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Improving Lives for 23 Years

Improving Lives for 23 Years

Improving Lives is our Passion and Specialty
Fun is our Style, and Results are Our Integrity

The Coach Connection, LLC (TCC) has been improving lives since June 1, 2001 for our over 3,000 selected clients in 26 countries.

TCC Clients have improved their lives through being connected to and coached by their ideally matched World Class TCC Member Life Coaches who were rigorously screened from over 4,750 coaches


By using our Money-Back Guaranteed Initial Cycle of Coaching TCC’s Selected clients were Guaranteed to be connected with their chosen ideally matched life coaches from their perspectives or we would have returned their money.


To make sure our Selected Clients would dramatically Grow and Improve their lives, by achieving their “Coachable Goals.” They took control of and greatly improved their personal and career lives by actually doing what they love and were well rewarded, while at the same time enjoying and prospering from real Life Balance.


We are PROUD to announce that our clients ACHIEVED their life and career improving “Coachable Goals” at less coast, faster and more completely than anywhere in the English-Speaking World. In fact, the average success rate of our clients was 96% as compared to the Life Coaching Industry average of 10% to 20%


TCC’s Selected Clients WIN, TCC’s World Class Life Coaches WIN, and TCC WINS! Because TCC HAS and WILL continue to fulfill its Mission of:

Our Selected Clients WILL Achieve their personal and Career “Coachable Goals”
Faster, at Less Cost and More Completely

You Can Too

Click on the “Free Personal Growth Conversation” button to get started.

The purpose of our conversation is to help you Grow and Improve as a Person

We listen to your story.

Together we Discover Your Goals, Objectives, and Dreams.

Determine whether using a life coach is best for you.

All conversations are sales Free, obligation Free, & Very Confidential

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