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Am I Ready to be Coached?

Being Ready to be coached is one of the Keys to Successful Life Coaching to maximize the wonderful rewards of being coached. By being Ready, you dramatically accelerate your abilities to reap the many wonders of being coached.

Being Ready to be coached is a State of Mind, only YOU, “The Client” can control!

No one can Force You, No one can Trick you, and No one can Sell you into being Ready.

How do you KNOW you are Ready to be Coached?

Here are the secrets to being Ready to be coached.

Do you have at least One “Coachable Goal” you want to achieve. You can have as many as you want but you need one. You engage a coach to achieve your “Coachable Goals” and your Coach is totally focused and making sure you do, on your terms. Without a “Coachable Goal” you have no destination, no target, no purpose.

Are you Fully Committed to achieving your “Coachable Goals? This means are you Committed to YOU and your success. Life Coaching is all about You completing your “Coachable Goals” on Your Terms.

How willing are you to discover new things about you? Are you Committed to unravel the Mystery of YOU to discover and KNOW the many wonders hidden inside you? This will be the ultimate in Personal Growth and Self Awareness. These include the following Five Core Ingredients of your subconscious self.

  1. Your many hidden Passions. Presently you only KNOW a few. There are many more passions waiting inside you to be revealed. And they will be fun to discover.
  2. Your Self-Imposed Obstacles. These are the many things you Do Not want to do. No Reasons given. These are the hidden distasteful actions that Cause Stress. Undoubtedly you are either performing or fearing having to perform many of your hidden Self-Imposed Obstacles, but you do Not Know It, creating undue stresses today. Once you discover your many Self-Imposed Obstacles you can take the actions to avoid a majority of them, eliminating stress. And find ways to Minimize the actions you cannot avoid. You cannot avoid them all. That’s life.
  3. Your Beliefs and Values. Some people call this spirituality as opposed to religion. These are your Boundaries, Your Integrity Points. KNOWING your true Boundaries allows you to protect your vulnerabilities caused when people cross them, whether intentionally or unintentionally. KNOWING your Integrity Points allows you to develop your own lifestyle and culture you thrive in and increase your abilities to create stronger lasting positive relationships.
  4. Your many hidden Talents. You are a walking talking Bundle of Talents. You have different shapes, styles, degrees, and types of talents. You received your Talents at the same time everyone else did. God blessed you with a whole array of different talents at Birth. But God did not give you (or anyone else) a List of your talents. So, the few talents you KNOW about you discovered by accident. Meaning there are scores of different talents waiting within you to be uncovered. And discovering your many hidden talents vastly increases your real Potentials in life.
  5. Your Priorities. These are your personal rating scale of importance to you. KNOWING your priorities clarifies many decisions and puts you in far more control than you think. You are also clear enough to prevent others from manipulating and controlling you on their terms.  And KNOWING your Priorities allows you to easily make positive stress-free decisions, because they fit your priorities.

Do you Seek Responsibility for your actions? By being responsible, you gain the power to be In Control. Which is something you will Want to achieve.

Can you afford coaching. There are Three conditions regarding the cost of coaching that You want to be sure are MET to suit YOU BEFORE you want to spend a penny for coaching. No matter where you find your coach. These three conditions are:

  1. That you KNOW what the Coaching Fees are up front, in writing or published. If not, do NOT spend a penny.
  2. That you Are Comfortable with the Coaching Fees. This is a pure Subjective decision. And if you are hesitant for any reason (you do not even need a reason) then do NOT spend a penny.
  3. That the total Coaching Fees to COMPLETION of your “Coachable Goals” will NOT put a financial strain on you. Do NOT even consider borrowing money to pay for coaching. You start coaching to Finish. And running out of funds before you achieve your goals becomes a travesty.
Being Ready to be Coached means you eager to spring into action
Being Ready to spring into action

Do you want to begin coaching NOW? Are you eager to to begin the remarkable journey to take control of your life by unlocking the mysteries within you.

Our Mission is that you WILL achieve your “Coachable Goals” under the best conditions, faster, easier and at less cost than you think. We fulfill our Mission with our multiple Guarantees that you will connect with your ideally matched World Class Very Experienced Coach or get your money back.

If you feel you are Ready, schedule a call!

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