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Life Coach? Business Coach?
Executive Coach? Worm Coach?

There are over 100 different labels for coaching

That are not part of the sports coaching world. Not only are prospective coaching clients confused about the many different coaching labels, so is the Coaching Industry.

Life Coach? Business Coach Executive Coach? on Worm Coach?

Life Coach, Business Coach, Executive Coach,
and Worm Coach are niche labels of “Personal Coach”

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Personal Coaching Was The Original Name

It was called “Personal Coaching,” because it is Very Personal. Thomas Leonard invented “Personal Coaching” and introduced this very unique, very effective and even more valuable new human improvement process around 1991. Because the process he invented COACHED PEOPLE! Not Subjects.

The Personal Coaching industry was born and exploded in size because his “Personal Coaching” process worked so well, so positively affected the lives of anyone being coached, and because he was a tireless advocate of “Personal Coaching.”

Yet, with such rapid growth and Thomas’ untimely death due to natural causes, complete confusion has evolved. The term “Life Coach” got pushed onto the scene in about 2003 by a Hollywood Staged “Reality” show called “Starting Over” that coined “Life Coach” to fit their scripts. Main Stream Media broadcast the “Life Coaching” label replacing the correct “Personal Coaching” name, opening the doors for people to create many other labels, and the name change game was on.

Many thousands of people began calling themselves coaches, even though only a few actually conducted the real “Personal Coaching” process as designed by Thomas, and they generated new names for the coaching process to help market their services.

Do You Have To Worry About The Labels Of Coaching?

Normally NO! There are exceptions like “worm  coach” and “crazy coach.” The key is to be sure you are seeking a coach who will exclusively practice the real “Personal Coaching” process as it was originally designed by Thomas.

The types of coaching are frequently related to the types of “Coachable Goals” desired by the clients. For example business owners may seek a business coach. Leaders may seek a leadership coach. But real personal coaching is the core foundation of all coaching and can be used to achieve any real “Coachable Goal,” regardless of the type.

Why Are There So Many Types Of Personal Coaching?

1. Because people can create any coaching label they want. There are no rules or qualifications governing coaching labels and probably never will be.

2. Marketing! Coaching schools tell their coaching students to create their own niche and they do. Even though Personal Coaching is not a competitive sport, too many people create new coaching labels to compete to stand out and compete with other coaches.

3. Attention! The media loves and promotes the ridiculous. Anyone who calls them self a “Worm Raising Coach” will undoubtedly get press attention, and probably already has.

4. Culture of specialization! Today people think service providers must specialize to be good enough to be of any value. Yet, the only real specialty you will want to find is a coach (using any label) who specializes in only practicing the “Personal Coaching” Process invented by Thomas Leonard.

5. Media influence! The term “life coach” has replaced Leonard’s original name of “personal coach” due to strong TV influence by multiple TV shows to include the TV show “Starting Over” that created contrived drama conflicts for their actor “life coaches” to come in and solve. 

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Very Confidential

Yet, personal and life coaching are one in the same.

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