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Is Becoming A Life Coach is Right For Me?

Is Becoming a Life Coach Right for Me?
Is Becoming a Life Coach Right for Me?

Discovering whether becoming a life coach is right for you can be critical before you embark on transitioning to become a life coach. The life coaching process is a very difficult process to execute, requiring very special personal characteristics, perspectives, and skills.

Life Coach Requirements Needed to Discover “Is Becoming a Life Coach Right for Me”

Before you embark on becoming a life coach, you might want to review the basic characteristics need to become an excellent life coach. We have found that having the special “Gift of Coaching” will greatly accelerate your ability to becoming an good life coach as described in life coach requirements of excellent coaches.

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There Are Three Major Paths To Becoming A Life Coach.

Each of the 3 paths to becoming a life coach has proven to be effective. None are claimed to be better than the other. Knowing all three paths will give you the knowledge and confidence to pick the best path for you.

We at TCC provide one of the three paths to becoming a life coach. We want you to be able to make a factual and accurate comparison.

1. Call yourself a life coach and begin coaching.

A significant number of people just started coaching, and many became successful life coaches. Thomas Leonard the person behind creating the Life Coaching industry as we know it today consistently stated that the best way to become an excellent life coach is “To Coach.”

Even though he was the founder of at least two successful coach training schools and a main contributor to a third such school. Coaching experience has proven to be an excellent means to becoming an effective life coach.

2. Attend a “Coach Training School or Program” to become a life coach.

There are approximately 636 Coach Training Programs and Schools who will all charge you money to train you to become a life coach, or some type of life coach.

I estimated that the number of such schools in 2001 was about 14. The explosive growth of their numbers can be attributed to the significant profits they make and the continued demand for their services.

Many coach training schools and Association Programs also promote and sell certifications which are also well explained by Peer Resources. Coaching programs can range in price for about $500.00 to well over $30,000.00. These are approximations at best, since they change frequently, and are not thet easy to pin down.

3. Hire your own life coach to become a life coach.

Engaging a life coach to discover IF “becoming a life coach is right for me” and to transition to becoming a successful and productive life coach is the path that we offer through TCC. Shown below we describe the what, the why and how life coaching might work for you.

You will achieve the following by being Coached

“I want to become the best life coach I can be.” (The most popular goal for mentor coaching)

“I want to become a confident and valued focused in my career as a life coach.”

“I want to discover the specific skills and knowledge I will need to become a successful coach.”

“I want to solve the mysteries of marketing and business to be able to do what I love-coach.”

“I want to experience and enjoy the wonders of being coached (under real life conditions), to discover what I will want my coaching clients to experience.”

“I want to discover and attract my “ideal coaching clients” to achieve successes for them and me.”

“I want to be able to earn a good living from being a life coach.”

How Being Coached Helps You Become A Life Coach

The first step in becoming a life coach is to achieve your “Coachable Goal” of discovering and attaining your “ideal income position.”

If becoming a life coach is right for you, moving forward will make sense. If it is not right for you, you will pursue another avenue, but you will not waste your time, money and effort on life coach training.

Another important step is to experience true Life Coaching.

It is very hard to fully comprehend and understand the wonderful process of life coaching without actually experiencing it. We have found that experiencing coaching in a school or corporate setting rarely provides the true experience.

Coaches who have achieved at least one personally chosen “Coachable Goal” through professional life coaching have a much easier time relating to people who want to be coached and helping them achieve their goals successfully.

Being coached by your own coach while you embark on coaching others can be very effective.

Much like having a sports coach assist you to develop and improve your game as you play. By having a life coach, you will discover and develop your coaching talents, skills, and passions while you experience coaching others.

By using a life coach, you will maximize the greatest learning process to become a successful and productive life coach.

My coaching experience with my TCC coach was fabulous. The goals I accomplished from working with my TCC coach were to start my own coaching business, getting unstuck, losing fear, and gaining self-confidence.

These accomplishments mean that I am pursuing my passion in life and feel energized and excited about what I’m doing. I am very satisfied with the services of TCC and my entire TCC coaching experience.

Andrea Lithgow – Coach, Sante Fe, New Mexico

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Very Confidential

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