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Career Coaches and Headhunters The Dream Team

Career Coaches
and Headhunters
The Dream Team

Smart Headhunters Find Prospects
Who Have Their Own
Career Coach

Prospects who have been coached become excellent recruiting candidates. They are very clear about the work they really want and will excel at. BEFORE they seek new positions.

These prospects are confident, motivated, capable and ready to be connected with their know best matching jobs.  Headhunters recruit employees to meet specific objectives of the companies that hire them. These are normally important positions.

All conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Very Confidential

Coached Prospects Create
The Best Matches

An excellent match occurs when the candidates KNOW the jobs that will be ideal matches beforehand. These are the jobs they are highly motivated to perform, that they have the talent (Capability) to perform well, that they will require the least amount of training and supervision, and that they will quickly produce the best results possible generating additional profits to justify the investment in the new employee.

When an excellent match happens, the headhunters, the new employees, and the hiring managers look real good, because every one wins.

Prospect who use a Headhunter and a career coach WIN
Coached Prospects Win

Everyone Wins When Coached
Prospects and Headhunters Connect

Head hunters, hiring managers and prospective new employees will all reap incredible benefits when recruits have discovered beforehand their ideal income positions through being coached. The entire hiring process will turn into a smooth and low cost activity.

Career coach prices are minimal compared the value of the benefits gained by all parties. People who are recruited into their known ideal income positions, almost always turn into excellent, productive and highly motivated long time employees, benefiting the companies that hired them and the employees themselves.

Career coaches, headhunters and smart hiring managers make a dream team to generate excellent hiring decisions. Successful headhunters have found that recruiting prospects who have engaged a career coach beforehand will produce excellent matches for hiring companies.

Eventually smart hiring companies will recognize the same benefits and seek headhunters who provide previously coached recruits.

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