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About The Coach Connection

About The Coach Connection

Our Promise to You: Our Selected Clients WILL Achieve their Chosen “Coachable Goals” Faster, at Less Cost, & More Completely than any place in the English Speaking World.

Approximately 3,550 TCC Clients in 26 countries since 2001
Achieved Their “Coachable Goals” At Success Rates of Over 96%

Investigate Life Coaching Success Stories of TCC Clients to see if coaching is right for you

Bill created TCC so TCC’s Selected clients will ALSO improve their lives by achieving their own “Coachable Goals” like he did!

Watch a video describing life coaching and the story of TCC

Improving Lives is Our Passion
& Specialty, Fun is our Style,
Results are Our Integrity

Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Confidential

We succeed only when YOU (our client) succeed. You succeed by achieving your life business and career improving “Coachable Goals”, realizing your dreams and improving your life on your terms.

WHY do TCC clients achieve such high success rates?

TCC virtually guarantees that all 6 of the key conditions to successful coaching are met for all of our clients. Thomas Leonard described the following 6 conditions that must be met to suit clients for life coaching to work to the fullest.

Our selected clients must bring the first 2 of the conditions to the partnership.

  • 1. To begin with all clients must have at least one “Coachable Goal”
  • 2. And every client must be ready for coaching. Being ready is a state of mind. You cannot be forced, cannot be tricked and you cannot be sold into being ready.

TCC will Guarantee the next 4 conditions. Only after TCC recognizes that a potential client genuinely fulfills the first 2 conditions.

  • 3. First, our clients will connect with their ideally matched coaches or you can get your money back.
  • 4. Secondly, the TCC coach they select will not take the superior position. Or you can request another coach or get your money back.
  • 5. In addition, their TCC coach will be personally matched from TCC’s approximately 101 World Class Member Coaches who have been rigorously screened out of over 4,850 coaches. Your coach will have the “Natural Gift of Coaching.” And your coach will have described you as his or her ideal client, but just did not know your name. Or you can request another coach or get your money back.
  • 6. Finally, all coaching will be conducted in total confidentiality. Or you can request another coach or get your money back.

Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Confidential

Give someone you care about the “Gift of Coaching” through TCC’s Special Gift Program

Bill Enjoying being Coached
Bill used his life coach
to improve his life

Bill created The Coach Connection
through being coached

Thom Politico coached Bill to discover and create his ideal income position. That would allow Bill to “Go To Play Every Day and get to call it work.”

TCC is the product of
Life Coaching Bill received

Bill created The Coach Connection (TCC) to make our clients will gain the maximum rewards from being coached like Bill did. And do so much easier, much quicker, more completely, and much less cost than elsewhere.

Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Confidential

Learn more about TCC’s Special Coaching Conversation

What prompted Bill
to seek a Life Coach?

In 2000 Bill had been lost and directionless for over 14 years. He had been trying to “figure out what he wanted to do when he grew up.” But experienced confusion and frustration after trying and failing at about 10 different positions.

Using the “Trial and Error Method” he had worked as a business broker, ski area developer, commodities trader, director/owner in a successful Initial Stock Offering, real estate developer, petroleum distribution trader, sales trainer, business consultant, and independent investor during this time.

Bill fell into calling himself a business coach (after changing his cards from “Consultant”) for the past 2 years.

He worked with approximately 25 business owners, who generated over $2,000,000 in additional profits. Plus, they also significantly reduced their business related stress and hours worked in their businesses.

But had not taken care of himself.

Then one day when he couldn’t get off the couch, he decided it was time to get a life coach to help him out of his confusing rut.

Bill thought getting the right coach would be easy and quick.

As the Membership Development Chairman (Chief membership recruiter) of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Bill had direct contact with approximately 3,000 ICF member coaches. Because he knew many personally, he thought he could easily pick from the apparent cream de cream of ICF coaches.

Bill was wrong!

It took six months and 28 coaches for Bill to finally find his ideal coach: Thom Politico. Bill picked Thom because he was the first and only coach to insist that Bill have a “Coachable Goal” before coaching.

Thom and Bill determined that his initial “Coachable Goal” was to discover and get his true “ideal income position.”

Thom Politico was the
best matched coach for Bill

Bill got real lucky picking Thom. Unbeknownst to Bill, Thom had been personally coached by Thomas Leonard, was a Leonard protégé, and had worked with Thomas Leonard for years training other coaches. These facts only came to light long after Bill completed all of his “Coachable Goals” with Thom.

Thom Politico reflected to Bill within 5 minutes of their first coaching session that his real passion was to BECOME a business owner. This was the insightful passion Bill had failed to see by himself for over 14 years. This revelation clarified his true purpose and explained to Bill why he had felt so lost and confused for so long.

Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Confidential

Together Bill and Thom designed and developed The Coach Connection (TCC) for the sole purpose of making sure all TCC clients would be able to achieve their “Coachable Goals” with just one call to TCC, and not suffer through the trials that Bill did.

Bill has been enjoying living in his “ideal income position” as the owner and operator of TCC ever since.

Another revelation Bill learned through being coached, was that he no longer wanted to practice coaching. So in designing TCC he and Thom chose to surround themselves with the best coaches they could find who do all of the coaching, because they are much better than Bill.

Thom and Bill became partners and
launched The Coach Connection
on June 1, 2001

To provide the one stop place for people to achieve all of their Coachable Goals” faster, easier, less expensively, and more completely than anywhere else.

Thom brought deep insight and excellent experience and wisdom to the partnership to be sure that TCC and its Member Coaches conducted true Personal Coaching as designed and perfected by Thomas Leonard.

Thom Politico was a stickler for the details to be sure all TCC clients received the best possible coaching under the best circumstances. Using everything he learned from Thomas Leonard and practiced himself.

Bill and Thom defined the 6 key conditions to achieving success through life coaching and made them the cornerstone for every TCC client. As a result TCC clients have achieved their “Coachable Goals” at an average success rate of about 96%, because doing so is the total focus of TCC.

Thom also was very instrumental in defining the qualifications of excellent coaches. That TCC has fine tuned over the years to be able to recognize superb World Class coaches.

We are very grateful for the wonderful influence and contributions Thom made towards the success of The Coach Connection. Thom opted out of his partnership role in TCC due to health and personal reasons after two years.

Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Confidential

Bill Published the Amazon e-book
“Go To Play Every Day and call it work.”

Where he describes the details of his journeys in using “Coaching” twice in his life to discover and get his “Ideal Income positions” so Bill went to go to play every day and called it work both times.

Bill has a special place for Veterans, because he understands the special issues regarding transitioning from active military to the civilian world, having done so himself.