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The Greatest Mystery in The World and the Solution

The Greatest Mystery in The World

“The Greatest Mystery in the World” is OURSELVES

The Mystery of Ourselves has existed ever since Human Beings arrived on Earth including today, and will undoubtedly continue into the Future. Approximately 98% of the population knows only between 10% to 15% about themselves. But because they are unaware of this, most people THINK they KNOW far more about themselves than they do. Most people do NOT KNOW what they do NOT KNOW. 

Welcome to the Human Race of being Unaware of the Mystery of Yourself.

Life Coaching is the Secret
to Solving the Mystery of Ourselves

The Life (Personal) Coaching process was designed to and succeeds exceptionally well at Solving the “Mystery of Ourselves.” Because it follows the same mirror reflection process. Your Personal Coach becomes your own personal, private, non judgemental, clear, confidential MIRROR at reflecting You Back to You. Your Personal Coach focuses on Unraveling the Mystery of You by revealing You to You, reflecting ALL of the HIDDEN core ingredients you were previously unaware of. You will then go from approximately 10% awareness to 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, and more to gain much clearer Awareness about yourself.

You Will Become the “World’s Leading Expert on You”
With your Coach Connection Life Coach

Your Life Coach will Reveal You to You. You will see and KNOW more about your inner self than you thought possible. You will then be IN CONTROL. This is when YOU gain the Ultimate in Clarity, the Ultimate in Confidence, and the Ultimate in Stress-Free Power of Choice. And when you reach this level of true self awareness, ALL of the confusions, frustrations, procrastinations, doubts, lack of self confidence, and stresses in life are SOLVED and done without guilt.

In fact The Coach Connection goes to great lengths to make sure you do discover the mystery of you with our Special Coaching Partnership and our Guarantees to connect with the right coach for you.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential

Your Life Coach will unravel You, the greatest mystery in the world
Your Life Coach Will Reflect Who You Really Are

The Greatest Mystery in the World is Caused Because People Cannot See Themselves
As described below

Everyone Has 2 “Selfs”
The most important one is the one we cannot see!

We have our “Conscious Self

Also called our Logical Self, our Rational Self. This is the world we constantly live in, think in, are judged on, and focus on. Yet, there is one basic fact that is overlooked by everyone. All aspects, all knowledge learned, changed, deleted, language, mathematics, all judgements and all data are SOURCED and DEVELOPED from the OUTSIDE.

We also have our “Subconscious Self,” which is who really are.

This is where the Mystery is!

This is what drives us, restricts us, where our potentials are, our integrity, our desires, and our character resides. Normal confusion, frustrations, procrastinations, poor self confidence, stresses, and consistent doubts are caused by our unawareness and misunderstanding of our true “Subconscious Selves.” Instead, we keep relying on the factors governed by others. Which are rarely in alignment with who we are, but we do not realize that. Causing friction, stress, confusion, frustrations, and more.

For example, a newborn baby has NO “Conscious Self.” There has been no time to impose languages, facts, etc. Every human is inundated with scores of outside information, values, knowledge, language, facts, theories, communications, pressures, judgements, etc. as they grow up. It never stops. The more we receive outside information, pressures, directions etc. the more we loose sight of who we really are, and we THINK we are smarter and more aware. All we are doing is accumulating more and more Outside Sourced information, pressures, and judgements.

What makes up our Mysterious Subconscious Selves?

The 5 Core ingredients of our Subconscious Self are our:

  1. Passions
  2. Self Imposed Obstacles (The Things we do NOT want to do. No reason given)
  3. Beliefs and Values (Some people call Spirituality as opposed to religion. Our Boundaries and Integrity Points)
  4. Talents. God gave every person at Birth a bundle of many different talents with different styles, degrees and forms.
    But God did not give anyone a LIST of their Talents. So the Few talents people know about they discovered by accident. 
  5. Priorities. (Our personal rating systems)

The more we discover and KNOW about ourselves the less we suffer through these negative issues. Because we now have clearer picture of ourselves to judge, decide etc.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential

WHY is it So Hard for People to Solve This Mystery of Ourselves?

The Mystery is based upon simple physics. For example: We cannot see our face, our hair, our neck, our eyes, etc. “Because our Eyes are physically LOOKING OUT.” We cannot see our inner Subconscious selves for the same reason. Our Eyes LOOK OUT. And remarkably our hearing rarely recognizes what we say. But, lots of people go to great lengths to TRY to understand themselves to develop greater “Self Awareness,” using a host of different methods, only to fall much shorter than they can imagine, because these methods rarely work.

So how do we see our face, hair, neck etc.? We look in a mirror. A mirror provides a “Real Time Reflection of an Outside View Looking Back at us. When you look into a mirror you see a “Reflection of the TRUTH.” The mirror does Not alter the reflection or make judgements on what shows up. We see what is there and attain real Physical Awareness through the reflections. Then with the TRUTH we have the clarity and control to do something about what we see.

Your Coach becomes your Personal, Private, MIRROR, who REFLECTS Your 5 Inner Core Ingredients Back to You! Presto! Your Coach has helped YOU Solve the Greatest Mystery in the World – YOU.

Steve Jobs Solved The Greatest Mystery in The World

Steve Jobs Discovered the Mystery of Himself by being coached by his Personal Coach. Once Steve Became the World’s Leading Expert on Steve, he used that clarity, Confidence and Power to revive Apple to become a World Class Success.

All Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, and Very Confidential

You Engage a Life Coach to Achieve your “Coachable Goals”

The Reason a Life Coach coaches you is to make darn sure you DO!

A “Coachable Goal” is: “A future Place You Want to be that Requires You to Grow and Improve as a Person to achieve it” And there is no finer Growth than “Self Awareness”

As your coach reveals you to you, you will discover and create the Conditions to achieve your “Coachable Goals” on your terms. These are the Conditions that allow you to Fulfill your newly discovered Passions and Priorities, Follow your much clearer Beliefs and Values, Maximize your many uncovered hidden Talents and Avoid as many of your newly found Self Imposed Obstacles as you can.

And upon doing so, your Life Coach will Hold You Accountable to YOU so you actually implement these newly created Conditions on your terms so that you are living in and enjoying your “Coachable Goals” without guilt. Note that your Life Coach will NOT even attempt to change you, fix you, or correct you. Instead your Life Coach has you CHANGE your chosen Conditions to FIT YOU, so you operate as yourself with Full Authenticity. The ultimate in creating an enjoyable, prosperous stress-free life.