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Individual Life Coach Compared to TCC

Individual Life Coach Compared to TCC

Finding the right individual Life Coach in a sea of many types of coaches
can be confusing and difficult

Finding the Right Life Coach can be difficult
Finding the Right Life Coach can be a Stretch

Why wade through the over 250,000 people who call themselves individual life coaches, or business coaches, executive coaches, dating coaches,etc.?

Instead, we Guarantee that you will connect with your ideal individual life coach, or we return your money.

You will be matched with 3 (or more if you want) of our 105 outstanding, experienced world class individual life coaches. In addition, we Guarantee they have the highest life coaching qualifications we know of because they have been thoroughly vetted out of over 4,850 coaches who applied.

All Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, and Very Confidential

Comparison of Individual Life Coaches With The Coach Connection

Purpose of Provider

The Coach Connection: Guarantees that TCC selected clients will achieve their “Coachable Goals” faster, less cost, and more completely than elsewhere.

Individual Life Coach: Obtain a maximum number of long term clients.

Initial Contact

The Coach Connection: Free “Discovery Conversation” with a client Advocate, to discover real objectives of clients and if client is best served with coaching. Commission free, pressure free, obligation free, and very Confidential.

Individual Life Coach: Direct contact with the individual coach. Requiring the coach to perform many undesirable NON-coaching functions. For example: explaining coaching to many prospective clients, performing marketing, discussing fees and payments, evaluating prospective clients, convincing possible clients to sign up, explaining coaching contracts and practices, and more.

Coach Qualifications

The Coach Connection: Coaches are only accepted as TCC Member Coaches after thorough screening and evaluation to attract, find, and keep the best World Class Coaches with extensive experience, remarkable success rates, and they have the Special “Gift of Coaching.” Finding exceptional quality coaches has been a long, tedious, and frustrating process. Less than 3% of the coaches have been admitted from over 4,800 coaches who have applied. And, once coaches make it in they are monitored by TCC and clients to make sure they coach extremely well to completing Goals. The average length of time coaches have been active Member Coaches is about 14.5 years. Great Coaches Stay!

Individual Life Coach: As there are no industry standards or qualifications for coaches. Potential clients must take the coaches bona fides at face value. It is difficult if not impossible to determine the quality and effectiveness of individual coaches. Getting sample coaching sessions is the best way to discover if a coach is best, which in truth is a “Trial and Error” method to finding your right coach.

All Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, and Very Confidential


The Coach Connection: NONE! TCC clients do not sign a contract with TCC or the TCC individual life coaches.

Individual Life Coach: The majority of individual life coaches will require some form of contract to protect themselves. Coaching Schools and Associations strongly recommend, even insist on contracts.

Finding the right Life Coach will feel great
Finding the right Life Coach will feel great!

Fees and Guarantees

The Coach Connection: The fee for the initial coaching cycle is $489 for 6 or more sessions, which includes a FULL 100% Money-Back Guarantee. In addition, TCC Coach Fees for subsequent cycles vary between $300 to $595 for 3 to 4 sessions of 30 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the coach and number of sessions. All fees are published in writing to Selected Clients before they select their coaches.

Individual Life Coach: Fees vary widely among coaches, and the average is very high. Coaching Schools and Associations strongly promote charging higher fees, where they sell time. Based upon reports from numerous clients approximately 80% of coaching websites do NOT publish their fees. Prospective clients have to wrangle to discover fees. Money Back Guarantees are Rarely Provided in the coaching Industry. Long term contractual client commitments are frequently sold and/or required.

Individual Life Coach Practices and Results

Client Success Rate

The Coach Connection: TCC Clients have reported achieving their “Coachable Goals at an average rate of over 96%. TCC’s MISSION is that our selected clients will achieve their goals, faster, easier, more completely and at less cost. This is why TCC offers such powerful Guarantees to our Selected Clients, so they Will generate the highest success rate. It is very important that we track the success rates of our clients.

Individual Life Coach: Multiple rough estimates have shown that the average client success rate is between 10% and 15% for the entire coaching industry. Yet, most individual life coaches rarely track their clients success rates. Thus, determining how well the coach helps his or her clients achieve their goals can be difficult.

6 Key Conditions to Assure Coaching Successes

The Coach Connection: Deliberately establishes all 6 conditions and GUARANTEES that 4 of the 6 Essential Conditions are met to Full Satisfaction to our Selected Clients. By doing so, TCC virtually guarantees that our Selected clients will have exceptional success rates.

Individual Life Coach: Most coaches are unaware of the 6 Essential Conditions. Therefore they rarely establish these as a basis for success. Hence, this is the major reason their success rates are so low. They violate one or more of these Conditions that almost assures failure. For example, most coaches feel a need to teach, or give advice, or direct clients; all of which violate one or more of the Key Conditions.

All Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, and Very Confidential

Confidentiality Protection

The Coach Connection: Complete confidentiality between the client and coach. Coaches are forbidden to reveal whatever TCC clients reveal during coaching sessions to anyone, including TCC personnel.

Individual Life Coach: Depends on the integrity, practices, and ethics of the individual coach.

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