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How to Find The Right Life Coach For You

How to Find the Right Life Coach For You Every Time
with The Coach Connection

How to find a life coach ideal for you in 4 easy steps:

Use our unique methods with Guarantees to ensure that you will Find the Right Life Coach for You to reap great benefits from being coached. By connecting you to your ideally matched coach for you, so you will achieve your “Coachable Goals” faster, more completely and at less cost.s

1. Have A Sales Free Discovery Conversation with Bill to:

  • A. Hear your story about what is important to you today.
  • B. Help you determine your goals and and dreams .
  • C. Explore all 10 possible methods to achieve your goals, including coaching to select the best method or methods for YOU, whether it is coaching or not. Frequently called “Personal Growth Triage.”
  • D. If Coaching is a possibility explain coaching so you can make the right decision for you.

Bill will take the time to hear your stories with you without any obligation or pressure. There is no sales pitch, no fluff and no gimmicks. Bill wants to be sure you are totally comfortable with coaching and understand how The Coach Connection will help you achieve your goals.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, and Very Confidential

2. We Guarantee that You Will Find The Right Life Coach who is Ideally Matched for You

You will receive a coaching session with 3 different hand picked TCC Member Coaches. Yes, a true coaching session – not a glorified sales pitch. Remember, one of the 6 Essential Conditions (# 3) is that you feel connected with your coach, so we Guarantee you are totally comfortable with your coach.

You will most likely want to select one of these three coaches (We are very good at matching coaches with people with combined experience of over 17 years).

But, if you don’t feel connected with any of these three coaches, we will provide more coaches to test drive until either you select the coach you want or you get all of your money back. You are in control to find a life coach whom you really like, or you get your money back.

Bottom line: you will find a life coach you like, respect and trust and who is experienced in helping people like you achieve your goals.

3. First Cycle of Coaching and Your Money-Back Guarantee

Once you completed at least 3 sample coaching sessions and you have selected your coach, you will receive more 3 coaching sessions of a minimum of 45 minutes each with the coach of your choice. You will clarify your goals and be well on your way to achieving them. You will be amazed at how quickly you will make progress.

After you conduct all three sessions with the coach of your choice, for a total of 6 or more sessions, you can decide to continue with your chosen coach or to ask for and get your money back. That’s right. You have no risk at all.

If you find that coaching isn’t for you or you don’t like our services for any reason within our Initial Money-Back Guaranteed Period, then you can ask for and receive a 100% refund. No other coaching service offers such a complete guarantee.

4. Achieve Your Goals On Your Terms

If you want to continue the coaching process with your chosen coach, then just schedule additional coaching cycles with your Ideal Coach.

The Life Coaching Process, when properly implemented, is extremely powerful. You will be amazed at how quickly you achieve your goals. It is common for our clients to add more goals to their program after they achieve their initial goals. It is truly exciting and empowering to become the you that you want to be.

Improving Lives is Our Passion
& Specialty, Fun is our Style,
Results are Our Integrity

Working Together to Find The Right Life Coach For You
Working together to Find The
Right Life Coach For You

Let’s Work Together
to Improve Your Life

Your Life Coach will solve the “Greatest Mystery in the World – Ourselves” by Revealing You to You.
So You become the “World’s Leading Expert on You.”
Where You gain the Ultimate in Clarity, Confidence, and Stress-Free Power of Choice.

Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, & Confidential