contents of my essays. Both English teaches gave me a “D minus” at the end of the semester. And told me I deserved a “F.” But because they could not stand having me return to their classes, they passed me to get rid of me. I felt shame for being so different. I wanted to be like others. I also developed a deep dislike for English, and eventually all languages. More importantly I became confused and frustrated.

In fact, I chose my major in college (Industrial Engineering) because it was the only curriculum that did NOT require me to take any English or language courses to graduate, and I thought it was the least difficult of the Engineering options. That language avoidance decision created life altering issues for me later on.

I discovered I had ADD by accident, later in life

I did not know about ADD until I was about 32 when my 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with ADD by a doctor. I requested and received her ADD symptoms, and a strange thing happened. I realized I had the SAME symptoms as well. Yet, no one realized, including me, that I had dyslexia and ADD. I learned later that ADD a hereditary; passed down directly from one or more parents. So I shared my ADD with my daughter.

I chose to do something about my ADD

I studied my own ADD to get a true understanding of what it means to have ADD, and more importantly to do something about it. I came to realize that I AM different because I have ADD. I not only accept that, I embrace it. My enjoyment of having ADD comes from understanding the underlying core ingredients of having ADD, how they affect me, and sometimes others, why I am different, and why having ADD is a blessing. Knowledge is power!

As an example of how easy it is to convert ADD into a blessing, today I can type on my computer and use Spellchecker! I consider “Spellchecker” to be the most important writing tool ever invented for people with ADD and/or dyslexia. Hooray! Even as I type this I mix my letters and spellchecker either alerts me or better yet, just corrects my spelling and grammar mistakes. For example my first attempt at writing “wrong words” in the sentence above came out “wonrg wrosd.” Which I could no see. But thanks to the installed spellchecker I was alerted and corrected the spelling.

I am writing specifically to anyone who has ADD to help you convert your ADD too!

I have nothing to sell. I just want to help other ADDers avoid the many unnecessary sufferings I encountered because of my confusion about ADD. And as I will disclose later, I am taking a risk to publish this article.

The biggest mystery for ADDers is themselves and why we feel, think, and act the way we do. I want to share this insight knowledge of the inner workings of ADD so many other ADDers can understand their ADD and enjoy having it without having to continue suffering through misunderstandings and confusion.

“Bill, I want to thank you for your article revealing the truth about ADD. It hit home for both me and my 23 year old son. I can tell you that reading that article blessed me beyond words.”

Shirley Meek-Williams, Fayetteville, Georgia

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What is ADD/ADHD?

My research has shown that there is a consensus that approximately 5% to 6% of the American population is believed to have ADD/ADHD. ADD stands for “Attention Deficit Disorder.” ADHD stands for “Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder.” Today ADD is now labeled ADHD for some unknown reason. I will consider ADD to mean ADD and/or ADHD. This also means that approximately 95% of the population does NOT have ADD. I will call this NON-ADD group the “Normals.”

ADD is NOT a Disorder. ADD is a Huge Advantage.

Henry Winkler Person With ADD

My belief is that ADD is misnamed. Instead, it should be named “Attention Expansion Advantage” (AEA). People with AEA/ADD have certain mental and physical characteristics that give them distinct advantages.

These same characteristics also present several drawbacks.

AEA/ADD people are different. They can rarely be controlled. I believe the condition was named by the “Normals” who focused on the drawbacks and completely overlooks the advantages. Thus, the “Normals” (non-ADD) people have labeled ADD people with the “Disorder” tag. The term “Disorder” being defined by The American Heritage Dictionary as a “disturbance of the normal physical or mental health.”

People With AEA/ADD Are Very Special.

Thomas Edison-prospered because of his ADD Blessing

ADD people can and do perform remarkable things, when they understand their advantages and utilize them, and understand the drawbacks and overcome them. For example, Thomas Edison, John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, John Lennon, Robin Williams, Henry Ford, Mozart, Galileo, Suzanne Somers, Winston Churchill, Michael Phelps, and Steve Jobs had ADD. Terry Bradshaw, Magic Johnson, Henry Winkler, and Mohammed Ali are also believed to have it. (I personally conversed with Mohammed Ali for about two hours and was privileged to see how special his mind worked.) They were and still are very special people BECAUSE they have ADD. I am showing pictures here of well know people who have distinguished themselves as being very special for a host of reasons, because they were or still are AEA/ADD people.

Physical Characteristics of AEA/ADD

The brains of AEA/ADD people operate much faster than those of other people. Estimates range from two to three TIMES faster. For one thing their brains have to operate faster to process all of the additional input they are receiving from the five senses. In fact, their brains seek constant input. Their brains are almost always on full throttle. Consequently, AEA/ADD people appear to have much higher and longer lasting energy levels.

John Lennon had ADD

AEA/ADD people hear, taste, smell, feel, and see things that normal people do not.
They do not have the filters normal people have that restrict the volume and capacity of the brain to receive input from the five basic senses. Smell, Sight, Touch, Hearing, and Taste. It can be said that ADD people do not have an attention deficit. Instead, their attention is expanded, because they are far more attuned to their surroundings. They receive and process much more information through the five senses.

As an example, an AEA/ADD person might hear sounds between 10 and 40,000 Hz. I understand that a “Normal” person can hear sounds between 20 and 20,000 Hz. Thus, an AEA/ADD person Hears sounds that the “Normals” do not know exist. Another example is that Wine Sommelier’s who have ADD can actually taste and recognize all of the various different aspects of wine they share that most “Normals” are not as able to recognize. This relative difference is true for the other four senses as well. They AEA/ADD people also have more difficulty blocking out input from the five senses. For example, it is much harder for AEA/ADD people to ignore noises that normal people can ignore, or do not even hear. I feel certain that John McEnroe actually hears people talking in the stands during tennis matches, which affects him.

AEA/ADD people are most often very intelligent. Makes sense when you consider the brains of ADDers not only receive more information than others through their expanded 5 senses, but they also process this information much fasted than non-Adders. Much like a modern iMac can process data much faster with a dual Intel 3.2 Gigahertz chip and 2.0 Gigabyte of Memory at 667 Megahertz versus an older 0.600 Gigahertz single PC chip with only 0.5 Gigabyte of Memory at 128 Megahertz. And much like today’s computers receive more information and faster with faster Ethernet, faster Wi-Fi and faster phone connections that did not exist only a few years ago.

Einstein-The ADD Genius

But their intelligence is not always readily apparent. For example Albert Einstein was forced to take the fifth grade over again because he was considered slow. There are several reasons AEA/ADD people appear to be slow or less smart. We frequently forget names, titles and labels. We also have difficulty remembering times and schedules, and of course spelling. Or we forget to do things we want to do, even though they may be important to us. We have not forgotten them; we just have difficulties finding them quickly in the storage area of our brains.

Yet even though we cannot remember the title of a book, we can easily remember the contents of the book we read, or we can remember things about people we have met, when we cannot remember their names, and of course we forget to do the things we promised ourselves and/or others we would do.

Why do AEA/ADD people have such difficulty quickly remembering such things? I am not sure. I believe that our brains work different in many ways, one of which is that I believe our index system is either convoluted or just not there. We store this information somewhere but it is not connected to other parts of our data storage areas. Like the title of a book is not connected to the book, or the fact we met Jack last week at dinner, is not connected to Jack’s name. So when we meet Jack again, we can remember the dinner but not Jack’s name. This can affect spelling, names, things to do, and book titles.

I believe the “Normals” have an operating Index System just like exists in libraries and all computer operating systems. Library index systems list the titles to all books in the library and the corresponding numbered locations of the books in the book stacks to find and retrieve the books. When you enter the title of a book into the library index system, it reveals the location to find it. “Normals” have a similar index system, but I believe we AEA/ADD people do not have one, so we struggle at times finding and connecting names, titles, dates etc. This makes AEA/ADD people appear to be less smart. And labeling AEA/ADD people as slow (Like they did Einstein) is an oxymoron.

It is also my experience that AEA/ADD is passed down directly from parents to their children.
We have found that vast majorities of AEA/ADD people have, at least, one parent who also has it, whether they know or admit it. This is a blessing, because this gives AEA/ADD children at least one parent who can easily relate to them by operating at their same speed.

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The Blessings of Having AEA/ADD

Robin Williams Converted his ADD into a blessing

AEA/ADD people operate in a mindset that is outside the world of normal people. Consequently, they constantly think out of the box. They see more of the world and are able to process the additional information to see the truth in things that normal people frequently overlook.

They are very creative and constantly take themselves, their thoughts, and their ideas places that normal people rarely know exist.

They want to be trailblazers and they most often are.

They are sometimes adept at reading other people, especially in one-on-one interactions. (My special gift)

AEA/ADD people can recognize, understand and organize extremely complex ideas, concepts, and processes.

They have an extremely sensitive, very acute and very accurate sixth sense.

Their hunches and intuition are remarkable, and are almost scary at times.

Michael Phelps-Won droves of Gold medals because of his ADD Blessing

AEA/ADD people have the unusual ability to hyper focus, and do so for long periods of time. By hyper focus I mean they can direct their entire mind and body on complex, yet specific activities and get into zones of concentration that are very remarkable. This hyper focus produces spectacular achievements.

Thomas Edison was legendary for his spurts of hyper focus. He tested over 5,000 different light filament materials, before he finally found the one that worked. Michael Phelps admitted how he hyper focused while swimming between the lane markers helped him win so many Gold medals. Only someone with ADD could maintain such strong concentration for so long.

AEA/ADD people can achieve remarkable conclusions and results, and perform incredible feats.

AEA/ADD people can use their exceptional gifts to accomplish wonderful things, like their remarkable information gathering capabilities, their faster, and less restricted ability to process this additional information.

AEA/ADD people have the intelligence, energy, focus, and motivation to go places and create things that normal people are most likely not aware of.

They can think extremely fast on their feet and react faster than most people. (Like Muhammed Ali)

The Drawbacks of AEA/ADD As Seen by Normal People

AEA/ADD people have a number of unique characteristics that caused “Normal” people to label them with a “Disorder.”

Muhammad Ali Prospered with ADD

Boredom is the greatest drawback to people with ADD. Boredom is also very understandable. You see we AEA/ADD people live in a world dominated by the “Normals.” Normal people make up about 95% of the world. “Normals” structure and operate the world they control at a much slower pace. Their world is more more restrictive, and their world is much less active than the world we seek.

ADD people cannot be controlled.

We can be fidgety and impatient, especially in confined meetings, like school classes (Because we get bored being forced to conform to slow meetings designed for “Normals“).

We appear to be disorganized (Invariably messy because we do not operate the same way as “Normals“).

We also appear to be easily distracted, (Because we react to sensory information not perceived by others, and/or because our fast moving brains seek something to keep us busy during boring classes, meetings and such.).

In addition, we can look like we have difficulty focusing on anything for very long. Because we get bored being in a much slower world dominated by “Normals” and our brains SEEK other activities, which makes us Appear Distracted to the “Normals.” When in fact, we are almost always still tuned into the slow pace of the “Normal’s” activities, like lectures or speeches in meetings, but we “Appear” to be focusing elsewhere, and this disturbs the speakers, like my English teachers.)

Conversely, we also get into zones where it is difficult to interrupt us. (Because we hyper focus on things we love)

Furthermore, “Normals” believe we frequently forget to complete things (like completing paperwork), or forget about important dates and events (like meetings).

We can also frequently have brilliant ideas but often forget about them later.

What’s more, we can be difficult to talk to, because we frequently interrupt normal people and sometimes even finish their sentences, and we regularly bounce from subject to subject, which confuses and frustrates the “Normals.”

Additionally, we most often appear to be very impulsive, because our thinking process circumvents the “rational” part of our brain that restricts clear thoughts through outside (Rational) requirements of others. Accordingly, our impulsive actions are not always well received by the “Normals.”.

Therefore, we frequently do or say things that are out of the norm. We most often address the truth in things, and appear to have fewer social graces.

Moreover, we can be stubborn and challenge information presented by others. Yet, we are far too often accurate, which further bothers and most often intimidates others.

We normally do not perform repetitive tasks well. We seek new challenges. (New Stimulation)

We have difficulty turning our brains off, or slowing them down. Our minds are either seeking more input or creating more ideas.

Conflicts Occur Between AEA/ADD People and The “Normals”

The results to all of the above-described problems are the conflicts that occur between AEA/ADD people and the “Normals,” because of the major differences between the two groups. We are treated as the problems, because we are outnumbered 95% to our only 5%. Consequently WE are judged to have the “Disorder” label.

The world is organized, run, evaluated, and directed by and for the “Normals”. AEA/ADD people have serious trouble making the many personal changes to conform to a world designed for others. Especially when both the “Normals” and the AEA/ADD people are confused about or even unaware of the real differences, which leads to frustrations and tensions between both groups.

But someone has to be blamed, and that goes to the disruptors (AEA/ADD people) who don’t know why or how to fix it. Frequently, we will feel down, because of the frustrations of dealing with the normal, slower world, which can be troublesome if we let these frustrations get to us.

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The Special Relationship Between AEA/ADD People

Magic Johnson Used his ADD to see the entire Court

When two AEA/ADD people meet and interact, few of the above conflicts occur. Watching two AEA/ADD people talk about matters they both enjoy can be fascinating. Being involved in a conversation with another AEA/ADD people can be a real trip. Watching Magic Johnson and Larry Bird talk about basketball, life and other matters was incredible. They just clicked, really enjoyed each other, and they were very fast bouncing around subjects together. The many “drawbacks” that frequently bother normal people, do not affect us. Thus, most of the drawbacks represent the uncomfortable ways normal people (Only) react to the behaviors of people with ADD.

Two AEA/ADD people will have similar energy levels, think at the same speed, focus at the same levels, are tuned into similar input from their expanded senses, and process the information at the same speed. We are much more in tune with each other and communicate with much less difficulty. We are not bothered as much by bouncing from subject to subject, fidgeting, impatience, boredom, lack of social graces and impulsiveness when we communicate with each other.

Drawbacks AEA/ADD People Want to Overcome

There are some drawbacks that ADD people will frequently want to overcome or reduce to live a more effective and enjoyable life in a world dominated by “Normals.” There are frequently many simple very effective solutions to these drawbacks. These drawbacks include:

The tendency to:

be forgetful,

be over impulsive,

be impatient in communicating with normal people.

appear to have difficulty completing tasks and projects required by others.

show lack control over our desire and ability to focus.

have difficulties in remembering names of others.

also have dyslexia.

get bored; The biggest drawback of all.

AEA/ADD people are in the minority

The reality is that “Normals” far out number AEA/ADD people. Thus, we are frequently disparaged, degraded, and criticized because we do not conform to the way “Normal” people think and interact with others. The “Normals” apply considerable pressure on us to get with the program and adjust to be like everyone else, which is like requiring very tall people to become short.

The Common “Solution” to Correcting ADD Rarely Works

ADD cannot be fixed, because we are not broken. In my opinion having ADD does not require a “solution.” Yet, the “Normals” attempt to IMPOSE “solutions” on us, because we act different.

We AEA/ADD people ARE DIFFERENT! And that is our blessing! But many people, especially parents, teachers, bosses, and school administrators want to normalize their children, students and/or employees and they search for “solutions” to do so.

One of the most common “solutions” to “fix” ADD people is to prescribe drugs. Drug companies are more than willing to promise quick fix “solutions.” The profit margins drug companies reap are astounding and motivate them to heavily promote us to take their drugs. Drugs are frequently used to convert ADD people (especially children) into appearing and acting more “normal” and more controllable.

These drugs slow our brains down, block our senses, and reduce our energy levels, or in truth DUMB AEA/ADD people DOWN. The apparent aim for changing AEA/ADD people is to drastically REDUCE these symptoms that bother the “Normals,” like our tendencies to be over impulsive, to be fidgety, to be independent, and to be distracted.

“Normals” Get “High” On The Drugs They Make AEA/ADD people Take To behave in a more “Normal” manner

The most commonly prescribed drugs that “Normals” impose on us to make us “normal” are forms of amphetamines. (Adderall, Ritalin, Dexedrine) These stimulants (as well as caffeine) actually SLOW DOWN and DESENSITIZE the brains of AEA/ADD people. So we act more “Normal” (read controllable.)

These same Drugs are All Banned by most Professional Sports and Law Enforcement Agencies. And the common illegal drug Methamphetamine (Meth) is a concentrated form of these same amphetamines. Many “Normals” take “Meth” and other amphetamines to accelerate their brain activity, to heighten their senses, and to feel smarter and more enlightened, or in other words get “High.”

Think of this irony. The “Normals” prescribe amphetamines to ADDers to try to normalize us by slowing us down and desensitizing us. While at the same time they illegally take the same amphetamines to try speed up their brains and heighten their senses. To Be LIKE AEA/ADD people. More alert, think faster, etc. But try as they may even with high doses of stimulants the “Normals” cannot come close to matching the thinking and alert blessings AEA/ADD people were born with.

Caffeine is another stimulant drug that slows down AEA/ADD people, but not at the same level as amphetamines. How many normal people drink coffee and other caffeinated drinks to get a jolt or boost of energy to approach the natural energy levels of AEA/ADD people?

In my opinion, drugs are not the fix all solution for people with ADD. Not all ADD people respond favorably to the drug solution. The one time I used dexedrine in college to study all night for a final proved to be a big mistake. I fell asleep because the Dexedrine slowed me down, and struggled through the test. My two AEA/ADD children voluntarily chose to cease their prescribed medications, and prospered thereafter.

Drugs can appear to provide some assistance to some of the “conflicting drawbacks” of ADD, but not all of them, but at what price? The negative side affects these drugs cause by reducing of the brain activity and sensory perceptions frequently create more problems than they help.

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The Power of The Drug Companies!

Unfortunately, the powerful drug companies caused at least one high profile Internet supposedly “ADD support group” to demand that “I recommend medications as the only solution to the problems of ADD,” before they would continue to publish this article. This support group found my article, and enthusiastically requested that I grant permission to publish it on their site for all of their readers to enjoy. But about 3 weeks later they were ordered by their drug company sponsor to change the wording about medications or remove the article. Since I refused, they removed it.

Yet, having ADD is not a problem that needs a solution, and these drugs are not near as effective as they are so highly promoted. I am not advocating that ADDers refrain from taking these drugs. I am strongly recommending that medications are only taken very carefully as a tool to help with certain issues. I beg that medications NOT be taken as the wholesale cure that they are portrayed as. I have personally taken prescribed medications for my “Disorder,” and they really messed me up. They dumbed me down. They made me lethargic. What’s more they took control of my most important asset. They took control of my brain.

In fact, the drug companies would not have been so adamant about censoring my contrary perspective of the values of their drugs, if they were not so afraid of these truths becoming public. I refused to be a pawn in their hoodwinking of the general public. I publish this article with the risk of being attacked by an industry that has billions of dollars of incentives to discredit me and quiet my voice.

Other Ways to Overcome to AEA/ADD Drawbacks

There are other very effective ways to overcome the normal drawbacks of ADD. These include the full understanding of the behavioral differences of being ADD, and adjusting behavioral practices to control these issues at a very practical and desirable level.

As an example, let’s discuss an effective and easy solution to the forgetfulness drawback. AEA/ADD people can create a “to do” list that they have by their side at all times, and constantly monitor and review. Whenever they come up with an idea or agree to do something (without a time limit) they will want to immediately write the key words to each matter on the “to do” list. The “to do” list becomes their index for action items. I ran and controlled a Oil company and conducted over 500 trades, purchases and sales of very different types, times and products totaling over 1 BILLION Dollars a year in 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, and 1981 by using my hand written “To Do” list on a legal pad, and a 3 ring Spiral Notebook, without any type of computer so cleanly and so well organized, that 5 accountants were needed to keep up with me.

In addition, they want to have a calendar with them at all times that they also review frequently. Whenever they decide to do something that is time dependent, like meet someone for lunch, remember a birthday (We are notorious for forgetting birthdays and anniversaries) or turn in a report, they want to put it on the calendar. They can then frequently refer to their calendar to be sure they meet scheduled appointments.

The Unravel the Mystery of Yourself Solution

The “Greatest Mystery in the World is OURSELVES! The secret to take control of your ADD and convert it into the blessing it really is is to UNRAVEL the Mystery of You to Discover the many ADD Blessings that have been lurking within you all of your life.

The easiest, fastest and most thorough way to Discover and Unravel the Mystery of you is to engage an ADD Coach

Steve Jobs-Used his ADD blessing to hyper focus on Apple's true Mission

Once AEA/ADD people understand themselves very well they can then change the conditions around them to accentuate their many blessings and avoid situations where they struggle.

AEA/ADD people will want to discover their:

True and special talents, (Like Robin Williams, and Magic Johnson)

Unique self-imposed obstacles, the things they dislike doing (Like Mohammed Ali and Churchill)

Genuine passions, zeal for creativity, (So they can hyper focus like Thomas Edison and Michael Phelps)

Clear priorities, (Like John F Kennedy and Werner Von Braun)

Values and beliefs, their integrity boundaries. (Like Steve Jobs)

In conclusion:
All people with ADD will want to discover and recognize their unique ADD blessings so they can use their special gifts and talents to create great value into the world to benefit others and themselves simultaneously.

Consider how John Lennon used his musical talents to help create a whole new era in music, or how Einstein used his deep understanding of physics to expand human understanding of the universe, and how they both enjoyed their lives for doing so. They both understood their talents and passions and designed their life goals around both.

In other words, they created the situations where they achieved their personal goals by being themselves. By living and acting on their terms, they basically changed their environments to suit them. (What a concept).

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Suzanne Somers-Brilliant with ADD

We AEA/ADD people live in a very special and blessed category. We can easily enjoy a very wondrous and rewarding life because we have it, when we understand their our special blessings and extraordinary talents, manage our drawbacks, and accentuate our unique gifts to reach whatever life and other goals we set. This allows AEA/ADD people to take control of our lives and change conditions around us to suit us, versus always trying to change ourselves to conform to another world.

Just look at the remarkable lives enjoyed by the people I listed above with ADD and the wonderful contributions they gave us all, because they had ADD. I believe none of them ever took any ADD medications. These remarkable people and I have thoroughly enjoyed our gifts from ADD, and we have prospered because of what our blessings have allowed us to do. You can too!