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Life Coaching Testimonials from 30 Coach Connection Clients

(Whether they used a life coach, business coach, or career coach.)


Life Coaching Testimonial about the special coaching matching service of The Coach Connection.

“There is a “Best” Coach/Client Matching Service”

The Ultimate of Life Coaching Testimonials by Rey Carr

“There is one exception to this lack of referral system effectiveness, and this particular model has shown consistent effectiveness for more than 14 years and that service is The Coach Connection.”

Even though Peer Resources has its own coach referral system, we frequently inform our site visitors about the Coach Connection and refer coach requests to them.”

This service was the highest rated in our research and its ranking was considerably above the next best in line.

Rey Carr, Founder-Peer Resources – Navigation Tools for the Heart, Mind and Soul.


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And now 30 Life Coaching testimonials about TCC coaching taken from hundreds available.

“I highly recommend the services of TCC for people who aren’t satisfied with their current career. In my former career I wasn’t satisfied. And it showed in my work, in my life and in my personality. In just a few short months of coaching, I recognized where I wanted to be, and GOT there! I’m much more effective, efficient, and happy now that I’m where I want to be.”

Beth Ferrer, Sherman Oaks, Calif.


Happy life coaching client Alexandra Watkins

“Working with my coach from the Coach Connection has opened new opportunities for me and increased my income exponentially.

I highly recommend you start here if you are looking for a coach to take you to the next level in your business or personal life!”

Alexandra Watkins, Chief Innovation Officer, “Eat My Words”


Successful CEO client Garnett Newcombe
CEO Garnette Newcombe and her team

I was AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP, SHARE MY FEARS AND CONCERNS with others. My coach kindly informed me that more than likely, 9 out 10 business owners “may be experiencing or have experienced” the very same fears and concerns. I soon realized that ” I wasn’t alone and that it’s okay to ask for help you! The benefits and achievements received from my TCC coaching were as follows: “I have developed my business self-esteem which has allowed me to be more confident in making major decisions; my employees now have the freedom to be creative and do the things they were hired to do; and, I truly feel and see myself as their leader and CEO.

Garnett Newcombe, CEO-Human Potential Consultants, LLC Carson, Calif.


Happy Coaching client Kevin B. Kreitman“I found myself at a personal and professional crossroads. I had advanced degrees, practical experience, lots of energy, and everything (one would think) that would prepare me to step into something new. Almost! I am very grateful to the Coach Connection for providing this service–not just connecting me with the right coach, but helping me understand what career coaching was all about, and making sure I was ready to take full advantage of the coaching I was paying for.

My TCC coach has been a great help and support as I’ve launched my business, and it’s really starting to bear fruit.”

Kevin B Kreitman – PhD CEO, The Organization Zone LLC


TCC Coaching Client Stefan Pagacik

“The best present you can give yourself if you truly want to change your life for the better is to contact the Coach Connection and get “connected” with one of their dynamic coaches”

Stefan Pagacik,
 Principal – Inner Harbor; Manomet, Mass


Successful life coaching client Julie Dahl

“My goal was to find a career that I can be passionate about and not feel like I am going to a “job” every day. After my coach sessions with my TCC coach, I was able to find my true calling and feel confident about my decision.
Additionally, I also improved other aspects of my life, such as my personal relationships, health habits and time management skills, as they hold as much weight in my life (if not more) as my career.”

Julie Dahl, Huntington Beach, California


Lisa Ryan-enjoying success of being coached“Bill spent a lot of time with me on the phone to determine my needs, figure out my goals, and to discover the type of person I wanted to work with. I had to make a tough decision from the three magnificent coaches Bill recommended. Bill and my TCC Coach changed the course of my life. I’ve gone from an independent, straight-commission sales rep, to a successful medical sales rep, and now I am the owner of my own speaking and training business.”

Lisa Ryan, Founder, “Helping organizations keep their top talent from becoming someone else’s.”


Enjoy an open honest discussion about coaching.

Learn If engaging a coach is best for you

All calls are sales Free, obligation Free & Very Confidential

Or Call: 800-887-7214 (Free US & Canada) 239-415-1777 (Worldwide)


Confident Coaching client Miracle WanzoThere’s no obligation, no contract and the great thing about using TCC is if your needs change, you can switch your coach.

There are phenomenal coaches working with TCC and it really beats trying to get referrals, or scour the internet yourself. I appreciate that the TCC coaches aren’t pushing other products and services onto you (buy my book, come to my retreat), or using slick sales pitches.

Miracle Wanzo, American Canyon, Calif.


Successful coaching client Francine Glick

I pay for my TCC coaching before I pay my utilities. Coaching has been vital in growing our company and prioritizing efforts to reach our goals to easily pay all bills, including utilities.”

Francine Glick – President, Hands2GO – Alcohol-free hand sanitizer


Successful life coaching client Lisa ShockI am so blessed to have been matched with a new coach that has pushed me to reach beyond my dreams and reach a level of personal success that has been unmatched for me to date. Thanks Bill!! Using The Coach Connection to find her has been a true gift.

Lisa Shock, MHS, PAC-President/CEO – Utilization Solutions in Healthcare, Inc. Hillsbough, NC


“I would heartily recommend TCC to anyone considering coaching and I would strongly urge everyone to consider coaching in the first place. All the top performers in the world, be they athletes, actors or businessmen, have used coaches somewhere along the line and many still do. Why not for us regular folks?”

Michael Barry, Laughing Buddha Productions, New York, NY


Thriving TCC coaching client Maureen Borzacchiello“My TCC business coach assisted me to transform my business from about $325,000 to over $1,000,000 in annual revenue in only six months, by working on the business, not just in the business.”

Maureen Borzacchiello — CEO, President, Creative Display Solutions Inc., Garden City, NJ


Jennifer McKinley basking in the sun of success“I am so grateful that I discovered The Coach Connection when I did. My TCC coach has been a huge part of helping me put the past in the past and just focus on the positive, future growth of my business and my life. I don’t think I would be quite as far along in building the new business and being so truly happy about what I am doing right now if I hadn’t started the coaching. Thank you!”

Jennifer McKinley, President. Cor, LLC “Silver Service Treatment For The Face”


Carolyn Morse - Another happy TCC client“Thanks to my excellent TCC coach, everything continues to go well with my business. Exactly how has my TCC coach helped me. Let’s look at the facts: YTD our company revenues are 40% over the same period last year. Coaching taught me Management, with a CAPITAL M, of myself, my time and my company. I now to run my business instead of it running me..”

Carolyn Morse, President. PowerLung, Inc. Houston, Texas


“One of the most valuable things I learned from my coach was to ignore the “Chattering Monkeys” — I have learned to listen to my intuition, ignore my internal naysayers and head down the path towards achieving my goals. It has been fantastic to have my own personal coach and cheerleader in my corner at all times.”

Kimberley Martinez President, Bonitas International, Englewood, Florida


Mary Ardapple - Another together TCC client“Never before had the idea of utilizing the services of a “personal coach” entered my mind. WOW, how wrong I was! The experience of working with a personal coach has been the most remarkable experience of my business career. The Coach Connection made the selection process simple without intimidation. Having such a credible professional company root for me to succeed was terrific!

Mary Ardapple Founder, Apple’s Bakery, Inc. Peoria, Ill. Author “These Hands of Mine”


“The entire coaching experience I’ve had through TCC has been one of warmth, caring, efficiency, and professionalism. The initial Discovery Conversation with Bill was engaging, wide ranging, and illuminating. Being able to have introductory coaching sessions with three different coaches was really critical. The quality of my life today, and the eagerness I look forward to my day and my future, is light years from where I was just months ago. I recommend the services of Bill Dueease at The Coaching Connection with the fullest enthusiasm and heartful sincerity.”

Eric Friedman, Virginia Beach, Virginia


Enjoy an open honest discussion about coaching.

Learn If engaging a coach is best for you

All calls are sales Free, obligation Free & Very Confidential

Or Call: 800-887-7214 (Free US & Canada) 239-415-1777 (Worldwide)


Bill Dueease took his time interviewing me and asking about my business and style. He then recommended 3 different coaches for me to talk with and from which to chose. I found one that was a great fit and got to enjoy what business coaching can do. I am so grateful I have had this experience.”

Lynne Lambert, Prak Productions, dba NYC Subway Line


I turned to Coach Connection honestly as a last resort. Having for some years been dissatisfied with my career, I was unable to make a change nor knew toward where I might turn to cease running into the same problems. As the actual coaching began I felt like everything suddenly came into focus and I was able get charge of my life again. I really don’t know how well I could have found this without the help of TCC. I have recommended this experience to others, and would do so again, and again.”

Wayne Ottenbreit, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Sandi Webster Looking good“Coaching made me take a look at myself and how I relate to my business. It gave me accountability. When someone unbiased asks you why something was not accomplished, you really have no good reason. You also feel good when they cheer you for a job well done.”

Sandi Webster, Principal, Consultants 2 Go, LLC Newark, NJ Nat’l Association of Women Business Owners – NYC Chapter; VP


Gena Lindquist enjoying her new lifeYour methods and assistance provided me the clarity of thought and unburdening from non-issues to allow me to move forward to achieve my career goals. I continue to tell anyone who will listen to my dreams about why I am excited and how, through your coaching experience, I was able to move onto my new career life without fear.”

Gena Lindquist, Portsmith, Virginia


“I will not tell others that I talk to a ‘sales coach’ because I want to enjoy this ‘unfair advantage’ for a while. If I ever decide to become a sales manager, one of the first things I will do is assign my sales force to have weekly sales coaching.”

Bill H., Marketing Consultant, Radio Advertising Sales, Albany, NY


“Our company, was literally saved on many occasions by the Coach Connection. We cannot verbalize enough and recommend them enough to any business at any stage of growth. What we really like best about TCC (besides the obvious) is the special attention to not only our immediate needs, but the level of coaches. Because of both the expertise of our coach and Bill, we’ve been able to recover and we will never forget their kindness.”

Sharon Shaheed, Piano Play Music Systems, Sherman Oaks, Calif.


Anyone who wishes to ‘live in the zone’ owes it to themselves to learn about sales coaching.

Marc Pearlman, Financial Planner, Buffalo, NY


Melanie Gibson - Another happy TCC coaching client“The Coach Connection helped me to achieving a life balance and a clear career path. I am now empowered!.TCC is a very professional organization.”

Melanie Gibson, St. Louis, Missouri


Bill, I have been, and continue to be, so very impressed by TCC and the coaches I “auditioned”. In today’s coaching market, it really is time consuming to try to find your ideal coach. The time you spent with me to identify my needs and connect me with potential coaches added enormous value to the experience. I tell my other coaching peers about your organization and recommend they check you out.

Laura Gurreau


Elizebeth Perelstein, another successful TCC client

“I gained a great deal of confidence and am tearing around with ideas about what I want to do next – and then I actually accomplished my new clearer business and personal goals. I was very successful and am proud of my successes.”

Elizabeth Perelstein, President, School Choice International, White Plains, NY


“My coaching experience with my TCC coach was fabulous. The goals I accomplished from working with my TCC coach were to start my own coaching business, getting unstuck, losing the fear and gaining self-confidence. These accomplishments mean that I am pursuing my passion in life and feel energized and excited about what I’m doing. I am very satisfied with the services of TCC and my entire TCC coaching experience.”

Andrea Lithgow – Coach, Santa Fe, New Mexico


“Business coaching helps me realize where I’m at, where I’m going, and what directions and approaches to take. Business coaching helped me to establish personal and business focus and direction. It also provided reassurance and encouragement. I’m more realistic with planning and time management. Coaching motivated me to invest my time/energy into organizing my home and workspace. Getting rid of the clutter gives me a sense of peace and order, allowing for more effectiveness in my home/family life and work. And finally, I am more conscious of flexibility.”

Betsy S., Business Owner, Fort Lauderdale, FL.