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Procrastination: How to Eliminate it

Procrastination is a Very Destructive Perspective

“Procrastination is Defined as:

“Putting off, avoiding, or ceasing doing things you feel you “SHOULD” be doing.” Procrastination creates guilt and generates unnecessary stress.

Procrastination Is Governed by What You Think You “SHOULD” Be Doing!

Procrastination - How to eliminate it

“Should” is one of the most self-destructive words in the English language. Let’s define the word “Should.” When someone tells you that you “Should” do something their real message is “I want you to do something that benefits me at your expense” For example, if someone tells you that you “Should” send them $1,000.00 to protect the ruby headed jack rabbit. Their real message is “I want you to send me $1,000.00, and you Loose $1,000.00.” They “win” because you “loose.”

The word “Should” as used in procrastination is the self-talk between our conscious-rational selves telling our subconscious genuine selves that we “Should” be doing something. Thus, when a person allows their conscious self to tell their subconscious self what they “Should” be doing they cannot win. In order for their conscious self to “win” their subconscious self must “lose.”

Our conscious self is governed almost exclusively by OUTSIDE forces. When you let the “Should’s” tell your inner self what it “Should” be doing, you impose outside forces on yourself, but do not know it.

But you can frequently and Subconsciously avoid doing these things your “Shoulds” imposed upon yourself from “Outside” sources, because your genuine Inner “Subconscious self” does not want to do them.

Hence the stresses of procrastination are caused by the unrecognized conflict between what your genuine “Subconscious self” does NOT want to do and what your outside driven conscious self believes “SHOULD” be done.

Procrastination How to Eliminate it Secret.

You Too Can Enjoy And Thrive In A Guilt-Free, Stress-Free NO-Procrastination Zone.

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Here are the six (6) easy steps you can take to eliminate procrastination.

(And remove the feelings of guilt and stress that come with it.)

1. The first step to eliminate procrastination is to discover and clarify exactly what your subconscious self really wants to do and not does not want to do. Discover and clarify you own deep priorities, your own self-imposed obstacles (The things you do not want to do) and your passions. Discover and unravel the mystery of yourself.

2. The second step to eliminate procrastination is to replace the word “Should” in all of your own self-talk with the word “Want.” By doing so, you eliminate the control of the outside forces and you take control of your choices, and more importantly you avoid the world of procrastination. Go ahead, pick something you normally procrastinate and now tell yourself you WANT to do it. Immediately you will feel a sense of relief and control.

Yet, there are just some tasks that you dislike doing that you feel you must perform anyway, because you determined that avoiding them would create worse consequences than actually performing them. Life is full of these.

The four additional steps to eliminate procrastination
by handling undesirable, yet mandatory activities

3. The third step to eliminate procrastination is to discover which activities you dislike performing, whether consciously or subconsciously that you feel must be performed by you. Be sure you really are the best person to perform these activities, knowing that you have a strong distaste for doing so, and that this conflict might reduce your capacity to produce the most favorable results you would want.

4. The fourth step to eliminate procrastination is to create ways to avoid as many of the activities you dislike, that others can perform better, so you do not burden yourself with unnecessary stresses, and self-criticism.

5. The fifth step to eliminate procrastination is to organize the timing and places to perform the activities you do not like but decided you must perform anyway in a manner that best suits your priorities and conditions, to allow you to perform these undesirable activities as quickly and effectively as possible.

6. The sixth step to eliminate procrastination is to celebrate the completion of these must do distasteful tasks every time. Reward yourself with positive events that are associated with their completion, which will enhance your desire to initiate performing them the next time.

Stop Procrastinating and sing your favorite song with a friend
Stop Procrastinating and sing your favorite song with a friend

The Easiest Way to Eliminate Procrastination Is To Engage A Life Coach

Your life coach will help you unravel the mystery of you. This way you will discover and KNOW the things your subconscious self does NOT want to do. There are 3 reasons your subconscious true self will NOT want to do something. All three reasons are uncovered and clarified by engaging a life coach.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential

The three reasons your subconscious causes procrastination are:

1. You may NOT want to do something because you just dislike doing it. Your life coach will reveal to you your many hidden “Self Imposed Obstacles.” That you despise doing and were unaware that you did. You will not want to worry why you dislike doing your “Self Imposed Obstacles.”

An example of procrastination caused by conflicts with your “Self Imposed Obstacles”

For example you might dislike cutting the grass. But you do not know how badly you dislike cutting grass. So you unwittingly find all sorts of excuses to put off cutting the grass. You stretch a normal 45 minute job into a 5 hour stressful unpleasant endeavor. And the guilt and stress mounts because of your procrastination. But you can avoid the guilt and stress of procrastination by recognizing and accepting your dislike for cutting the grass. Then you can either have a home without grass or have someone cut the grass for you.

2. You may NOT want to do something because it violates you beliefs and values. The key here is that you must discover and know your true beliefs and values. These are your integrity and boundary points. Your life coach will reveal your beliefs and values to you.

An example of procrastination caused by conflicts with your integrity

For example, your boss might instruct you to cheat a customer. Yet, doing so would conflict with your values of honesty and integrity. You would normally procrastinate on cheating the customer because doing so violates your integrity. Thus, if you KNOW your integrity boundaries you would CHOOSE NOT to cheat the customer. You would not feel the stress or guilt of procrastination, because you CHOSE not to cheat. But if you do NOT know your integrity boundaries, you will feel the guilt of procrastination by delaying cheating the customer. You might even succumb to the pressures of your boss and eventually cheat the customer. And the stress caused by the guilt from doing so would probably be very strong.

3. You may NOT want to do something because it violates your own priorities. Once you KNOW your own priorities, you can easily select which activities you want to do first to meet your own priority schedule.

An example of procrastination caused by conflicts with your priorities

For example if your coworkers pressure you to meet after work for several drinks. But you promised your son to get home early to watch him play in his first baseball game. You become conflicted and feel guilty to say no to the drinks. So you try to meet both by staying for supposedly “one drink.” Causing you to be real late for the game and missing your son’s hit. Instead, you will feel empowered to go home in time to watch your son play baseball when you KNOW your first priority is to be there. You will not procrastinate.

An example of procrastination many people do

In another example, I and most people despise submitting annual IRS tax returns. I have not felt the guilt of procrastination from dealing with my IRS returns in over 22 years. Yet, I have always met the IRS requirements completely and on time. How? First I fully accept how much I despise actually dealing with the IRS. I chose to hire a CPA firm to handle all aspects of dealing with the IRS. This firm stays current on IRS regulations, and forms. More importantly they complete the forms correctly, and on time to legally present the most accurate tax position for me. I only deal with my chosen CPA. He helped me I set up my books so that I can easily and quickly create accurate annual Profit and Loss numbers. I deliver these records to my CPA soon after the end of the tax year. I have now completed my chosen part in this distasteful process, which I celebrate.