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Life Coaching Services Compared to The Coach Connection (TCC)

Life Coaching Services Compared by looking under the hood
Looking under the Hood of Life Coaching Services

3 Life Coaching Services Compared to TCC

Click one of the 3 links below to read about 3 life coaching services compared to TCC. We tried to be as accurate as possible to provide clear and fair comparisons. By attempting to eliminate all sales, spin, or unsupported promises by any group, including TCC.

Tony Robbins Coaching Services
International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coach Referral Service
Individual Life Coaches

You are encouraged to provide us any information that will help us provide more accurate comparisons of life coaching services. In fact, much of the information about the life coaching services shown was provided and corroborated by coaches, legal representatives, clients, and written documents of the other services listed.

Independent study by Peer Resources comparing all Coach Referral Services

“While other services claim to help potential clients find the best coach, our systematic and thorough research of all Internet coach finding services revealed that only the Coach Connection truly delivers.

Even though our organization (Peer Resources) has its own coach referral system, we frequently inform our site visitors about the Coach Connection and refer coach requests to them.”

Rey Carr Peer Resources

Rey Carr-Peer Resources –
Navigation Tools for the Heart, Mind and Soul.

Why do we show these life coaching services comparisons?

So you can make a very informed and confident decision about which life coach is best for you. Choosing the right life coach becomes a very important and personal choice. Yet, not every one wants to use the same method to select their life coach.

You can pick the life coaching services provider that best fits you. Whether you pick TCC or another life coaching service.

Life Coaching is NOT a Competitive Sport! We are not competing against the other coach providers or other coaches.

Our real competition is the fact that life coaching is so misunderstood. Plus life coaching is also maligned because it is very confusing to so many people, even within the Life Coaching Industry.

Hence our efforts to answer the question What is Life Coaching?