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Life Coaching Success Stories

12 Life Coaching Success Stories

Shown below are 12 real life life coaching success stories by TCC clients that were selected from thousands of others that are very similar. We tried to provide a cross section of life coaching success stories to show the depth and breath of the possible incredible life changing outcomes that are easily attained through Life Coaching.

Plus the Success Story of Bill BEING coached to create The Coach Connection, LLC on June 1, 2001

The Story of The Coach Connection

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Life Coaching Success Story #1519 in Action
Life Coaching Success Story #1519 in Action

Life Coaching Success Story #1519
49 Year old Business Woman Blossoms and her business and personal lives Flourish

Theresa is a lovely, low key, almost shy 49-year-old young lady who started her own button company in her house 12 years ago to create the buttons she could not find. The first year she sold about $50.00 in buttons at approximately 4 cents per button. Last year her company sold over $373,000 in buttons. She found herself working 14-hour days 7 days a week to keep the business running.

Although she enjoyed most of what she did, she was consumed by it and was burning out. She recognized that she had taken her business as far as she could, operating as she had. She felt she was in her own way. She had read many business and self help books and had hired consultants to tell her what to do. Nothing worked.

She hired a TCC coach after hearing the many success stories of the women business owners while attending the Make Mine a Million (M3) event in Phoenix in 2008.

Being coached introduced Theresa to the wonderful world of Theresa. Once she became the world’s leading expert on Theresa she gained new perspectives on herself. She discovered that she not only knew more about making buttons than most anyone but that she had the drive, talents, and qualities to become a valuable leader. She had become frozen, as the owner for fear of making mistakes that would have far bigger consequences than in the earlier stages of her business.

Her vision for the business and herself was revived and clarified, so that she began working ON her business rather than IN it. She discovered that trusting her own instincts to trust others she selected to allow them to perform the many functions she disliked was a successful formula for success.

As an example, she finally relented to allow someone else to dye the buttons, her personal job for the previous 12 years, and discovered that this other person ran the dye operation faster and with fewer errors by doing it differently.

Her business ran better without her, as her trusted support staff executed their functions better than she had or would. She no longer felt guilty because she was not doing everything. Theresa now knows and understands her newly created ideal income position within the business as the real CEO.

Naturally, she has reduced her workday schedule to less than 8 hours per day. She takes long weekends off, and she has been able to expand the revenues and profits of her business dramatically by creating even more mutual beneficial (Win-Win) alliances. She applied for the next Make Mine a Million (M3) competition and won easily. Theresa has become another M3 winner and Coach Connection remarkable success story.

Life Coaching Success Story #596
Unemployed Man Takes Control of His ADD-ADHD
To create the position that is best for him

Keeping a steady job was a struggle. Even though everywhere he went he was considered brilliant, and he performed wonders. The constant job uncertainty and apparent forgetfulness to complete even simple household tasks put a real strain on his marriage.

He engaged his ideal TCC Member ADD Coach to assist him to get a steady position that fit him, and that would allow him to prosper. Immediately, his coach assisted him to discover that he had ADD characteristics. His TCC coach assisted him to recognize the true blessings he was given with ADD, and how to overcome the drawbacks associated with ADD.

They devised new behavior practices to overcome his forgetfulness, his unwanted distractions, and his frustrations at communicating with others who were not thinking as quick as he did. He learned to control his focus and to reap the desired benefits from his special talents.

He also learned to become more patient and understanding when communicating with non-ADD people. This has helped him greatly improve his marriage.

He used his newly discovered ADD talents and his greater control over his life to land the position of his dreams. He returned to developing leading edge software and is not only being handsomely paid for it, but has regained the respect and admiration of his industry for the work he does. His life has become so prosperous and enjoyable that he now pinches himself every now and then to be sure it is not a dream.

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Life Coaching Success Story#319
Disgruntled executive felt tapped and skeptical of career coaching
Gains Clarity and Confidence to attract more enjoyable better paying positions

One 39 year old IT executive found himself in a very high paying job, but he was very unhappy. He had gone to several recruiters to investigate other possible jobs, only to discover the depressed nature of the IT industry and that he was considered “lucky” to have such a high paying and secure executive level position. But, his frustrations continued to rise.

He approached TCC with considerable skepticism to learn about this new (to him) “coaching thing.” He was also very suspicious about having a coach focus entirely on him and what he wanted, rather than on the focusing on finding “executive level” jobs for him. But when he was asked what “executive level” job he really wanted, he couldn’t even begin to describe it. He realized that he had been chasing the illusive rainbow.

He engaged a TCC coach to assist him to discover and get an “executive level” position that he would love to do. He was even willing to take a 10% cut in salary to do so. He gave the “coaching thing” his 100% effort. He figured that he would use his coach to determine what he really wanted in a new position, and then he would return to the headhunters to get the right one. After all, he reasoned, “how could a coach assist him to get an executive level position?”

After three months of coaching, without using any headhunters, he had two job offers for the special “executive level” positions he and his coach discovered to be his ideal position. He chose to accept a 50% Increase in compensation for the position he selected.

Life Coaching Success Story #726 Demonstrated
Life Coaching Success Story #726 Demonstrated

Life Coaching Success Story #726
44 Year Old Man Digs Out of Despair and Creates His Ideal Life:
He shared his remarkable story in his own words.

A few years ago, while in my mid-forties, I found myself facing new and very difficult challenges. I had been a very successful entrepreneur having started a business at the age of 16 and growing it for 30 years.

After a long and traumatic marriage to an abusive spouse, I had finally accepted the need to get a divorce and to get myself and my 2 young children separated from their mother. After an exhaustive five-year battle, and a generous settlement I was granted sole custody.

I was emotionally spent and near financial ruin. My business suffered. I owed almost $2 million in personal and business debt and I was on the verge of having my house foreclosed upon going into bankruptcy. As a single parent I needed to provide a stable, safe and nurturing home for my children.

Running the business usually took 60 hours per week. The responsibilities of being a full-time parent took away from the business and I slowly became overwhelmed with the challenges of running the business and caring for my children as a single parent.

I became over-stressed and experienced severe depression and anxiety. I developed insomnia and for over a year I regularly got only 2-3 hours of sleep per night. My body trembled and I experienced unrelenting rushes of adrenalin in my legs and arms. I had extreme difficulty functioning, let alone running the business.

I realized that I needed to make some changes but didn’t know how to get out of the predicament I was in. I couldn’t quit because I had 2 children depending on me. I couldn’t stand the thought of us being homeless.

I called The Coach Connection and talked to Bill, who redirected me towards where I wanted to go versus where I had been. Our call opened my perspectives to my real possibilities, and how I could achieve them, just by engaging the right coach.

I set goals in various areas of life such as family, business, financial, health, spiritual and relationship goals. My coach urged me to keep making my goals bigger that I was able to imagine by myself. It was remarkably difficult for me to visualize a better, let alone a “great” life for myself. I was so limited in my vision and imagination by the depression; anxiety and effects of long term sleep deprivation.

After establishing my goals, my coach worked with me to realize some of them. It felt so good to have an understanding and knowledgeable person guiding me through a phase in my life that I had not experienced before….and didn’t know how to handle. Every month, I made progress and I started to feel better. I know that I would have not taken many of those small steps toward “reinventing” myself and my life if I had tried to do it by myself without a guide and someone that I was accountable to.

I made dramatic progress and slowly turned myself and my world around. Every week I looked forward to the call from my coach. It felt good to receive the support and guidance. It felt even better to see the progress I was making each week and each month.

After a little more than a year of coaching, I had accomplished ALL of the goals. My coach told me she had completed her mission. I knew she was right. It was hard to believe that I had accomplished all of those goals that a year earlier, I felt were “pie-in-the-sky” unattainable.

Thanks to my life coach, I was able to find the courage to break through my personal barriers and accomplish more than I could have ever dreamed possible. I truly was able to “reinvent” myself and my life. I sold my business of 32 years and became a real estate investor.

Now, my work hours are much more flexible. My earnings are many times what they used to be. I expect to be able to retire in a few years. Four weeks ago I married my “soul mate” whom I’ve known for over 25 years and rediscovered a few years ago. Life is so much better now for me, my children and everyone I contact.

The reason that I am writing this is that I hope to inspire others to transform themselves and their lives into all they want them to be. My life is so much better, thanks to my coaching. Bill was right when he told me that “there is no need to suffer.”

Life Coaching Success Story #256 Example
Life Coaching Success Success #256 Example

Life Coaching Success Story#256
35 Year Old Woman Discovers Her Dream Position

Beth was a 35-year-old woman who had worked within the financial industry for over 10 years. She had been feeling frustrated and lost in her work for quite some time, but did not know what to do about it. She felt confined by the rigidity of finances and the over-emphasis on getting profits from clients and cold numbers.

Beth decided to find a new career when she and her husband moved to Southern California to accept his healthy promotion.

She engaged a career coach from TCC to figure out what she really loved to do as her “Coachable Goal.”Through the discovery process she was surprised to recognize the many creative talents and passions she had been suppressing for so long. She discovered that she had a natural flare and a strong personal passion to design kitchens, even though she had little experience at doing so, other than helping design the kitchen at her last house.

She and her coach focused on what she really wanted to do within the kitchen design field and discovered that her most desirable position was to assist home owners to create the kitchens to suit their personal desires and needs whether remodeling existing homes or building new kitchens.

She discovered which firms were the most recognized and successful in the field of remodeling kitchens and constructing specialty kitchens for private homes. She approached the most highly regarded of all of these firms in Southern California and told the general manager how passionate she was about kitchen design work and in working with cooks to create their most desirable kitchens.

She laid it all on the line with a very determined and genuine conviction to work in the field even though she had so little experience and even less training. Much to her delight the manager was impressed enough to ask her to join the firm as an assistant.

The manager hired her on the spot because he could not turn down her natural creative talents, her genuine enthusiasm for helping others design kitchens, her open honesty to take the risk to ask for the position, and her experience in finances. She has since become one of the firms most successful and popular kitchen designers, especially in the high-end neighborhoods of the Beverly Hills.

She started this position without much concern for the money she would earn, but her dedication and deep desire to enjoy her work and get better every day, quickly generated an income in six figures in only ten months. She had never had so much fun and had never generated so much income.

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Life Coaching Success Story#816
Young Over-Stressed Sales Woman Discovers Her True Talents
Selected Better Sales Position where her Talents were Rewarded

One 37 year old woman had been languishing as one of the lowest rated salespersons in her industrial supply company for three years, even though she religiously rose at 5:30 AM to study sales techniques, attended every sales seminar she could find, and listened to sales tapes whenever possible. Naturally, she and her company had serious doubts about her capabilities as a salesperson, especially with all of the extra effort she exerted.

She engaged her own TCC sales coach to assist her to become the highly rated and successful salesperson she wanted to be. Immediately, her TCC coach assisted her to overcome several self-imposed obstacles that were impeding her success. She found that she could sleep until 7:00 AM, and that she could stop listening to sale tapes.

She discovered that she already knew a great deal about selling and that it was time to relax and let her natural instincts and talents take over. Her ability to focus on her clients, without concern for selling increased her confidence and connections with her clients.

She increased her sales so dramatically that she rose to number 15 in only three months. And she found enough time and energy to take her first family vacation in three years.

But the story continues. After she jumped to number 15, she realized that her company was restricting her continued growth and income potential. She found that the company spread the plumb new clients around within the old boy network, and that based upon the limited products the company had to offer and the company territory restraints she had reached her maximum income level.

Through sales coaching, she realized that her exceptional sales skills would be more valuable elsewhere, and she and her coach then designed the perfect sales job for her. Once done, she approached the company that had her ideal sales job.

This medical supply company readily hired her, and treated her with the respect and care that she deserved. She hit the ground running and opened up a new hospital account in only one day that normally would take six months to accomplish, if at all.

Empty Nest Mom enjoying New Career
Enjoying the new job she created

Life Coaching Success Story#394
46 Year Old Empty Nest Mom Discovers her New Calling
Becoming Alive and Valued and offers Tips to Get the Most from Coaching

Cheryl was a 46 year old soon to be empty nest mom who had a very busy professional career. She felt like she “kept pouring 10 gallons into a 5-gallon bucket.” She was the operations manager for a large therapy and home health company for seniors for the past 1.5 years, and she had been in management for 20 years. She had taken the jobs she thought were best, with no real concern for what she wanted, and worked long and hard to succeed.

She found herself in a rut. She wanted to wake up in the morning and be excited about what she will do the rest of the day. This was especially true now, because her youngest child was an 18-year-old high school senior and Cheryl wanted to stop and take time out for herself now. She realized it was her turn. Yet, she did not know what she really liked or wanted.

She engaged her TCC life coach to discover and get her ideal income position. Her coach was “able to bring clarity to my situation, and sometimes help me see the obvious. I accomplished my goal of decreasing stress by finding life balance. I left an impossible job and accepted a new one that is more in tune with who I am and my personal goals. My accomplishments actually mean getting my life, health and family back. I had been totally consumed by work. It was unhealthy in every way.”

Cheryl offered the following tips to get the most from coaching. “The biggest tip is that if you’re going to invest your time and money in coaching, you must be ready and willing to make changes in your life. A lot of the steps you’ll take must be outside of your comfort level, or you won’t see the changes you wish for. It takes courage, strength, and faith in yourself to go where you want to be.

If you’re not willing to work and take the chances, it’s like buying a gym membership hoping to lose weight – then being disappointed in the results when you never went to work out.”

But Cheryl’s story does not end there. Cheryl reports “life will throw many unexpected curves. My daughter had a friend who was brutally raped, beaten and left for dead. Only she didn’t die. She suffered severe head injuries – but is alive.

Because I changed jobs and regained life balance, I had emotional energy and time to use my 25 years of experience in health care to assist this girl’s family. I worked through the news media (TV, radio and newspapers) – and even go all the way up to Governor Charlie Christ’s office to ensure that this great kid received the benefits promised her by her insurance company.

I organized a group of volunteer therapists to work with her, assisted in fundraising (about $250,000, so far), met with Medicaid and trust attorneys to ensure that the $ raised will be used for the intended purposes … The list goes on.

My point is: Achieving life balance isn’t just about you. It’s also about being able to use your God-given gifts, talents and strengths to make the world a better place.When you’re unhealthy, bogged down and lifeless, your gifts wither with you. I’m so thankful that I sought assistance through coaching when I did. I was needed … and because I had my life in balance I was available.”

Life Coaching Success Story #229
Real Estate Broker/Agent Goes from Overwhelmed to Relaxed and Productive:

One 49 year old lady had been a real estate broker/agent for 10 years and found herself “extremely overwhelmed and barely functional” in her business. She “was unable to focus on her work for an entire eight hour day, let alone during the extra hours that her business required.”

She engaged her TCC business coach to assist her to get control of her business and life and return to greater profits while enjoying it more. Immediately, her coach assisted her to discover those obstacles that were preventing her from being functional and productive. She created a NOT TO DO list which reduced her feelings of overwhelm. She also realized that by reducing the tensions in her personal life; she was able to increase her energy levels to improve her focus on the issues at work.

Not only that, but she reported how she had grown in the following ways: “I am putting a much greater emphasis on spirituality and gratefulness as a basis for life. I have reached out for the first time to people on a personal and professional level and have mended some fences. I am taking better care of myself physically and emotionally. Best of all, I am now able to be fully engaged in a full days work and have turned my business around.”

Life Coaching Success Story #1137
Full Time Working Mother Creates Life Balance from Stress-Filled Chaos

Carroll was a 32-year-old first time mother who found herself with conflicting priorities. Her family life, which she loves, now needed more time and energy because the arrival of her son. Her work was also demanding more time and effort because downsizing gave her more to do.

Work had become drudgery and she was loosing confidence. Because she had not been able to deliver on all of the things demanded of her at work. She was missing deadlines. In the past, she took work home for nights and weekends to catch up. Not now. This led to disappointment in herself. She had begun focusing on only on the negative.

She felt increasing internal stress because of her conflicts between being a first time mother and being in control at work. Along with her guilt of not performing well to suit her at either roll. She had been trying to meet every one else’s demands and expectations at her expense.

She engaged TCC to provide her ideal coach to assist her to find and establish a happy balance between family and work to reduce conflict and stress and to restore her confidence. Through the coaching discovery process she realized her true priorities and boundaries, and how she had become so stressed because she allowed others to cross her boundaries and override her own desires and priorities.

Once she clarified her limits and her priorities, she and her coach set the conditions to allow her to enjoy both her work and her new motherhood, with virtually no internal stress or guilt. She approached her boss (a woman) and explained her new situation and to her surprise was met with relief and understanding. Her boss had noticed that she had been under tremendous stress during the last stages of pregnancy  and after returning from delivery, and had seen her work production and accuracy diminish as she kept trying to do everything.

Her boss discussed the most important work results that she wanted to gain from Carroll and they organized her work schedule to maximize her work production to suit her boss and to suit Carroll’s new conditions as a mother. To Carroll’s surprise both she and her boss were thrilled at the new arrangement. All because Carroll attained clarity about her priorities and boundaries and was able to express them with confidence.

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Career Coaching Success Story #397
Young Lady with Toxic Boss Discovers Her Natural Sales Talents
And Attracts her Ideal Sales Position

One 28-year-old young lady felt that her life was out of control. She was down on herself, because she was overweight and she felt like a blob. In addition, she worked as an assistant to a toxic boss who created “job hell” for her. Being single, without a boyfriend, and living in a strange city further compounded her despair.

She engaged her own TCC life coach to assist her to lose weight and to discover and get her ideal income position. In only 5 months with her coach she lost 23 pounds to reach her desired weight. She also discovered that she wanted to pursue a new career in sales of products that helped people improve their lives and that allowed her to travel.

Within another month she escaped her toxic boss. And landed a sales position with a very reputable firm in selling herbal products in an established territory.

She not only made more money than before, but she got to travel to parts of the country she had always wanted to visit. Her energy levels rose, her frustrations and tension levels almost disappeared and she even returned to the social circles she had missed.

Career Coaching Success Story #1000
Empty Nest Widow Begins Living Her Dream

Gena is a 57-year-old young lady who found herself alone, and lost when her soul mate husband suddenly died in late 2005. Her children were grown, had started their own families and had moved to other states. Depression showed up. She found herself “struggling with where I was and what I wanted to do.”

She chose to “set a course for my new life towards the success picture in my head, without depression or feeling bitter.” She called TCC for an appointment because “TCC focused only on me the client and not outside stuff.” She was drawn to TCC’s promise to “discover your passion.”

She further explains: “I thought being able to experience actual coaching sessions with three hand picked prescreened life coaches was fantastic” And ” I found my dream coach. We clicked so well, I thought she had known me all of my life.”

“My career coach looked at me as a real person” Gena further reports: “She allowed and encouraged me to look inside myself for the first time in my life, without guilt and with total focus and clarity. As a baby boomer I had always focused on what others wanted, but never on what I wanted.”

“I discovered that my true passion was to create costumes for early American life periods.” And more importantly she explains, “My coach awakened me to discover the practical and realistic steps to actually turn my dream as a designer and producer of period costumes, into reality, based on ME!

Gena encouraged TCC to publish her story, so her fellow baby boomers will learn about the life coaching process that “we did not have available to us in our lifetime.

Enjoying the Blessings of ADD
Enjoying the Blessings of ADD

ADD Coaching Success Story #1089
Young Lady With ADD Learns How To Improve Sales
By Converting her ADD into her Best Asset

Martha (not her real name. She asked for anonymity) was a lively and funny 25-year-old young lady with ADD and had been working as a manufacturer’s rep for three years for her family business. She had a good territory but was not producing to her satisfaction. She was compensated based upon her sales. She liked what she did and the travel and meeting new people but not losing her relationships with her mom and dad who had become her bosses.

She felt there was something better. Her goals were to discover and create her ideal income position, which might be to stay or not, learn how to improve sales, discover and create life balance, and to take advantage of her ADD.

Through coaching discovery, she changed the conditions of her existing position to suit her five core ingredients and the results were remarkable. She “increased her income by 30% in only 12 months! She was able to improve sales with less effort. She restructured the areas of her life that felt out of control.

She organized her work wardrobe to accommodate her travel schedule, created a grocery list and healthy eating schedule complete with weekly recipes to ensure that she stayed fed to maintain her healthy body weight.” She structured a workout schedule and “play & relaxation time into her daily life, set up routines and habits that allowed her to incorporate her faith (prayer time), her husband, her health (food and workout plan) into her daily life and even left time weekly for friends and volunteer service.”

In addition she created and followed thru on her quite smoking plan, which was a huge success.

“These accomplishments have brought financial success immediately and equipped me with the tools I needed to design a plan for financial success and growth in the years to come.” Personally, I learned to create a sense of balance in my life without feeling chained to a strict schedule. I now have a flexible plan that allows time for all the things that are important to me.

I no longer feel out of control or overwhelmed. By learning how to prioritize and structure my time, I can now say “no” to things that are unimportant or do not fall within my life goals and priorities. I am now free to live my life by design, not by default and to do so without guilt.”

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