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ADD Coaching helps you take control of your ADD

ADD Coaching

To Take Control of Your ADD

ADD Goals Achieved Through ADD Coaching

    • “Convert my ADD into the blessing it really is WITHOUT using medications.”
      (This is the most popular goal for our clients).
    • “AND, become more organized and reduce unwanted distractions.”
    • “In addition, communicate well with others.”
    • “Plus, transition from boredom to doing what I am passionate about.”
    • “Additionally, complete by daily goals with much less confusion and stress”
    • “And finally, become more effective at managing my life and relationships.”

The Life Coaching process was invented by a person with ADD, Thomas Leonard, to help him unravel the “Greatest Mystery in the World-Himself!” It is reported that he failed at doing so for years by using the other 9 Human Major Improvement Processes . His life coaching worked so well, he created an industry for everyone to Reap the Same Benefits he Gained From Being Coached. ADD has been recently re-labeled as ADHD for some unknown reason. For simplicity we will consider ADD and ADHD to be the same and only use the ADD term.

All conversations are sales Free, obligation Free, & Very Confidential

Discover your potential and stop suffering needlessly. If you have ADD and you don’t know about your special ADD blessings because you are focused only on “fixing a problem,” then you are suffering needlessly and you are wasting your incredible potentials.

Your ADD Coach will Reveal the many Wonderful Hidden Mysteries Within You so you see and understand who your really are for the First Time!

Through coaching you become “The World’s Leading Expert on You!
You will then have the Ultimate in Clarity, the Ultimate in Confidence,
and the Ultimate in Stress-Free Power of Choice.

Discover the truth about your ADD by reading:
“Attention Deficit Disorder, (ADD) Blessing or Disorder?

There are two ways you can discover your special ADD gifts and take control of your life.

1. Do it yourself. This approach includes the “trial and error” method of discovery. Because of the very strong need of people with ADD to be independent, this is the most frequently chosen method. People with ADD feel they can do it themselves, and rarely connect with others who try to help. This process can work, but it takes a lot of time (decades) and requires many unnecessary errors.

2. Get the right person to help you. That person would be your ideally matched ADD coach. Your ADD coach will be the only person who will focus entirely on you to assist you to unravel the mystery of you, without judgment or negativity. Your personally matched TCC ADD coach will help you discover your many hidden blessings and your unique ways of addressing things. Consequently, you will gain genuine clarity and confidence in your capabilities, your priorities and your focused objectives.

You will be astonished at the remarkable talents your ADD coach will reveal to you. In addition, you will be surprised how well you and your coach will work as a team to take control of your life. So you will enjoy all aspects of your life, and thrive because you are being you.

Controlling your ADD opens up a wonderful world
Controlling your ADD opens up a wonderful world

ADD Success Story #1089

Special Connection between ADD and the life coaching industry

A critical component of everything we do at TCC is to remain faithful to the life coaching process as it was originally developed. Thomas Leonard created life coaching to help him master his own ADD and unravel the mystery of himself.

More importantly, he used all of the other human improvement processes he could find, many multiple times, and failed miserably. So out of frustration, he did what many ADD people do, he created something new to solve his problem.

Thomas used his special ADD talents and passions to be the driving force behind creating the entire life coaching industry, because his new “personal coaching” process worked so well for him and for others.

TCC’s Special Connection with ADD

TCC Founder, Bill Dueease, also used ADD coaching to master and maximize his ADD. When you call him about ADD coaching, he will probably tell you some of his own story.

People with ADD will typically get the most from being coached, but they avoid it too often. When people with ADD discover themselves – unravel the mystery of themselves – through ADD coaching, they gain control of their lives and of their ADD and they almost always pursue and achieve incredible goals.”

Bill Dueease, President, The Coach Connection