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The Coach Connection Media Center

Media Center is TCC’s online source for media professionals
to obtain a clear and accurate picture of the life coaching process and benefits

Welcome Editors, Reporters, Bloggers and Writers
to the Coach Connection Media Center

We strongly encourage all media professionals to contact Bill Dueease of TCC by the means you choose shown on our Contact Us Page

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Very Confidential

Our purpose is to explain life coaching to you and to give you real-life examples and information to enable you to provide a more accurate and enjoyable presentation to your readers. We will present the full truth about coaching without any sales pressure.

The Coach Connection (TCC) has been providing factual information and real-life examples and life coaching success stories about life coaching since 2001.

Phone Interviews:

We welcome your calls seeking information about all aspects of the life coaching process. You may review some other media publications that have learned about life coaching through such phone interviews with Bill, and about what Dr. Phil said about life coaching and TCC.

Client Interviews:

TCC vigorously guards the identity of all of our clients. TCC will not reveal any client information without the expressed prior and specific permission of each TCC client. However, we have found that some clients have been open to talking to the media after TCC has conducted initial screening of the media person, the publications and the subject matter.

TCC will try to avail the media with appropriate coaching client interviews to suit all parties. These media-coaching client contacts have proven to be very rewarding to all parties. You may review actual stories about TCC clients or some of the many testimonials provided on life coaching.

Columns and Articles:

If you want a column or article about the life coaching and similar forms of coaching, contact Bill. Should you contact us by e-mail please provide the publication’s name, the date by which you need the article, the subject of the article, and the desired length.

Speeches, Workshops, or Presentations:

Bill Dueease is available for presentations on any number of special subjects that are presented in detail on this special presentations page. In addition, many TCC Member Coaches have excellent presentations about life coaching related issues. TCC will consider your presentation desires to find the best possible match for you.

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