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Tony Robbins Coaching Compared to TCC

Tony Robbins Coaching Compared
to TCC

Tony Robbins Coaching Scrutinized Comparison to The Coach Connection (TCC)

AND the Tony Robbins Coaching details were developed and vetted by many different people and sources including Tony Robbins Coaching Lawyers, representatives, and Coaches to arrive at what we think is an very objective and accurate report.

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Side by Side Detailed Comparison of Tony Robbins Coaching to The Coach Connection

Purpose of Provider

Tony Robbins Coaching: Sell as many coaching “Contracts” as possible.

Initial Contact

Tony Robbins Coaching: Intense Sales Session labeled as “Free Coaching Strategy Session” to “Define your Vision, Set Challenging Goals, Create a Plan of action… And achieve Extraordinary Results.” Tony Robbins “Coaching Consultants” are Salespeople Commissioned to sell you “RRI” Coaching “Contracts.”

The Coach Connection: FREE Personal Growth Conversation” with a client Advocate, to discover your present situation, your real objectives to help you grow and improve as a person, and determine if you are best served with coaching. Sales Free, pressure Free, and obligation Free.

Coach Matching Process

Tony Robbins Coaching: You are assigned a Robbins coach. Robbins can and frequently does change coaches on you. Robbins (and your Robbins coach) make it difficult to switch coaches. Tony Robbins will not be your coach.

The Coach Connection: Guarantees that you will be connected with your ideal coach by being personally matched with 3 TCC Member Coaches to enjoy actual sample coaching sessions to select your coach. You can also request additional coaches until you find the coach you want or until you get your money back. Furthermore: you receive 3 additional coaching sessions of 45 minutes minimum with the coach of your choice to be sure you have an excellent match. What’s more, you can receive a refund after conducting all 6 sessions. In addition, you can switch coaches at any time thereafter.


Tony Robbins Coaching: You must sign the “Robbins Research Int’l, Inc. (RRI) “Contract” that locks you up from a minimum of 6 months to frequently 12 months. The “Contract” protects “RRI” from any “representations” made prior to signing the “Contract.” Quoting the “Contract,” it: “absolves salespersons of any claims or promises made” and “absolves Robbins of advertising or prior representations.”

The Coach Connection: There are NO “Contracts” to lock you up with TCC or the TCC coaches.

Coaching Costs and Guarantees

Tony Robbins Coaching: Robbins does NOT publish Coaching fees or costs. Coaching packages vary dramatically from about $5,000.00 to over $8,200.00 for 6 months, about 18 sessions of 30 minutes each. Or from to $12,000.00 to over $18,000.00 for 12 months, depending upon a host of different unknown factors. No guarantees or promises of performance. Advanced payment in full required to get negotiated “lowest rates.” Cancellation fees are required to cancel a coaching package. Moreover, clients are also charged an increased “monthly” rate for sessions completed. However, refunds can be received. Best demanded before contract signing or initiating coaching.

The Coach Connection: TCC openly publishes life coach fees in detail. The fee for the “Initial Guaranteed Coaching Cycle” is $489 for a minimum of 6 coaching sessions and include a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Fees for subsequent cycles vary between $300 to $595 depending on the coach chosen by the client and the number of between 3 to 4 sessions from 30 minutes to 60 minutes per session. There are NO cancellation fees.

Session Number and Lengths

Tony Robbins Coaching: RRI Coaching Contract specifies 3 sessions of 30 minutes each per month

The Coach Connection: Offers between 3 to 4 sessions per month for 30 minutes to 60 minutes per session based upon the structure of the TCC Member Coach selected by the client. Clients provided pricing structure of all TCC Member Coaches recommended IN WRITING BEFORE contact with the coaches.

Contacts Between Sessions

Tony Robbins Coaching: NONE!

The Coach Connection: 2 Methods: 1) The opportunity of short between sessions at No Cost. You are Not on the clock. 2) Also Unlimited email support at No Cost. Or both methods.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, Confidential

Coach Qualifications

Tony Robbins Coaching: Robbins publishes no standards or qualifications for screening of coaches.

The Coach Connection: TCC Member Coaches are outstanding experienced coaches who must pass extensive screening and evaluation to be accepted- less than 3% of coaches were accepted out of over 4,850 coaches who applied.

Confidentiality Protection

Tony Robbins Coaching: None! In fact, The Robbins “Contract” states that coaching calls “may be monitored or recorded” for training and other purposes.

The Coach Connection: Complete confidentiality between the client and coach. Coaches are forbidden to reveal what transpires during coaching to anyone, including TCC personnel.

6 Essential Conditions for Success through Coaching

Tony Robbins Coaching: Robbins Coaching Does not address the 6 conditions and appears to violate at least 4 of them They are: Achieving “Coachable Goals,” Connect with your ideal coach, The client being the Center of Attention, and of course Confidentiality.

The Coach Connection: Deliberately establishes all 6 key conditions to successful coaching and even guarantees 4 of the 6 for every client. To virtually guarantee that TCC clients will fulfill our Mission: that TCC clients WILL achieve their chosen Coachable Goals.

Client Success Rates

Tony Robbins Coaching: Unknown! Robbins does not appear to report coaching success rates.

The Coach Connection: Approximately 96% of clients report they achieved or exceeded their “Coachable Goals.

Transparency of information

Tony Robbins Coaching: Very little information online. You must rely on verbal promises and information from the commissioned “Consultants.” The RRI “Contract” you must sign then renders this information useless.

The Coach Connection: Presents comprehensive detailed information on this website and in the “Discovery Conversation.”

Hopefully you are now much more informed through this comparison to select the program that you feel is best for you. Have fun!

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential

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