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Give Coaching to Someone Special

Give Coaching to Someone Special
Give Coaching to
someone special

Give Coaching Through TCC’s Special Gift Program

The recipients of your coaching present will be forever grateful for your caring gift.

  • Do you want to help a loved one, but don’t know how?
  • Does someone you care about appear stuck in a life rut?
  • Is someone close to you stressed out?
  • Does your loved one react to life rather than enjoying it?
  • Is someone you care about have ADD/ADHD and seeks to control it and reap its full blessings?

All Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, and Very Confidential

TCC’s Special Initial Period
of Coaching Gift Offer
With Refund Option

You pay only $489.00 for a minimum of six Life Coaching sessions to someone you love. With the opportunity to receive a FULL REFUND if the Recipient of your gift does NOT continue with Coaching.

The recipients of your gift will participate in our Special sales Free, obligation Free, and very Confidential Discovery Conversation to discover their goals and situations, and to be very well informed to decide if continuing with coaching is Best for them.

If the recipient of your gift and the TCC Advocate agree that continuing with Life Coaching would be best, then the Advocate will personally match the recipient with 3 highly experienced TCC Member Coaches.

If however, the recipient or the TCC Advocate feels that life coaching is not right for them, TCC will REFUND your $489.00 before coaching begins. This way you know your loved one will receive the maximum benefit because you care so much.

Once the recipient of your coaching gift and TCC decide to proceed and the recipient talks to any of the TCC Member Coaches recommended by TCC, then we will consider the $489.00 payment nonrefundable.

Recipients of your gift will receive six coaching sessions. One coaching session from three different TCC Member Coaches who were personally chosen to create an ideal match for them. They will also receive three more sessions of 45-minutes each with the coach of their choice. Our normal full Money Back Guarantee for the Initial Period is not offered in this case, because the person being coached is not paying for the coaching.

All Conversations are sales FREE,
obligation FREE, and Very Confidential

Your Recipient Decides whether to Continue Coaching

Your loved one can continue coaching with the chosen TCC Member Coach on a cycle by cycle basis until he or she has achieved all of his or her Coachable Goals. Don’t forget that the recipient of your life coaching gift will become a client of TCC and will enjoy the full protection and confidentiality afforded to any TCC client.