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Coachable Goals achieved through Life Coaching

“Coachable Goals”
Achieved through The Coach Connection (TCC)

The Reason you Engage a TCC Coach Is to Complete Your Coachable Goals.
TCC’s Mission is that You DO!

A “Coachable Goal” is:
A future place you want to be that requires you to grow and improve as a person to achieve it

Achieving “Coachable Goals” will improve your career, personal, and relationship lives beyond your wildest dreams.

In fact “Coachable Goals” will appear Too Good to Be True. (See list below) That’s because they were rarely achieved by any other methods before Life Coaching arrived.

The new Life Coaching Process creates the most practical and effective method to achieve “Coachable Goals”

Why Hire a Life Coach?

The Coach Connection’s (TCC) Mission and Promise to You:

Our Selected Clients WILL Achieve their Chosen “Coachable Goals” Faster, at Less Cost, & More Completely than any place in the English Speaking World.

TCC Fulfills Our Mission by Guaranteeing that our Clients will connect with their Ideally Matched Coach from our Group of Rigorously Screened Exceptional World Class Coaches.

Consequently TCC clients have achieved their “Coachable Goals”
at a 96% average success rate.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, Confidential

Find a life coach to improve your life like Bill
Bill enjoying “Life Balance” with a Trout
from the Lochy River, New Zealand

Bill achieved 4 of the “Coachable Goals” shown below. You can TOO! Watch a video describing life coaching and the story of TCC

Coachable Goals” achieved through Life Coaching by over 3,250 TCC Clients Since 2001:

See detailed descriptions below

1. “Discover and obtain my “Ideal Income Position.”

2. “Achieve true “Life Balance.

3. Become a “More Successful and Productive Business Owner.”

4. Find a New and Enjoyable Career and still be the mother I want to be.

5. Become the Successful and Productive Leader I want to be.

6. Successfully Start My Own Business.

7. Overcome ADD and live a prosperous and enjoyable life.

8. Convert Mid Life Crisis into the new enjoyable and prosperous life I always wanted.

9. Turn our empty nest surprise into our newly discovered new life purposes to move on to new lifestyles we enjoy and thrive in.

10. Develop into a more Productive and Respected Manager

11. Transition into my Most Enjoyable and Prosperous Retirement.

12. Discover, find, and attract My Ideal Mate.”

Discover how achieving goals is easier than you think with a life coach

Achieving Coachable Goals are in YOUR hands
Achieving your “Coachable Goals” is
in your hands by using a life coach

“Coachable Goals” described in more detail.

Ideal Income Position: Find, create, and attain your ideal career, so you fulfill your Passions, and be well rewarded for the great results you produce so easily because you are maximizing your newly discovered talents. You will actually fulfill what Confucious said. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Life Balance: Enjoy and thrive in all 3 of your lives at the same time without guilt, without conflicts and without stress. Your 3 live include your work life, where you gain financial rewards but also a heaps of other personal rewards depending upon what is important to you. Your personal life, which includes your health, your relationship with a higher being, and your hobbies. And your relationship lives, which includes your relationships with the blood relatives you decide to keep and your relationships with all others you allow inside your inner circle.A huge side benefit is you will greatly improve your attitude.

Become a more successful and productive business owner: So your business works for YOU with increased profits giving you more time and energy for yourself.

Find a new and enjoyable career and still be the mother I want to be: Develop your additional career you thrive in and feel great about, especially when you become an “empty nest mom” that helps you to continue being a caring mother and partner. In fact, one of TCC’s specialties is assisting mothers into becoming very successful and productive business owners.

Become the successful and productive leader: So you will clarify your vision and develop your leadership qualities to build your team to achieve your objectives.

Start my own business: Start a successful and enjoyable business so you will become the successful and productive business owner you want to be on the first try.

Overcome my ADD/ADHD and live a prosperous and enjoyable life: Discover the true wonders of your ADD and how to change your life to really enjoy having ADD. Convert your ADD/ADHD from the Disorder you have been told it was into the blessing it really is on your terms

Recognize my mid life crisis and convert it into my new career and personal life that allows me to enjoy and prosper in my new career while enjoying true life balance. Frequently the mid life crisis event encourages people to create their dreamed retirement conditions while still healthy, energetic, and motivated to got to play every day and get paid for it. Sometimes called “Retirement Beforehand.”

Parents work through the emotions of being hit with empty nest surprise, to then focus on creating our most desirable new life purposes and lifestyles without the responsibilities of daily parenting. To include building new relationships with departed children as adults and true friends, where every one wins.

Develop into a more productive and respected manager: Organize yourself AND your team to produce the right results with the least effort on your part. Discover what is best to delegate and which people to delegate to to attain the best results. Successfully make the biggest and most difficult move of transitioning from working alone to successfully managing others for the first time and still manage your own activities and enjoy the trip.

Transition into my most enjoyable and prosperous retirement: Create your new life conditions to fit your desires and goals on your terms the way you deserve. Get the full enjoyment and fulfillment of the life you worked so hard for by taking control of your retirement on your terms.
Sometimes seeking retirement may just be a cover up for experiencing “Mid Life Crisis ” which can also be easily solved by coaching.

Discover, find, and attract your ideal mate: Your life coach will assist you to discover in detail the many characteristics you want and do not want in your ideal mate. Once you KNOW who your ideal mate is, you and your coach can easily figure out where such a person would be. And you can connect with your potential ideal mate to see and feel for yourself, and when the connection is made both you and your ideal mate will know it to be real.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential