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How to Find Your Ideal Life Coach from So Many choices

How to Find Your Ideal Life Coach

The best way to Find Your Ideal Life Coach is to conduct NO OBLIGATION real coaching sessions with at least 3 very experienced coaches.

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Follow These Secrets
To Find A Life Coach

Find your Ideal Life coach
Find Your Ideal Life Coach

Pick the life coach
who is ideal for You!

Not the highest rated or “best” coach. There is no true coach-rating scale. A life coach can be the “best” coach for one person but not be the “best” coach for another person.

The key is to focus on finding a life coach to suit your needs, your goals, your personality, and your situation. Select a life coach based solely on how you feel about the individual from your perspective only.

Recommendations of others are helpful, but your ideal life coach has to be ideal for you.

Focus on developing the
ideal coaching relationship.

The life coaching relationship is a true partnership and success is dependent on the interaction between both parties. An ideal coaching relationship is born when the level of mutual respect, trust and caring between you and your executive coach is extremely strong.

The better the relationship between you and your personal coach, the better the results of your coaching process.

Pick life coaches who consider
you to be their ideal clients.

You want to know that your ideal life coach had determined that you would be his or her ideally matched client, before you met. Life coaches have different experiences, desires, strengths, and chosen specialties. The best life coaches know the types of people they really enjoy and connect with.

Knowing that your life coach considers you to be his or her ideally match client will generate a true Win-Win relationship.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, and Very Confidential

Experience live coaching
from several life coaches.

The best way to finding a life coach is to test drive several life coaches towards your stated “Coachable Goals.” You will want to have a real life coaching session from at least three life coaches, before you make your final selection.

This way you will discover enough about their style, their personality, their skills and their genuine interest in you as a person to consider all of the factors described above to select the life coach who will be ideal for you.

You want the sessions
to be real coaching sessions,
not interviews by you or by the coach.

You also want the sessions to be devoid of any form of sales or pressure tactics. The life coaching process cannot be sold. If you feel any sales, guilt, or pressure tactics from a coach, stop the process immediately, and move on! You want to actually experience their true coaching, so you will get a clear picture of what you can expect from their future coaching.

Reach for the Moon to find your ideal life coach
Reach for the moon to find your ideal Life Coach

Get the exact fees up front
charged by a potential coach

I estimate that over 60% of all “coaches” do not publish their coaching fees. The reasons vary, but almost all of them are not good for clients. In fact, it is best that you be directed to their previously published coaching fees, before you start the sample session. Many “coaches” also have multiple fee structures, for different types of clients.

If you are uncomfortable with the fee structure of a life coach, go elsewhere! Or if your prospective coach hedges on presenting his or her fees, move on to another coach. If they play games with you in presenting their fees, how can you trust them in such a trusting relationship?

The quality of the life coaching
you receive is NOT based on the
fees coaches charge!

Just because an life coach charges higher fees does not mean you will get better quality coaching. I believe that the average fees charged by people calling themselves coaches are much too high.

In fact, many “coaches,” especially “celebrity coaches” charge excessive fees as a sales gimmick to project higher quality coaching, or to promote their “celebrity” status.

Picking your life coach because he or she charges more money, expecting more results, will not work. You will be frequently surprised to discover that your ideal life coach will not charge as much as most other coaches.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, and Very Confidential

Seek hiring life coaches that
have considerable experience.

Find out how long a life coach has been coaching professionally as a life coach. Not as a manager, or having coached all of their lives, etc. And find out how many actual one-on-one clients he or she has coached. A good rule of thumb is that you want a life coach who has been coaching professionally for over 3 years and has coached over 100 clients.

Thomas Leonard, the architect of the life coaching process and the life coaching industry consistently claimed that the only way to become an exceptional coach was to coach, even though he was the force behind over 2 major coaching schools.

Pick life coaches who have
excellent client success rates.

You want your life coach to have a very high success rate for assisting clients (Like you) to actually complete their “Coachable Goals. The reason you hire a life coach is to achieve your coachable goals, and the reason a life coach coaches you is to be darn sure you do. Engaging a life coach who has assisted a high percentage of his or her clients to complete their coachable goals is very important to you. Go with winning coaches.

Do NOT consider coaching
credentials claims to be useful.

There are over 60 different coach certifications that are Purchased to promote credentialed coaches as better than others. Yet, credentials do not separate out the best life coaches. (A coaching credential can be bought for as little as $199.00)

There are over 630 For Profit coach training schools, and there is little indication that graduates of any schools become better coaches. In fact, some of the most successful life coaches never attended any coach training school.

When you Find Your Ideal Life Coach you will achieve more than you can imagine AND you will improve all aspects of your life.

Enjoy your trip!

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, and Very Confidential

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