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Life Coach Requirements
For Excellent Life Coaches

Life Coach Requirements for Excellent Coaches

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Life Coach requirements are much
different than any other process

The life coach requirements to become an excellent life coach are so different that most people cannot recognize a good coach. Like any profession life coaches provide different levels of excellence. Excellent life coaches have been found to possess very unique and special life coaching qualifications.

The most important life coach requirement is that the client must always be the center of attention. Great life coaches make the clients truly feel like the king or queen of the life coaching relationship. An superb life coach never takes the superior position like that of a consultant, teacher, trainer, mentor etc.

Other qualifications of top world class life coaches include being able to listen well, focus completely on another person, be able to understand what they are really saying and not saying, and to reflect back to the other person what is really said, all without judgement and with no agendas. First-rate life coaches do not give advice, do not sell, and do not tell clients what to do.

Great Life Coaches Become Your Mirror Into You.

Excellent Life Coaches focus on revealing you to you. Your life coach becomes your personal, private, and totally supportive mirror into who you are by unraveling the Greatest Mystery in the World– YOU to You. You discover the 5 core ingredients of your inner subconscious self that you cannot see by yourself. Since over 98% of people know only about 10% to 15% of their inner subconscious selves, discovering the remaining 90% through their life coach becomes a wonderful trip.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential

The Special “Gift of Coaching”

Thomas Leonard described the special ” Gift of Coaching” he felt people will need to become a very effective and successful Personal Coach, because Personal Coaching is so different than anything else.

The special “Gift of Coaching” is the Ability and Desire to put their ego aside, to NOT insert their own past, opinions, or expertise into the discussion, to easily relate and respect the uniqueness of others, to not take a superior position, to illuminate and not give orders.

A life Coach with the “Gift of Coaching” listens well and clearly hears what another person is actually saying or not saying, and smoothly reflects this newly discovered information back to the clients in an objective and non-biased manner. The coach with this Gift will easily connect with their clients to create a two way trusting respectful bond Placing the Client as The Center of Attention. The coach will become the objective clear, untainted total mirror to the client at all times.

We have found that life coaches with this special “Gift of Coaching” will coach their clients to extremely high success rates. That This “Gift of Coaching” is essential to success. One of our many critical screening conditions is that all TCC Member Coaches possess this special “Gift of Coaching.” Unfortunately, we have also found that the “Gift of Coaching is rare among the many coaches that have contacted TCC, at an approximate rate of only 3%. And this Gift is even rarer among the general population. We have been told by our many clients they can feel when life coaches have the special “Gift of Coaching” during sample sessions.

Key Indicators of Outstanding Life Coaches

There are several key indicators for determining exceptional coaches. The most important is the success rates of their clients at achieving their “Coachable Goals.” Just like one of the best ways to judge sports coaches is by the winning rates for their teams.

Another key indicator is the actual coaching experiences they have. The more experience they have with real independent coaching clients the better. We have found that life coaches begin to reach exceptional levels after coaching over 100 individual clients in at least 3 years.

Being Successful Doesn’t Make a Person a Good Life Coach

It is commonly thought that a person who has been successful in their field would be a good life coach. This simply isn’t true. As mentioned before, life coaching isn’t about telling a person what to do or to follow your example. True life coaching is about helping people understand themselves and focus on achieving their own goals. On their own terms. Without adding any opinions, expertise, advice, or instructions by the coach, whatsoever!

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential

Life Coaching by Telephone

One of the biggest advantages of this new life coaching process is that it is far more successful, more effective, more efficient and much less costly when conducted over the telephone. Life coaching by telephone works much better than face to face coaching

Should a Life Coach Have a Life First?

Addressed in a NY Times Article of the same Title. The comments were priceless

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