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Use Retirement Coaching to create a vibrant and enjoyable new life

Retirement Coaching Will Help You
Create a Vibrant and Enjoyable New Life

Retirement Coaching – the new process to discover and transition
into your most desirable and prosperous retirement virtually every time.

We at TCC go to great lengths to make sure you transition into your ideal retirement

Because We GUARANTEE that our Selected Clients will receive World Class Coaching under the best circumstances to reap the most from Retirement Coaching.

The Issues to Attaining the Most Desirable Retirement

Thinking about, planning and deciding about “Retirement” can be confusing, frustrating and become a burden. “When” to Retire?” “What to do?” “What to Not do?” “Where” to live?” “With Whom to retire?” “How to Transition Retirement?” “What Resources are needed?” “What Mistakes to avoid?” “What the best retirement look like?” “What real life purposes to have and pursue?” and “Why Retire at All?” are mystifying. Classic “Option Overload”

WHY are these choices so baffling? When retirement age folks have years of experiences, gained considerable wisdom and feel they are ready after working so long to reach this point in life? I mean shouldn’t the best answers to all of these options be easy to determine? Ego, Advertising bombardment to influence even manipulate, cultural pressures, and misguided sources for the answers make people THINK they SHOULD KNOW the answers, which creates further stresses, because they are so confused.

In truth, few potential retirees KNOW the answers to these many options. BECAUSE the answers to all of these options and more are WITHIN the retiree, which they know so little about. This conundrum is extremely common. “Welcome to the Human Race.” You see the “Greatest Mystery in the World is Ourselves” approximately 98% of the population only knows between 10% to 15% about themselves, even at retirement ages.

Retirement is the opportunity you have been working toward to create a new life that you enjoy and thrive in on your terms. You have the power and resources to CREATE your New Retirement life the way you want it to be. Discovering the special conditions of your new desirable retirement life is the key to custom building your ideal retirement life.

All Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, and Very Confidential

Create your ideal retirement
Create your Ideal Retirement

WHY is it so hard for people to Solve this Mystery of ourselves?

The Mystery exists because it is based upon simple physics. We cannot see our face, our hair, our neck our eyes, etc. “Because our Eyes a physically LOOKING OUT.” We cannot see our inner Subconscious selves for the same reason. Our Eyes look out. And remarkably our hearing rarely recognizes what we say. But, lots of people go to great lengths to TRY to understand themselves to develop greater “Self Awareness,” using a host of different methods, only to fall much shorter than they can imagine, because these methods rarely work.

So how do we see our face, hair, neck etc.? We look in a mirror. A mirror provides a “Real Time Reflection of an Outside View Looking Back at us. When you look into a mirror you see a “Reflection of the TRUTH.” The mirror does Not alter the reflection or make judgements on what shows up. We see what is there and attain real Physical Awareness. And normally in confidence.

The Best Solution to Attaining the Most Desirable Retirement
is to engage a Retirement Coach who will be your personal Mirror

The Retirement (Personal) Coaching process was designed to and succeeds exceptionally well at solving the “Mystery of Ourselves.” Because it follows the same mirror reflection process. Your Personal Coach becomes your own personal, private, non judgemental, clear, confidential MIRROR at reflecting You Back to You. Your Personal Coach focuses on Unraveling the Mystery of You by Revealing You to You, reflecting ALL of the WONDERFUL HIDDEN core ingredients you were previously unaware of. You will discover the many hidden Passions you have within you. You will discover the many unknown Talents that have been waiting for you to tap into. (You have more than you can imagine. Everyone does.) And you will discover your true Beliefs and Values, Priorities and your Self Imposed Obstacles (The things you do NOT want to do, many of which you will realize you have been doing, but did not know them)

You will then go from approximately 10% awareness to 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, and more clear Awareness about yourself so You become “The World’s Leading Experts on You.” You will then be IN CONTROL. This is when YOU gain the Ultimate in Clarity, the Ultimate in Confidence, and the Ultimate in Stress-Free Power of Choice. And when you reach this level of true self awareness, ALL of the confusions, frustrations, procrastinations, doubts, lack of self confidence, and stresses in life are SOLVED and done without guilt.

Retirement “Coachable Goals” achieved by other TCC clients include:

enjoying retirement coaching
  • I want to discover the new life purposes and goals for my retirement life.” (The most popular retirement coaching goal identified by our clients)
  • “I want to discover and transition into my most enjoyable and prosperous retirement.”
  • “I want to discover and chose the most beneficial tame and place to retire”
  • “I want to discover the best retirement structure (full or partial) for me.”
  • “I want to improve my mental and physical health during my life in retirement.”
  • “I want to have more fun than ever before during retirement.”
  • “I want to create the freedom and clarity to be myself and enjoy doing so for the first time.”

In Fact TCC clients achieved their “Coachable Goals”
over 96% of the time vs. about 15% Industry Average

Because TCC GUARANTEES our Selected Clients will experience coaching under the most desirable conditions that virtually assure they will succeed at attaining their “Goals.” Our GOAL is that Our Selected Clients WILL have a 100% success rate. TCC only Wins, when our Clients Win.

All Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, and Very Confidential

Retirement Coaching Success Story #201

Retired executive discovers that retirement happiness was not moving to Florida
(But had been within easy reach at home)

One 57-year-old retired executive and his wife had moved to Florida to continue to enjoy the good life they had experienced while visiting the sunshine state. He was still young and wanted to continue working. Yet, he discovered that Florida was much different than he anticipated and he struggled for two years with several business ventures and employment efforts. He lost money and found himself in a very unhappy life rut.

He finally allowed himself to ask for assistance, and engaged his ideal TCC retirement coach. He discovered that living in Florida, without friends or family was different than visiting. He discovered what he really wanted to do and where he really wanted to live. He moved to Pennsylvania because it filled his newly discovered “retirement career” and lifestyle. His new life included watching his wife also transition into her “retirement career.”

Not only are they building their dream home, but also he began a consulting career to share his many newly discovered talents with other executives. He is now earning more money by consulting part time than he did as a full time executive. Both he and his wife both rejuvenated their excitement for life and saw their chronic illnesses disappear at the same time.