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Career Coaching Explained with TCC

Career Coaching Explained
with TCC

Your Coach Connection Career Coach Ensures You Get Your Ideal Career

Through Career Coaching you will complete these 3 steps to discover and obtain your Dream Career

Step #1: You will Discover what you really WANT and DON’T WANT for the First time through Career Coaching.

Your TCC career coach will be your mirror to unravel The “Greatest Mystery in the World – THE MYSTERY OF YOU!.” You and your career coach will concentrate on discovering and clarifying your many Passions, your Self Imposed Obstacles (The things you do NOT want to do, with no reasons given) your Beliefs and Values (Your Integrity points, your boundaries), your many hidden Talents, and your Priorities.

Upon discovering these five core ingredients about you, you will become “The World’s Leading Expert On You.” You will generate the Ultimate in Clarity, the Ultimate in Confidence and the Ultimate in Stress-Free Power of Choice all giving the the Control to the easily fulfill next very fun and remarkable step.

Step #2: You will Custom Design your Ideal Income Positions to suit you.

You will use the new knowledge you discovered about you to custom build  your ideally matched income positions. And you will design it in detail, so you fulfill your passions and priorities, follow your beliefs, maximize your talents and avoid as many of your self imposed obstacles, as you want.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential

Step #3: Your career coach will hold you accountable to you so you obtain your Dream Career on your terms.

Your TCC career coach will hold you accountable to you to make sure you COMPLETE the Conditions you designed and want to create your ideally matched career to suit you. You install, implement, and/or employ these Conditions to fulfill who you are to avoid being forced to adjust to the conditions imposed by others.

You will be operating IN Your Ideal
Income Position and You KNOW it!

The Ultimate Success for You!

Bill Got his Ideal Career with his Career Coach
Bill Got his Ideal Income Position
With his Career Coach

For example: If you decide you want to be your own boss and start you own business, your coach will hold you accountable to Complete the Conditions needed to create Your new business on YOUR terms.

For instance: If you dislike giving speeches or presentations, then your coach will help you institute the conditions where you no longer have to make speeches. Or if your passion is talking over the phone, you will implement the Conditions where you are easily rewarded for talking over the phone to the people you want to talk to.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential

Special footnote to actually getting your dream positions.

Most people feel the 3rd Step will be the most difficult to overcome. Because it has been so difficult to complete in the past. Many people are very skeptical, as was I. These concerns are realistic and understandable.

Let me explain. Most people use the “Trial and Error Method.” Emphasis on Error to select their work positions. Consider that less than 5% of all jobs are filled through the very common Trial and Error job search and/or Resume process. Hence, they experience a very common Failure rate of 95%.

To Paraphrase Albert Einstein: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Therefore, the secret is to use a Different Process by engaging your career coach to design and get the results you want.

The 3rd Step has proven to be the Easiest step with Career Coaching. Regardless of the position.

The TCC career coaching process has a success rate of over 96% of actually getting hired into your ideal income position, or starting a business or becoming an independent contractor. Rather than a success rate of only 5% for the methods people used before the career coaching arrived in about 1992.

Think TCC’s Success Claims Sound Too Good to Be True?

We are so confident you will change into your dream career through TCC career coaching that we offer our exclusive Money-Back Guarantee to put our money on the line to back up our claims. TCC guarantees that career coaching will be done RIGHT for you every time. TCC Guarantees that you will select your ideally matched career coach from the highest quality group of career coaches in the English speaking world, or we return your money.

The Best Time to Engage a Career Coach

The best time to find a career coach is whenever you finally realize that you want more out of your career life than just drudging to work every day.

Another excellent time to engage a Career Coach is upon entering the work force as a graduate to seek help to find your best career from the get go.