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The Coach Connection Story

Here is a video that explains The Coach Connection (TCC) Story.

All Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, and Very Confidential

TCC’s Mission:“Our Selected Clients will Find a Career Coach to Achieve Their Coachable Goals
Faster, at Less Cost and More Completely Than Anywhere in the English Speaking World”

My personal mission is to help YOU find a career coach with one stop shopping to discover and create YOUR own ideal career like I did. I was lucky enough to be coached by Thom Politico to take control of my life to discover create and be living in my Ideal Income Position and enjoying Life Balance at the same time.

It took me over 6 months and 27 coaches to find a career coach before I was lucky enough to find my ideal career coach-Thom Politico.

I want to express my personal thanks and gratitude to Thom Politico for not only coaching me to complete my chosen 4 “Coachable Goals,” one of which was to start and operate The Coach Connection. But also Thom Politico helped design the details on how to provide coaching and how to discover and attract outstanding career coaches as a co-founder of TCC so that completing our mission would be constant.

TCC follows all of the life coaching principals invented and developed by Thomas Leonard

Thom Politico was a protege of Thomas Leonard, was coached by Leonard for years, and also worked for Leonard teaching coaching for at least 3 more years.

Thus, the actual Life Coaching process we provide, the 6 key conditions to achieve effective coaching that we go to great lenghts to complete (4 of which we Guarantee) and the exceptionally high qualifications of our rigorously screened coaches came directly from Thomas Leonard, through Thom Politico. All of which have contributed to TCC clients actually achieving their “Coachable Goals” at a success rate of over 96% when the life coaching industry success rates average only 10% to 20%.

Improving Lives is Our Passion
& Specialty, Fun is our Style,
Results are Our Integrity