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Retirement Coaches Are NOT Financial Planners

Retirement Coaches are Not Financial Planners
Retirement Coach or
Financial Planner

Retirement Coaches focus on YOU to Discover your hidden desires & dislikes to create your ideal retirement life. Financial Planers focus on your monetary state to Improve it.

The same person cannot provide both Coaching and Financial planning services.

The objectives, the incentives, the expertise, and the relationship with clients are far too different and frequently contradictory, to be provided by just one person. Bottom line: You will want to know the many huge differences between a retirement coach and financial adviser. Engage a coach for one thing, and a financial adviser for something else. But do not engage the same person to do both.

Retirement Coaches Have Only One Goal- YOUR Success.

Retirement coaches concentrate on assisting you to discover and define your most important aspects of life. Coaches only focus on assisting you to discover, design and obtain your ideal retirement life and/or career. 

YOU are the absolute Center of Attention in your relationship with Retirement Coaches. Your Coach is NOT your superior or provide any Expertise. Coaches ask you questions to get you to open up and reveal things you have never revealed to anyone in the world; including Yourself. By doing so, Coaches help you Unravel the “Greatest Mystery in the World-Yourself.” By becoming very clear about your hidden inner passions, priorities, talents and values. 

You become the “World’s Leading Expert on YOU.” So you can now easily discover, design and transition into your ideal retirement life and/or career. To take charge of your life and organize your retirement life the way only You want it.

The only agenda that matters to your Retirement Coach, is YOUR agenda.  Retirement coaching is very practical and effective. Coaches do not advise, do not sell, do not perform any service actions, and do not make any other income off you, their client.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Very Confidential

Financial advisers focus on YOUR financial state.

Financial Planners provide SUPERIOR EXPERT advice to you on how to manage and/or increase your financial wealth and conditions. Sometimes they provide this advice for free. But, they also sell many different financial packages that are supposed to improve the your financial wealth.

Financial advisers receive commissions and such from the sale of these financial packages, or from the advice they provide or from the income gained by your assets. They are attached to your financial wealth and most often to the INCREASES in value of your wealth they bring to the table. So you can fund your most desirable retirements.

Financial planners DO advise, DO sell, DO perform various service actions, and DO make other income off their clients. That is OK. That is what they are trained and expected to do.

When used right, financial planners can help you manage, protect and grow your monetary wealth in many ways. The specialized world of money, investments, capital, taxation and such is overwhelming. The stakes are very high for anyone with wealth.

Hiring A Retirement Coach Before Hiring A Financial Planner Produces Better Results

Engage a Retirement Coach before you hire a Financial Planner.

Defining your ideal retirement life in detail with your retirement coach clarifies your objectives. Once you know the desired conditions of your new retirement life, you can engage a financial planner to help you organize your finances and assets to fully enjoy and thrive during your retirement.

The key is to know the assets you have and to be very clear about your real retirement goals. Then you can find, and evaluate financial planners who will best advance your wealth to meet your personal retirement objectives.

For example, during coaching, you may discover a special passion to travel to the great wine regions of the world and personally taste and enjoy the wines on site. And then you and your financial planner can focus on generating enough available wealth to finance your passions to visit the wine centers of the world.