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Telephone Life Coaching Is Much Better for Clients

Telephone Life Coaching

Over 91% of All Successful Life Coaching is Conducted over the phone

Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Very Confidential

Here are the many reasons why.

1. Telephone life coaching virtually guarantees that you will be connected with your ideal life coach.

With telephone life coaching, you will be able to select from life coaches located almost anywhere. So you can focus on how well they meet your ideal coach requirements, without geographical limitations.

It is critical that you connect with a life coach YOU really like, trust and respect. Please do NOT settle for just any life coach! You want to be very selective to pick a very experienced world class life coach for you.

2. Telephone life coaching is less costly.

You will not have to pay for ANY travel expenses with telephone life coaching! Whether for you or your life coach. You will also not waste your valuable time traveling.

Telephone coaching fees will be much lower that face to face coaching. Your life coach will not have to pay for an office, or dress up to meet you.

Telephone coaching requires less time than face-to-face coaching. You and your coach get into coaching right away, without having to deal with the normal social graces required in face-to-face meetings.

3. Telephone life coaching is much more effective.

We have found that telephone life coaching will have a success rate of over 96%, while face to face has a success rate of only about 37%.

Aonversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Very Confidential

You will answer the open ended coaching questions more completely and more honestly over the telephone. You will not be distracted by the physical appearance of your life coach, because you will not see the coach. Human nature causes most people to feel that another person is either “Superior” or “Inferior” to them by their height, weight, dress, smell, mannerisms, and other physical attributes. It happens naturally.

The most important relationship between you and your life coach is that you are the center of attention in an equal partnership. If you feel that your coach is “Superior” to you, you will NOT open up to the coach for fear of judgment. If you feel your coach is “Inferior” to you, you will NOT open up to the coach because you do not respect or honor the coach.

Telephone life coaching focuses entirely on you, without any fear of judgment or disrespect. Telephone life coaching is the Great Equalizer.

With life coaching over the phone, you will answer all questions with virtually no bias or pressure from your coach. Since you cannot see your coach, you will NOT be affected by their personal mannerisms, that most people react to. You will only face silence after hearing telephone life coaching questions and you have only one place to look for the real answers, within yourself, which is exactly where the truth has been waiting to come out.

4. Telephone life coaching is much more efficient.

You will be able to conduct your coaching sessions from any quiet, private and relaxed locations you wish. Neither you nor your coach will have to overcome the frustrations or the delays and hassles of traveling.

5. Telephone life coaching is much more confidential.

The private and secure place you choose to be during coaching sessions will assure complete confidentiality. No one will know who you are talking to, let alone what you are talking about.

6. Telephone life coaching is more enjoyable.

You will be able to be yourself in private and have more fun doing it. You will be able to enjoy the moment without concern for others watching or listening.

Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Very Confidential

Coaching over SKYPE

Coaching over SKYPE can be just as effective as telephone life coaching when the VIDEO is TURNED OFF!

Turning off the Video converts SKYPE into a audio (Voice only) communication means, thus eliminating the distractions of visual contacts. AND turning off the Video greatly enhances the audio connection, because it eliminates the huge usage of bandwidth for video, and allows the audio stream to be cleaner.

Contributing Factor Why Life Coaching Industry Grew Fast

It is my belief that one of the untold the reasons the life coaching industry developed and grew so fast under the efforts of Thomas Leonard was the more common use of the cell phone.

People could easily find secure, private, and comfortable places to conduct their coaching sessions by using their cell phone. Plus they were no longer confined to use land-lines that either allowed others to listen in or that were placed in public non-secure locations.

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