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What Does a Life Coach Do and NOT Do
Presented Side by Side

What Does a Life Coach Do? ……. And What Does a Life Coach NOT Do?

True Life Coaches Will…

  • Ask you questions about you to get you to open up and reveal things about your self you have never revealed to anyone, including yourself.
  • Listen intently to what you say and do not say.
  • Clearly and objectively reflect back to you your inner passions, values, priorities, talents and obstacles.
  • Hold you accountable to You so you Will complete your own chosen goals.
  • Keep everything you say in the strictest confidence.
  • Reveal You to You so you become “The World’s Leading Expert On You”

True Life Coaches Will NOT…

  • Tell you what to do or not do.
  • Give you advice of what you should or should not do.
  • Sell or manipulate you to their agendas.
  • Bring up the past or allow you to bring up the past.
  • Judge or Evaluate you.
  • Criticize and/or Critique you.
  • Try to change or correct you.
  • Make you feel guilty for any reason at all.

Do these Life Coach activities sound too good to be True? Unfortunately, they frequently are. Read on.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential

Caution! Only a SMALL Percentage of Life Coaches Perform as Described

The Do’s and Don’ts of Life Coaches applies only to those coaches who practice the very specific process invented and documented by Thomas Leonard. Leonard created this “Personal Coaching” process in about 1991. He gave it to the world, and it worked so well an entire Coaching Industry was born and grew exceptionally fast.

Characteristics of Excellent Life Coaches (Practicing the Leonard Process)

It takes a very unique and special person to become an effective and valuable Life Coach using Leonard’s very successful process. The Requirements of excellent life coaches are very different. One critical characteristic is the special “Gift of Coaching” as described by Leonard.

TCC Member Coaches Possess These Excellent Characteristics

We at TCC have attracted a concentration of “Experienced World Class Member Coaches” that we screened from over 4,850 “coaches” who applied. So we can easily “Guarantee” that our approximately 90 Member Coaches not only possess the “requirements of excellent coaches” but have considerable experience successfully practicing the Leonard Coaching process. Our selected clients will connect with exceptional experienced Coaches every time.

Life Coach Relationships are Special
Life Coach Relationships are Special

The importance of your Relationship with your “Coach”

The relationship you have with your “Coach” is Critical. You become the absolute Center of Attention with coaches who practice the Leonard process. And frankly your relationship will be very enjoyable. You want to FEEL that your coach is trustworthy, honest and very focused on revealing You to You! Without imparting any bias, history, superiority, superiority, or judgement. Your coach becomes a clear reflective mirror to you, with NO adjustments.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential

The Leonard Coaching Process is “Personal”

That is why he called it “Personal Coaching.” Personal coaches “Coach People” and Not Subjects. The clients bring any and all subjects to the conversation. Personal coaches reveal the hidden (Mysterious) subconscious Personal Ingredients to the clients so the clients become the Experts on Themselves.

The Term “Coach” now has many different meanings

In truth, anybody can call themselves a “Coach” and operate any way they want. And many thousands of people do call themselves “Coaches” who do NOT perform as described above. Over 600 “Coach Training Schools and Certification Bodies” have imposed their different versions of “Coaching.” Very often creating new versions based upon subjects. Like; Business, Management, Career, Marriage, Relationships, Leadership, Dating, Job, Worm Coach, and the list goes on. And many others just call themselves “Coach.”

Types of Life Coaches

Many different “Types of Life Coaches” evolved, are practiced, marketed, and promoted within the Industry. Google encourages the marketing of these many types to help coaches stand out in different arenas. Unfortunately, we at TCC have been forced to market a number of different “Types of Life Coaches” through Google to get noticed as well. In fact, Hollywood coined the term “Life Coach” to promote a fake “reality” TV show called “Starting Over” as a substitute for Leonard’s title of “Personal Coach.” And main stream media promoted the term “Life Coach,” which became the defaulted replacement for “Personal Coach.”

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