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Life Coaching

Retirement Coaches Are Not Financial Planners

Retirement Coaches Are NOT Financial Planners

Retirement Coach or
Financial Planner

Retirement Coaches focus on YOU to Discover your hidden desires & dislikes to create your ideal retirement life. Financial Planers focus on your monetary state to Improve it.

The same person cannot provide both Coaching and Financial planning services.

The objectives, the incentives, the expertise, and the relationship with Read more...

Smart Graduates Ask: “Help Me Find My Career”

Asking “help me find my career”
Benefits Graduates in Many Ways.

The Huge Benefits to “Help Me Find My Career”

Graduates will embark on a work career that will be more fruitful and more enjoyable than they can imagine, because they discovered their ideal careers so early.

Graduates will be able to design their work lives around their ideal career Read more...

Improve Your Attitude by Being Coached

Improve Your Attitude by Being Coached

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette confirms how important it is to improve your attitude.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
confirms how important it is
to Improve Your Attitude

In the article entitled “The Anti-Antagonist: Conflict and Attitude” the author  states that “So often, when we can be clear about our intent, we can be more decisive about Read more...

Three Stages of Life Coaching

Three Stages of Life Coaching

Three Stages of Life Coaching Path

Life Coaching works very well and produces remarkable results.
When Done Right!

You will want to know and understand the three stages of Life oaching to be sure it is performed “Right for You.” Although these three stages of Life Coaching are listed in 1. 2. and 3. order, … Read more...

Life Coach Relationships Described

Life Coach Relationships
Are Very Different, Enjoyable, and Practical

Life Coach Relationships are so alien,
special, and liberating they are hard to understand at first

Once you do and you feel the powers and joy of this energizing life coach relationship, your rarely want to leave it until you have at least completed your “Coachable Goals.

Life Coach Relationship

Successful Life Coach Relationship

What is a Successful Life Coach Relationship?

A successful Life Coach Relationship happens
when clients achieve their “Coachable Goals”

Successful Life Coach Relationship

The reason you engage a life coach is to achieve your Coachable Goals.” The reason a life coach coaches you is to make darn sure you DO achieve your “Coachable Goals.” A life coach’s job … Read more...

Reduce Stress at Work by Controlling the Causes

Reduce Stress at Work
by controlling the causes.

Stress at work is caused by forces from two different sources

Conflicts cause stress. True stress is caused by conflicts within each person. Stress at work is caused by conflicts between the outside demands placed by bosses and other work forces on employees and the inner values, dislikes, and priorities of the … Read more...