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Life Coaching Guarantees explained

Life Coach Matching Guarantees
Through TCC

Exclusive Money-Back Life Coaching Guarantees
of the Initial Cycle for only $489.00

You Receive a Minimum of 6 Coaching Sessions (More if You Choose)
All Sessions Are Covered by Fully Refundable Money-Back Guarantees

During this Money-Back Initial Cycle We Guarantee the Following:

  1. That you will connect with the Life Coach you feel is “Ideally Matched to You.Be Picky! Or You Get Your Money Back.
  2. That the Life Coach you choose will not take a superior position based upon Your perspective. Or you can ask for another coach Or You Get Your Money Back.
  3. That your Life Coach will be a World Class very experienced Life Coach who has been rigorously screened from over 4,850 coaches, has coached many people just like you to remarkable successes, has the special very rare “Gift of Coaching” and has said you are their ideal client beforehand, only did not know your name. Or you can ask for another coach Or You Get Your Money Back.
  4. That everything you reveal to your TCC Member Coaches will be kept Very Confidential. Or you can ask for another coach Or You Get Your Money Back.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential

Here’s How the Coach Connection Guarantees Work

  • First, within 24 hours after authorizing your credit card for $489.00 (Subject to weekends, holidays and hurricanes) you will receive an email listing the names, locations, phone numbers, email addresses, and pricing structure of the 3 TCC Coaches who were personally matched for YOU. They were hand picked from our 91 outstanding TCC Member Coaches who were meticulously screened out of over 4,850 coaches to find and keep the coaches with the highest coach qualifications.
  • Then you will conduct actual coaching sessions (No sales pitches, No assessments, No gab fests) with each of the 3 hand picked TCC Member Coaches.
  • You can either pick the coach you feel is ideal for you, or you can request to have sample coaching sessions with additional coaches, until you either choose your ideal coach Or You Get Your Money Back.
  • Furthermore, you receive 3 additional sessions with the Coach of Your Choice for a minimum of 45 minutes each to be sure. Regardless of how many coaches you coached with.
  • Finally, you can still receive a Full Refund AFTER you complete the 3 additional sessions with your coach. The Money Back Period ends 5 calendar days AFTER your originally scheduled third coaching session with the coach of your choice, or the date you schedule the second cycle of coaching with a TCC Coach, whichever comes first.
  • Therefore, you can conduct a coaching session with 3 or more coaches, pick your coach, schedule 3 sessions, conduct all 3 sessions as scheduled, and 4 days after the originally scheduled third coaching session with the coach of your choice You Can Ask For and Get Your Money Back.

Why Do We Offer Such Strong Guarantees?

So We Fulfill The Coach Connection’s (TCC’s) Promise.

Our Selected Clients WILL Achieve their Chosen “Coachable Goals” Faster, at Less Cost,
& More Completely than any place in the English Speaking World.

Consequently, approximately 3,251 TCC clients have achieved their “Coachable Goals” at an average success rate of over 96% since 2001. You can Too!

When our Clients WIN! We WIN! Our Clients Exceptional WINNING rates make our extra efforts and Guarantees more than worth it. It FEELS GREAT!

Let's Look at the Life Coaching Guarantees
Looking at Life Coaching Guarantees