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Tony Robbins Coaching Detailed Report

Tony Robbins Coaching
Detailed Report

Tony Robbins Coaching Details

And the Tony Robbins Coaching Comparison were scrutinized by many sources, including Robbins representatives and lawyers who contributed to this disclosure. You can too! We seek truthful supportable facts to improve accuracy.

Tony Robbins Coaching Key Components

Tony Robbins “Free Coaching Strategy Consultation”

Is with commissioned “Coaching Consultants” (Salespeople) to get YOU to Sign the One-Sided RRI “Contract,” which describes the “Consultants” as “Salespeople.” Many people reported that Tony Robbins “Consultants” apply considerable sales pressure for your signature.

Tony Robbins will not be your coach

You will rarely talk with Tony Robbins. We understand Tony Robbins calls himself a “Strategic Interventionist,” and that he is an excellent motivational speaker.

You are assigned a Robbins coach

The Tony Robbins (RRI) “Contract” says it all: “When purchasing this program, you are not purchasing the services of an individual coach.”

The RRI “Contract” further states: “You are not entitled to a refund if the originally assigned coach is not available. The assigned coach may not be available to conduct any one or all sessions in which case another coach will be assigned.” Switching Coaches has been reported to be difficult.

You must sign the Robbins Research Int’l, Inc. (RRI) “Contract”

Robbins Research Int’l, Inc. (RRI) requires all coaching clients to execute the RRI “Contract.” The “Contract” protects Robbins Research International, Inc. (RRI) from “any warranties, promises, guarantees, or representations made by RRI or anyone acting or claiming to act on behalf of RRI”

In other words, Robbins Research Int’l, Inc. (RRI) is not required to fulfill any of the promises, claims, and/or guarantees “whether oral or written,” made by the Robbins “Consultants.” (Salespeople) Or by any advertising materials they use to entice you to sign the “Contract.”

The “Contract” states: “No sales representative of RRI has the authority to modify the terms of this Agreement.”

Likewise, the “Contract” terms normally lock you in from 6 months to 18 months.

What’s more, the “Contract” automatically reverts to month to month contract you must cancel. Quoting the RRI “Contract:” “Once all sessions are complete, or at the end of the 30-day grace period, whichever is sooner, if you do not sign up for an additional contract term, the Agreement automatically will revert to a month to month contract. At that time, on a month to month basis, you will be billed $695.00 per month, until such time that you notify us in writing that you no longer wish to continue this Agreement. Faxed notices are not acceptable.”

Tony Robbins Coaching Costs

The costs of Tony Robbins Coaching are rarely published, are tough to pin down, and vary dramatically. What’s more, Robbins “Consultants” appear to negotiate fees and terms based upon some unknown criteria.

Tony Robbins Coaching costs appear to range from about $5,000.00 to over $8,200.00 for 6 months, about 18 sessions of 30 minutes each. Or from to $12,000.00 to over $18,000.00 for 12 months, depending upon a host of different unknown factors.

Furthermore, a Robbins representative on 6/30/20 informed us that Tony Robbins Coaching costs can be paid on a monthly basis or discounts can be obtained by making payments in full for a minimum of 6 months to up to 12 months.

Finally, we have also been told that you can get your money back. However, it appears you must aggressively pursue a refund before you begin actual coaching. And the “RRI Contract” states you must pay “liquidation damages” of approximately $295.00.

Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Very Confidential

Tony Robbins Coaches Qualifications

Robbins claims to have from 120 to 140 coaches. (Per Tony Robbins representative on 6/30/20) Tony Robbins coach qualifications or standards are rarely published or understood, even after hearing from dozens of Tony Robbins coaches.

We understand Robbins Coaches must complete the Tony Robbins Coaching training program.

Tony Robbins Coaching Review
Tony Robbins Coaching
Being Reviewed with help

Tony Robbins Coaching Method

We have not been able to discover the actual coaching methods used by Robbins Coaches.

BUT! Robbins coaches are rated on and paid commissions for “How well they can keep their assigned clients, and by how well they can sell other Tony Robbins products and services.” As reported by former Robbins Coach.

Learn more about the Life Coach Relationship as developed by Thomas Leonard the inventor of Life (Personal) Coaching

Confidentiality Practice of Tony Robbins Coaching

A Robbins representative claimed on 6/30/20 that Robbins Coaching offers confidentiality, but ONLY upon direct request by the client. In fact, the Robbins “Contract” states that coaching calls “may be monitored or recorded” for training and other purposes.

Information Sources about Tony Robbins Coaching

Tony Robbins publishes few details about his program.

However, we obtained this information about Tony Robbins Coaching from conversations with numerous former customers, prospective Robbins customers, and dozens of former Robbins coaches. We also relied on copies of Robbins Research Int’l, Inc. (RRI) “Contracts,” researched online forums, and reviews of the T.R. Coaching website, and direct contacts by Robbins representative on 6/30/20, and Attorneys representing Robbins Research Int’l, Inc. (RRI).

Robbins Research Int’l, Inc. attorneys demanded we delete this webpage

The Law firm of Lavely & Singer, claiming to represent Robbins Research Int’l, Inc. (RRI) sent a 6 page detailed letter scrutinizing our description of Tony Robbins Coaching and demanding that:

  • “TCC immediately and permanently delete all statements and references to Mr. Robbins and RRI’s coaching program from the Website.”
  • “You are hereby put on notice that should any client or potential client of RRI terminate its relationship with RRI or should any business associate, producer, vendor or other person or entity refuse to do business with RRI based upon the illegal and unethical conduct of TCC, my office will take immediate and decisive action against TCC to protect and enforce our client’s rights.”

We made several changes to honor the position of the attorneys for Robbins Research Int’l, Inc. (RRI) and to improve accuracy and clarity.

Help us keep this information about Tony Robbins Coaching up to date and correct

We strongly encourage anyone to advise us of anything presented here that might be inaccurate or misleading. So we can make appropriate adjustments. We thank the many people who have provided and continue to provide more accurate and up to date information about Tony Robbins Coaching, including representatives of RRI. Unless requested otherwise, you will remain anonymous.

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Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Very Confidential


DISCLAIMER: We have collected the information on this page with the intent to be as accurate as possible. If any mistakes exist, they are due only to human error and not a deliberate effort to spin the information. We welcome additional information or corrections so as to make this page be as accurate as possible. If you can provide such additional information or corrections, please contact us immediately so we can modify this page.