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Why Hire a Career Coach

Why Hire a Career Coach?

Hire your Career Coach Through The Coach Connection

To discover and obtain your ideal income position

So you go to play every day and get to call it work. (To fulfill the wisdom of Confucius, when he said: “If you love what you do and do what you love, you will never have to go to work a day in your life.”)

And you will generate the career change where you will greatly reduce stress, that will be more enjoyable and more prosperous for you,. Plus, you will enjoy real work life balance.

• In addition you will easily convert your empty nest condition into the your new life purposed with the new conditions where you can create an exciting career and life with true life balance

• Furthermore, your career coach will assist you to make the successful Mid Life career change. You will enjoy the rest of your life.

Your career coach will help you get the supplemental career that will support being a mother (Now that your kids are in school and you want to do something fun and productive)

Your career coach will help you successfully start a new business. (So you benefit from your entrepreneurial spirit by creating a successful business the first time out.)

Your career coach will greatly increase your odds of being hired into jobs you like. (So you can get off the job chasing merry-go-round to land the right jobs for you)In fact, Career Coaches and Headhunters form a Dream Team to get the best jobs for you.

Find a Career Coach who is Ideal for You

Using the Career Coaching method will change your odds of success
to over 95% versus less than 4% using other methods

Clarify and get your Dream career with a Career Coach
Your Career Coach will Help You
Clarify and Get Your Dream Career

Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Confidential

Hiring a Career Coach
Will Solve These Common Work Problems

I’m Stuck in a rut. I don’t like my job

Like approximately 85% of US workers, as reported in numerous surveys. I’m stressed from having to perform well enough to remain employed. I cannot jeopardize loosing the income to support my lifestyle and family. Yet, my personal, family and emotional lives have suffered badly because they are tied to my stressful job. You might like: The Keys to “Help Me Find the Right Job“

I don’t want to continue in this same life for another 20 years.

Get me off the rat race! I need to make a career change soon. Help me find the career path that is less stressful, has more flexibility, is more enjoyable and more prosperous for me. I want and need help to do it right this time, but whom do I turn to who can and will help me with utmost confidentiality? I want to solve the midlife crisis riddle!

I want to be my own boss.

I’m tired of answering to the whims and demands of others. But I am good enough at my present job that it pays the bills. Quitting to go on my own appears difficult and even scary. I have several ideas I want to pursue, and I want to benefit from my inner entrepreneurial spirit. But I do not know where to start or how to earn a living by being my own boss. I want to make the right choices for me with the fewest damage causing mistakes. I don’t want to make this big career change alone.

The great career that I loved and did well in is no longer available to me.

It was my life, it was my identity. For example-Professional athletes no longer able to play, Military Veterans, Law enforcement officers, pilots, air traffic controllers, teachers, executives, and/or fireman who are no longer able to perform. My career support systems are gone now. I am on my own for the first time in many years.

I am an empty nest mother who wants to find a fulfilling career outside motherhood.

My kids are growing up and need me less and less. I want to make the best career change adjustment that allows me to do what I love and supports my continued motherhood. The options appear to be endless, but in reality feel very restricted for me because of my limited work experience. I need and want help, but do not know where to turn or how to ask for it.

I have climbed the corporate latter into management, but things have changed

That will surely hamper, if not damage my ability to keep my position, let alone get promoted. (Corporate takeovers/mergers, New CEO, Restructuring, etc.) I need to make a career change to help me achieve my potentials by maximizing my experiences, talents and passions. And do it RIGHT this time. You might like “Reduce Stress at Work”

I am a single mother who needs to work to support my family.

I know juggling motherhood, an amazing profession and a career I love and do well will be difficult. I want help to enjoy and succeed at both.

I’m just starting my work career and I want to do it right for me

By embarking on the career I will love and thrive in from the beginning. I’m highly motivated to do something to earn a living. When you Discover What You Love to Do at the beginning you will create the best career path for you.

Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Confidential

Welcome to The Human Race!
You are Not Alone

If you are in any of the above situations? There is nothing wrong with you. You are not damaged. You are NOT a failure. Instead, you undoubtedly used the same “Trial and Error” work selection processes as over 95% of people working use that virtually assured that you would NOT and will NOT connect with your ideally suited careers.

In other words you and millions like you have ended up or most likely will end up in these bad work situations because of the methods you used to pick your jobs, careers and work positions.

When you use the New Work Selection process of engaging a “Career Coach” you change your odds to discovering and getting your ideal career to over 95% success from less than 4% success, using other methods.