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Three Stages of Life Coaching

Three Stages of Life Coaching Path
Three Stages of Life Coaching Path

Life Coaching works very well and produces remarkable results.
When Done Right!

You will want to know and understand the three stages of Life oaching to be sure it is performed “Right for You.” Although these three stages of Life Coaching are listed in 1. 2. and 3. order, they are frequently intertwined with each other.

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Life Coaching Consists of Three Stages

1. Discovery Stage.

Life coaching begins with your life coach assisting you to discover yourself. The discovery stage never ends. Your life coach will ask you questions to get you to open up and reveal things about yourself you have never revealed to any one else in the world, including yourself.

Your life coach will reflect back to you the newly discovered things about you in a very objective, clear, nonjudgmental and very confidential manner.

So that you will unravel the “Mystery of Yourself” through your life coach. Your coach will focus on listening to, discovering and clarifying the five core ingredients that make up who you are and are the key components of your mystery about yourself. You will discover for the first time all of:

1. Your Passions,

2. Your Self imposed obstacles, (The things you do NOT like to do)

3. Your Beliefs and Values, ( Boundaries and Integrity Points)

4. Your Talents,

5. Your Priorities.

By discovering these five core ingredients so fast, so clearly, and so completely, you will become the World’s Leading Expert on You. And That is when you are IN CONTROL!

2. Clarity Stage.

You and your coach will act as a team to clarify and define in detail the conditions of your “Coachable Goals” to suit you. You will custom design your “Coachable Goals” to allow you to fulfill your Passions and Priorities, follow your Beliefs and Values, maximize your Talents, and to avoid as many of your Self Imposed Obstacles as you can.

The reason people rarely achieved their “Coachable Goals” before life coaching was because they were confused about what they really were. Through life coaching you will be very clear about all aspects of your desired “Coachable Goals” because you will create them to suit you only.

Clarity of objectives makes it easier to achieve them. For example you will define in detail what it means for you as a business owner to be “successful” and “productive” to meet all 5 of your core ingredients.

3. Action to Completion Stage.(Accountability)

You and your coach will work together to determine and complete the best steps you can take to change the conditions around you and improve yourself to reach your goals. Now you and your coach know where you are today, and exactly where you want to move to and why.

Your coach will also hold you accountable to you so you will finish these steps to actually achieve your custom made “Coachable Goals.”

Mission Accomplished!

You generated a “Successful Life Coach Relationship upon completing these steps to have achieved your fully defined “Coachable Goals,” and you know it.

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