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Life Coaching Partnership

Life Coaching Partnership

Our Mission: Our Selected Clients Will Achieve Their Life and Career
Improving “Coachable Goals” Faster, at Less Cost, and More Completely!

We Fulfill our Partnership Mission by Guaranteeing 4 of the 6 KEY Conditions for Life Coaching to Succeed so you reap the maximum benefits from being coached. You bring the first 2 conditions.

Life Coaching Partnership at work
Creating the Partnership so You Will Succeed

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential

Life Coaching Partnership Described

We create the right Partnership; with the right people; and under the right conditions for you to achieve maximum successes from being coached.

Just like the right partnership; with the right Doctors; the right Specialists; and under the right Operating Conditions must be created for you to reap full success from open-heart surgery by arriving alive with a better heart

These 6 Conditions Must be Agreeable “YOU, The Client” to Achieve Successful Coaching.

Thomas Leonard, the Inventor of the Personal (Life) Coaching process spelled out the 6 special conditions that must be Met To Suit YOU The Client for Life Coaching to work. We fulfill our part of the Partnership by making sure our selected clients receive coaching under his specified Conditions, so they WILL reap the most from being coached.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential

You Bring the First 2 of the Life Coaching Partnership

These are the 2 Conditions only You Control and You bring to the table for Coaching to work.

  1. You the client have at least one “Coachable Goal.” A Future Place You want to be that requires you to grow and improve as a person to achieve it.
  2. You are “Ready for Coaching,” which only you control. Being “Ready” is a state of mind. No one can force you, trick you or sell you. You are “Ready” when you want to be.

We Guarantee the Next 4 of the Life Coaching Partnership

In our Partnership, we at TCC “Guarantee” that the following other 4 Conditions are Met to Suit You or you get your money back after we BOTH AGREE you bring the First 2 Conditions.

3. You connect with, respect, trust, and really enjoy your chosen ideal life coach. Do not settle for a life coach, be picky.

4. Your life coach never takes the superior position; from your perspective. You will always be the Center of Attention. The King or Queen of the coaching relationship.

5. Your life coach is an excellent, very experienced World Class Life Coach. Who possesses the Special “Gift of Coaching.” Practices the Special Life Coaching Process invented by Leonard. whose clients have remarkable success rates, and who chose you beforehand to be his or her ideally matched client, but didn’t know your name. A double match.

6. Coaching is conducted in Total Confidentiality. No leakage.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential

TCC Clients Achieved their “Coachable Goals” at an Average Success Rate of 96% since 2001

Leonard was right. Our special Partnership system Works! Because we go to great lengths and risks to Guarantee the establishment of his 6 Key Conditions to suit our Selected Clients on their terms.