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Personal Coaching

Personal Coach

Your Personal Coach is the accurate title that describes the new process to unlock the powerful remarkable secrets within everyone to take control of their lives to grow and improve as a person and generate value into the world.

Personal Coaching was invented, documented and shared with the world by Thomas Leonard in about 1991.

His new human improvement process worked so well to greatly improved the lives of so many people that a full industry was born to expand the scope of this process.

Personal coaches focus on unraveling the “Greatest Mystery in the World-OURSELVES” by asking questions of clients so they open up and reveal inner ingredients they have never revealed to anyone including themselves. The coaches then reflect back to clients what they revealed so clients see and understand themselves for the first time the through the mirror reflections of their coach. Clients then become the “World’s leading expert on THEMSELVES.” And in doing so they gain the Ultimate in Clarity, The Ultimate in Confidence and the Ultimate in Stress-Free Power of Choice.

All Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, and Very Confidential

Goals You Can Achieve with your Personal Coach

  • “Create life balance to enjoy your personal, family, and work lives without conflicts or guilt. (the most popular personal coaching goal selected by our clients)
  • Go to play every day and call it work because you love the work you do.”
  • Become the person you always wanted to be by taking control of your life to .”
  • Improve your health and reduce stress.
  • Convert your mid life crisis into a more enjoyable and prosperous life.

Other Inside Secrets about Personal Coaching

Leonard called it “Personal Coaching” because it is very Personal. The media, Hollywood and other forces created hundreds of types of coaches with names like: “Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Executive coaching, Dating coaching, Spiritual coaching, Anger Coaching, etc. to focus on various subjects. The most realistic new name for Personal Coach is Life Coach. We at TCC treat them as the same, and are interchangeable.

Are your coaching goals different? Properly understood, all life coaching is personal coaching. Your coaching goals might not appear in the list above. However, you will set your own personal goals with your coach. That is the beauty of personal coaching – you are not tied into any preconceived or packaged program or goals. Your goals are exactly what you want them to be. With your personal coach, you will achieve and exceed them.

For best results, do personal coaching the right way. TCC Guarantees that all of the conditions to successful coaching are met to suit you the client before we move forward.

Together, you and your coach will create the conditions in which you can succeed. And develop action plans to move you from where you are today to where you want to be in life.

Get from where you are today to where you want to be in your life. Your TCC Personal Coach will help you achieve clarity and confidence about who you are and what is most important to you, to design your personal life around your values, passions, and priorities.

Let’s Work Together
to Improve Your Life

Your Life Coach will solve the “Greatest Mystery in the World – Ourselves” by Revealing You to You.
So You become the
“World’s Leading Expert on You.”
Where You gain the Ultimate in Clarity, the Ultimate in Confidence, and the Ultimate in Stress-Free Power of Choice.