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Life Coach qualifications

Life Coach Qualifications of
Coach Connection Coaches

TCC’s approximately 91 Coaches Have Excellent World Class Life Coach Qualifications

Read on to learn HOW and WHY we Guarantee this strong claim to our selected clients!

We only accept and keep life coaches whose life coach qualifications are superb enough to meet our Full Money-Back Guarantees to you! TCC has the highest concentration of excellent life coaches in the English-speaking world.

TCC Member Coaches are World Class
TCC Member Coaches are Special

How did we get the highest concentration of excellent life coaches?

  • All TCC Member Coaches must pass our rigorous screening process. Only about 141 life coaches out of over 4,850 coaches have passed our screening process since 2001. There are approximately 91 active TCC Member Coaches, located in 41 States, Canada, Australia, The United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Europe.
  • We constantly monitor our Member Coaches to be sure they always meet our high life coach qualifications. Approximately 41 coaches have been separated from the team since 2001.
  • Our over 3,400 clients have been the ultimate judges to determine the real success rates and winning capabilities of our TCC Member Coaches. We only recommend the TCC Member Coaches with the best coaching success rates.
  • TCC Coaches set their own prices. But they cannot charge TCC clients one penny more that they would charge our clients if they found them on their own. No mark ups allowed.
  • Our coaches thrive in our program and stay on the team as long as they can. The average length of stay of our Member Coaches is 14.5 years.
  • Do we have all of the All Star Coaches?
  • No. They have not all applied yet.

Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Confidential

Learn How to Find Your Ideal Life Coach on your own if you want to.

How do Life Coaches make the TCC Member Coach team?

We spend considerable time (over 3,900 man hours to date), effort, and money to screen our coaches. We use our tried and tested methods to discover excellent life coaches for you and TCC.

And, TCC does not recruit life coaches to collect their fees. Or create a warehouse of listed life coaches for you to wade through.

However, Member Coaches are independent operators who control their own time and pricing. We have no quotas.

The Life Coach Qualifications TCC Member Coaches Must Possess

There are certain personal and professional qualifications that are much better suited for life coaching and are required to become a successful coach. TCC Member Coaches must have these important life coach qualifications to be recommended to you.

A. Initially, TCC Member Coaches are totally trustworthy and have and maintain the highest integrity. Integrity is critical. Genuine trust between you, our client and our coach will create true and effective coaching.

Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Confidential

B. Additionally, our coaches dedicate their full attention and energies to TCC clients. Member Coaches do not seek or accept credit, or fame for what our clients achieve.

C. Furthermore, they fully subordinate their own agendas, biases, and desires to judge or criticize others. They make very objective observations and even more importantly, communicate their observations in a very clear and truthful manner to you, our client.

D. Moreover, they listen well, seek out and actually discover truth from our clients.

E. Likewise, our coaches posses excellent telephone communication and relationship skills. Over 91% of all successful coaching is conducted via the telephone. Telephone coaching is much more effective, efficient, convenient, confidential and much less costly for clients.

F. We also want our coaches to have a balanced and enjoyable life first.

G. Finally, they must meet a number of additional life coach qualifications that are very important to revealing their true capability and character to coach, which we purposely do not reveal here.

The Special “Gift of Coaching”

Every TCC Member Coach will be blessed with the special “The Gift of Coaching”. With the “Gift of Coaching” they genuinely care more about the success of our clients (you) than they do themselves. What’s more, they feel rewarded because of the accomplishments of our clients. They easily refrain from judging or being superior to our clients. Thomas Leonard described this special “Gift of Coaching” as an essential characteristic to be a very good to excellent coach. And he was right! We have found that only about 3% of the coaches we connected with had this special “Gift of Coaching.”

“Is Becoming a Life Coach Right for Me”

You might want to investigate whether becoming a life coach is right for you, after reading the above Life Coach Qualifications

All conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Confidential

TCC Member Coaches Reveal Their Ideal Clients

We interview all Member Coaches to determine in detail whom they consider to be their ideal clients and what they want to coach them to achieve.

Our TCC Member Coaches record their detailed ideal client descriptions in their own words into TCC’s special database. They can change their ideal client descriptions anytime, we cannot.

Furthermore we use their ideal client descriptions to match you up with three TCC Member Coaches we feel create the best match for you..

And finally, You our client make the final choice of the coach you want to create a double match between you, and the TCC Member Coach you select.

How Does TCC Treat Coach Certifications?

Life coaching certifications are not considered valid criteria for screening. You are encouraged to read why this is true from an in depth and very objective independent report on life coaching credentialing.(There are approximately 90 different coaching certifications that are SOLD by over 200 sources for as low as $119.50, including shipping.)

Plus, we have found that life coach qualifications cannot be determined by whether the life coach is certified or not.

In fact, we have denied applications for over 2,868 certified coaches. Because they did not meet our exceptional life coach qualifications.

Nevertheless, a number of TCC Member Coaches have obtained coaching certifications.

Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Confidential