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“Help Me Find The Right Job”

Help me find the right job

A Career Coach Will: “Help Me Find The Right Job” because that is the Reason you engage Career Coaches and why they coach you.

Your Career Coach will be your secret weapon to make sure you discover, create and transition into your right job. Your career coach will help you design the right jobs for you. You will discover and define in detail the best-matching jobs for you. The ultimate solution to “help me find the right job.”

Your career coach will unravel the “Greatest Mystery in the World – Ourself,” so you become the World’s Leading Expert on You. This way you will create the jobs that fulfill your passions and priorities, maximize your talents and follow your beliefs values. And your coach will hold you accountable so you transition into the ideal job you designed.

Engaging a career coach will give you an unbeatable edge to getting hired. This is true even with increased competition. The logic and economics of using a career coach are so fundamentally sound and productive that once understood and used right, people will be virtually guaranteed to get their ideal jobs.

Hiring Managers Will Want To Hire You First!

Become a trophy to your chosen hiring managers
You become the trophy elk to hiring managers

Because you have a career coach! Hiring managers hire job seekers who create the best match with the jobs being filled. You and your career coach will operate as a focused team to seek, find and obtain the best matching jobs, because YOU KNOW they will be excellent fits.

You will easily show hiring managers that you will be the best match for the specific jobs you want.

Over 95% of the other job applicants will have no idea which jobs would be best for them. They are in essence fishing for a job when they apply, hoping to catch a job they might like. Because they are using the “Trial and Error” (Emphasis on Error) “Work Selection Process.” And statistics show this T&E method rarely works by reporting that over 86% of workers DISLIKE their jobs.

Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Very Confidential

Hiring managers loath wading through hundreds or even thousands of “I’ll do anything” resume’s, because they know the end results will most often be bad. Hiring managers know these fishing applicants will most often perform poorly or leave because the fishing applicants will not like the job.

The Right Job for you is waiting for you.

The Wall Street Journal and The NY Times have both reported how many thousands of very good jobs are going unfilled. Because hiring managers chose not to hire anyone without knowing they will be a good fit. It makes excellent economic sense not to risk hiring anyone where the match was suspect. Why? Because statistics have shown it frequently costs a company more than the annual “benefit package” (Annual salary, taxes, and benefits) to replace a worker. Hiring managers want workers to really like their jobs, perform very well and stay a long time.

By using a career coach to discover, create and target getting hired into your ideally matched job, you become a hiring managers dream applicant. You will be using the only “Work Selection Process” that virtually guarantees you will create and obtain your chosen Ideal Income position. All because you used your career coach secret weapon to “help me find the right job” You create a WIN-WIN situation.

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