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Why Hire a Life Coach? To Achieve your "Coachable Goals"

Why Hire a Life Coach?
Through The Coach Connection

To Achieve Your
“Coachable Goals”

You Hire a Life Coach Through The Coach Connection to reach your Coachable Goals-faster, less cost and more completely.

A “Coachable Goal” is a future place you want to be that requires you to grow and improve as a person to achieve it.

Over 3,289 Coach Connection Clients have achieved their “Coachable Goals”
at an average success rate of 96.4% since 2001

Why hire a life coach is 61 seconds

“Discover and obtain your “Ideal Income Position.” Where you do what you love and are so naturally gifted that you produce great results attracting remarkable rewards. So you get to “Go to play every day and call it work.”  

“Achieve true “Life Balance”  Where you enjoy and thrive in all 3 of your lives: Your work life, your personal life and your relationship lives, at the same time without conflict, without stress, and without guilt.

Become a “More Successful and Productive Business Owner.” You take control of your business so it works for you to provide the resources and time to create your own life balance.  

Find aNew and Enjoyable Career” and still be the Mother you want to be.

Become the Successful and Productive Leader/Manager you want to be.

Take Control of your ADD/ADHD” and live a prosperous and enjoyable life. Convert your ADD into the Blessing it really is by tapping into the many hidden gifts, passions and priorities that have been waiting to be discovered and exercised.

Transition into your Most Enjoyable and Prosperous Retirement.” Turn retirement into where you truly “Go to play every day and call it whatever you want.”

Discover, find, and attract “Your Ideal Mate.”

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential

Why Hire a Life Coach Additional Benefits!

Unravel the Mystery of You

Your life coach will reveal you to you for the first time in your life!. Your Life Coach will unravel the “Greatest Mystery In the World-YOU!” You will:  1. discover your many hidden remarkable Talents, 2. Uncover your important Passions, 3. refine your Priorities, 4. illuminate your Beliefs and Values (sometimes call spirituality which includes your boundaries and integrity) and 5. discover your many Self Imposed Obstacles, (the things you dislike doing, no reason given.)

Become the “World’s Leading Expert on You”

That is when YOU will be IN CONTROL. Because now you have: the ULTIMATE in Clarity; the Ultimate in Confidence; and the Ultimate in Stress-Free Power of Choice!

Reduce and/or Eliminate Stress and Confusion

Because you eliminate the real causes of stress. You will eliminate the artificial hidden conflicts between your Conscious rational self (which is governed by exterior forces) and your previously unknown Subconscious inner self which actually drives and controls you.

Eliminate Procrastination

When you replace the word SHOULD in your own self talk with the word WANT, you will no longer procrastinate. You will KNOW what you really WANT and your real PRIORITIES so YOU create your own Want List based upon your Priorities. Thus, you eliminate the conflicts between what others tell you SHOULD do and what you really WANT.

Take Control of Your Life on Your Terms

By becoming the World’s Leading Expert on You through being coached, you will have the power to direct your own life, more than you thought possible. You will create the conditions of your career, your personal life and your relationships that perfectly suit you. You develop these conditions to allow you to operate your life on your terms, because NOW you fully understand your terms, whereas before they were a mystery to you.

Improve your attitude.

Hiring a life coach will put your "Coachable Goals within your hands.
Hiring a Life Coach puts your
“Coachable Goals” IN your hands

What Does a Life Coach Do? (And NOT Do?)

What is a Successful Life Coach Relationship?

Read a number of Life Coaching Success Stories of clients who achieved the above goals.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential

Types of Life Coaches

The term “Life Coach” has been changed to include a host of other types of Life Coaches for marketing and hyped special needs. We have listed some of the major “Types of Life Coaches” for your education.

Learn the Steps To Find The Right Life Coach For You

So you too will reap all of the remarkable benefits for connecting with your Ideal Coach.