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Life balance is within reach

Life Balance Coaching With TCC
The Secret to Create Life Balance

With Life Balance Coaching You Discover and Create Your Own Life Balance

What IS Life Balance?

Life Balance is: “That place where you enjoy and thrive in all three of your lives simultaneously, without guilt, and without stress.

The 3 Lives of Life Balance Are:

Your Work Life. Most of us spend a majority of our time and effort at work. You gain a lot more from work than you recognize. You produce financial rewards, but you also generate many other personal rewards as well. You gain feelings of accomplishment, of belonging, of acceptance, of winning, of competition, of gratitude, of appreciation, of respect, of status, and of contributing.

Your Personal Life. This involves your personal health, your relationship with a higher being, if at all, your hobbies, and your personal integrity.

Your Relationship Lives. This involves the relationships you have with the blood relatives you want to keep, and any others you allow inside our inner circle. You are the gatekeeper to the people you want to let inside your inner circle and how far you will let them in.

For example Andre Agassi provided excellent insight into relationships when he answered the question:

What is the secret to a happy marriage: “The first is to know yourself. You can’t come to a relationship needing the other to feel complete, or else you’re fighting multiple battles”
Andre Agassi – Wall Street Journal, 2/3/2024

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Life Balance Coaching Helps You Achieve Life Balance:

By to consciously and subconsciously aligning your thoughts, your inner soul, and your activities with all three of your lives, one at a time. So you are in the moment for each one, with clarity and confidence.

You achieve “being in the zone” of life. You experience virtually NO GUILT, NO CONFLICTS, and virtually NO STRESS.

What Are The Secrets to Achieve Life Balance?

1. Life Balance Coaching will unravel the “Greatest Mystery in the World- YOURSELF” first and completely. Once you discover and understand the five core ingredients within you that govern your life, you will have unraveled the mystery of you. You now KNOW who you really are! Then, you can easily and confidently choose to focus on the life you want at the time you choose, without feeling pressured by outside forces.

Calls are sales FREE,
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The five core ingredients of your subconscious self are:

•Passions. Everyone has a host of different passions within them, that have been lurking, and waiting to come out all their lives.

•Self-Imposed Obstacles. These are the things you dislike doing. Why is not important and not investigated.

•Beliefs and Values. Some people call this spirituality, as opposed to religion. These are your boundaries, your integrity points.

•Talents. Every person on the earth received a bundle of different talents at birth. They have different types, different forms, and different degrees of talents. But few people really know even a small percentage of their real talents. But God did not give anyone a LIST of their Talents.

•Priorities. What are the most important things to you in the clear order of first, second, third, etc. Priorities are comparable and the clear rating of them is important.

Life balance in action
Life Balance In Action

You achieve life balance once you know these 5 core ingredients by:

2. Creating the conditions of your life to suit YOU that will allow you to fulfill your passions and priorities, follow your beliefs and values, maximize your talents, and avoid as many of your self-imposed obstacles as you can.

Virtually eliminating the need to adjust and change yourself to conform to the conditions and expectations imposed on you by others, unless of course that is what you really love to do. Life balance will not come to you. Will not happen by chance. And cannot be given to you or inherited.

Conversations are sales FREE,
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The Best Way to Achieve Life Balance
Is To Engage a Life Balance Coach.

The reason you hire a work life balance coach is to actually achieve life balance. The reason your coach coaches’ you is to make darn sure you do. Your coaches’ job is to coach himself or herself out of a job, by assuring that you create life balance on your terms.

The life coaching process was designed specifically to assist clients to achieve their “Coachable Goals“, and achieving life balance is one of the most popular “Coachable Goals.” Many coaching clients have achieved life balance through life coaching much easier and more completely than they thought possible.

Achieving life balance can also be done on your own, but it will take lots of time, energy and money. Or you can go straight to real life balance much quicker with a life coach.

Why Has Life Balance Been So Difficult To Achieve?

The reason life balance has been so elusive to so many people is because they do NOT know themselves well enough to generate the conditions that will produce life balance for them. Rarely do people know and understand the real life conditions they will want to generate life balance. So they go through life in confusion, hoping that through chance or trial and error they might happen onto life balance.

As you can imagine, each of these lives will attract your interests and can create various demands on your time, resources, and energy.

In fact, most people would not recognize life balance if it was given to them. Reason: “The Greatest Mystery in the World is Ourselves.” Most people live in confusion about what they really want, dislike, and their own boundaries.

This explains why so many people who have received vast wealth and freedom, still suffer the conflicts and stresses of not having life balance; when, it appears they could easily do so. They do not know WHO they really are!