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The Keys to Successful Life Coaching must be met to Suit THE CLIENT!

Keys to Successful Life Coaching

The 6 Keys to Successful Life Coaching must be met to suit YOU the CLIENT
include the first 2 you bring and 4 that we Guarantee for you.

Life Coaching must be done RIGHT and under the RIGHT Conditions to be successful.

Keys to Successful Life Coaching are in your hands
Keys To Successful Coaching

These 6 keys to successful life
coaching must suit “YOU,
The Client”

As described by Thomas Leonard, the inventor of the Life Coaching process

  1. You, the Client have at least one “Coachable Goal”
    The reason you hire a Life Coach IS to achieve your “Coachable Goals”
  2. You are “Ready” to accept and thrive from being coached.
    Which only you control. No one can force you, trick you, or sell you.
  3. You connect with the Life Coach you chose, whom you respect, and enjoy.
    Do NOT settle for a coach. Be picky.
  4. Your Life Coach never takes the superior position; from your perspective.
    You are always the absolute center of attention.
  5. Your Life Coach is an excellent, experienced World Class Coach.
    With the Natural “Gift of Coaching” and an exceptional winning track record.
  6. Total Confidentiality.
    Your coach will NOT reveal what you say to anyone! No leakage.

Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Confidential

These 6 keys are like links in a chain – if any one is absent, then life coaching is likely to be unsuccessful. They are also UNIVERSAL. Since they must be agreeable to YOU, THE CLIENT, the most important common ingredient in your coaching

The 6 Keys to Successful Coaching
& TCC’s Guarantees Explained in Detail:

You The Client bring the first Two keys to the table

TCC GUARANTEES: that the last Four Keys WILL SUIT YOU, or we return your money.

1. You have at least one “Coachable Goal” that is best achieved through life coaching.

Coaching enables people to achieve their life and career improving “Coachable Goals,” i.e. a future place you want to be that can only be reached by your growth or improvement as a person.

Your “Coachable Goals” must come only from you, without pressure on influence from anyone. You control them, and they must be genuine and very important to you. This is one of the two conditions only YOU can bring to the table.

2. You are “Ready” to participate in the life coaching process.

Being “Ready” for coaching is a state of mind that only you control. No one can sell you, no one can force you, and no one can trick you into being “Ready.” You are “Ready” when you are “Ready,” which will mean:

A. You are very committed to achieving your “Coachable Goals.” You want to be dedicated to improving your life in the many ways you choose.

B. You are very willing to accept new perspectives about yourself. You are willing to hear the perspectives of your coach, but you do not have to agree. You always have the final say. You are the King or Queen in the Coaching Relationship.

C.You are willing to invest money in you, the most important asset you will ever have. How strongly do you feel you are worth investing in?

HOWEVER: the AMOUNT of money you will be willing to invest is also very important. Before you spend one penny on life coaching you want to be sure these 3 additional conditions are met to suit YOU.

  1. You KNOW the coaching fees up front, preferably in writing, before you ever spend a penny. Approximately 70% of the coaching websites do not publish their fees.
  2. You are “Comfortable” with the coaching fees. If NOT, do Not spend a penny. This is purely Subjective, and meant to be
  3. The coaching fees to COMPLETION of your “Coachable Goals” will NOT create a financial strain on you. Do NOT even consider borrowing money to pay for coaching.

D. You are ready to take action. Life coaching is about taking the forward moving steps you choose to create real growth and movement.

Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Confidential

During the Coaching Conversation we will help you determine if you are ready for coaching. We want us both to discover the truth. ONLY when we BOTH agree you are “ready for coaching”  will we continue forward to explain what happens and do our part to assure your success.

When You Bring the First Two Keys of Successful Coaching!
We Will Guarantee The Next Four Keys!

We will offer to “Guarantee that the Next Four Conditions are Met to Suit You Only” AFTER we both agree that you do have at least one “Coachable Goal” and your are genuinely “Ready” for coaching.”

3. You really like and respect your coach.

You want a coach you really do like, trust, and respect. As the king or queen in the coaching relationship, you do not want to settle for a coach. Be very picky.

We Guarantee you will be connected with a coach you truly like and respect or we either get you another coach or return your money. You are never “stuck” with a coach. You are always in control; you can switch coaches at any time.

4. You become the absolute center of attention, the king or queen in the coaching relationship.

You want your coach to only coach you as your equal partner. Your coach never acts superior to you, or tell you what you “should” or “should not” do.

We Guarantee that IF your feel that your coach has taken the superior position, you can either ask for another coach or get your money back. You do not have to be right or prove your feelings about your coach acting superior.

One of the many qualities we screen our coaches for is the special “Gift of Coaching” – which is why they are so successful in helping people meet their goals. In our experience we have found that less than 3% of coaches understand and possess this gift.

5. Your life coach has extensive experience and success in coaching people like you with your same goals.

You want to Know your life coach has coached many people like you to achieve the same goals, at a very high success rate.

You also want to know that your coach has chosen YOU as his or her “ideal client” ahead of time, but just did not know your name.In fact we match you with the coaches who have described you as their ideal clients. Just tell us whether you want a full refund or another coach, and we fulfill your instructions.

We Guarantee that you will feel that your chosen TCC Member Coach will meet all of the exceptional life coaching qualifications we listed, because all of our 90 worldwide Active Member Coaches had to pass our rigorous screening process out of over 4,850 who applied to be accepted into our group. All TCC Member Coaches are screened to practice the Special Life Coaching Process invented by Leonard and to have the special “Gift of Coaching.”

6. There is total confidentiality at all times.

Your coach must hold everything about you in complete, total, absolute confidence. Only then can you be free to be your true and best self and therefore achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

We insist that our coaches maintain confidentiality. They are not permitted to reveal what you talk about with anyone, including us. Once again our Guarantee kicks in. If you feel otherwise, just tell us whether you want a full refund or another coach, and we fulfill your instructions.

Successful coaching occurs only when YOU DETERMINE YOU achieved your “Coachable Goals.”

Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Confidential

To our knowledge, we are the only
coaching service to Guarantee
all 6 Essential Conditions

That is why our clients have extraordinary success rates of over 96% compared to the coaching industry average of from 10% to 15%. We encourage other coaching groups to provide coaching under these same 6 key conditions, so more people will achieve their goals and reap the incredible rewards from using a life coach.