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Case Studies by Dr. Phil and AMEX

Case Study by Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil Chose The Coach Connection!

Dr. Phil Case Study of Life Coaching

The Dr. Phil Show is an award winning nationally syndicated life improvement TV show conducted a case study by selecting The Coach Connection to coach one of his clients to continue her life changing improvements after Dr. Phil showed her the path to be and accept herself without guilt.

The following is what transpired between Dr. Phil and Germaine on his November 23, 2004 show during her follow up visit to the show. She had previously participated in Dr. Phil’s three-day special retreat with six other housewives, and she had begun her coaching with her chosen TCC Member Coach, since her previous visit.

They showed a replay of her before she had been on the retreat and had received personal counseling from Dr. Phil and before she had participated in any coaching with The Coach Connection.

To Germaine after seeing the replay:

Dr. Phil – You seem awful happy for a change.

Germaine – Laughing and smiling. Is that me? Oh Goodness. I was just going to punk out. I wasn’t going to do that. I wasn’t going to do that dance thing. Cause I just didn’t feel like it

Dr. Phil – You were going to punk out?

Germaine- My ego wouldn’t let me, and I was like you know what, get off your butt and go do it.

Dr. Phil – How does it feel to not live in fear everyday that if you do something you want to do and if you feel you want to feel but everybody was not going to run away from you?

Germaine – It’s still a little scary cause its conditioning

Dr. Phil – Of course it is!

Germaine – it’s programming. But now I’ve gotten to the point where I have to be happy. I have to be. I’m so tired of being afraid.

Dr. Phil – Everyday you say wait a minute, it’s not selfish to be self-nurturing. It’s not selfish to pursue my dreams and goals and be all of who I can be. It’s not selfish to say; I don’t want to stop being who I am as an individual in order to be half of a couple. Once each day you live that way then that becomes your new history, which predicts your new future.

Dr. Phil – Now we also set Germaine up with The Coach Connection, where she will continue to work on her career goals. She got to choose from three coaches and they worked together over the phone to make sure that Germaine is maximizing her potential. And they’re asking some pretty good questions. Right?

Germaine – Oh Yes! There were so many people who said I can understand not knowing what to do with your life. You know, not being afraid of living your life.

Dr. Phil – Well we get so many letters about that and the first thing you have to do is claim the right to be who you are, not in a selfish way, but in a productive way.

And you have done that and we are proud of you for doing it.

All conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Very Confidential


Case Study by AMEX

AMEX OPEN Investigates Why Business Coaching Worked So Well Through The Coach Connection

AMEX completed a special focus group with nine TCC coaches on November 17, 2010 to discover the reasons why so many women business owner winners of the AMEX OPEN sponsored Make Mine a Million (M3) program had achieved such remarkable successes by using business coaching exclusively through The Coach Connection. Here are some quotes from their report on business coaching.

“The focus group findings indicate that additional coaching sessions would allow M3 to create a stronger relationship between coaches and winners resulting in more business growth.”

Chemistry is critical
“When they get into this program and they’re matched with the right coach they get unstuck quickly.”

Coaching is practical
“It’s not teaching in the sense that’s traditional. It’s more educational and the coaching is extremely practical and it works.”


Case Study of Leadership Coaching ROI

Leadership Coaching 529% ROI by Merrill C. Anderson

Return on Investment Case Study on the of Leadership Coaching

Prepared by: Merrill C. Anderson, Ph.D., MetrixGlobal, LLC,

Bottom Line: Leadership Coaching produced a 529% Return On Investment (ROI)
and significant intangible benefits to the business.

The entire study was organized and conducted independent of The Coach Connection. ROI’s generated by TCC clients support the ROI results of the study, and the recommendations given to maximize benefits of executive coaching follow closely the procedures and conditions generated by The Coach Connection for every TCC client, and further prove that the Special TCC Coaching program works.

Steve Jobs Solved the Mystery of Himself with his coach
Steve Jobs Enjoying
Being Steve

Steve Jobs Unraveled the Greatest Mystery in The World

Steve Jobs was coached! His coach solved the Greatest Mystery Steve faced-HIMSELF by revealing Steve to Steve. Steve’s coach became Steve’s clear, confidential, unbiased PERSONAL MIRROR to reflect the inner Subconscious Steve to Steve so he could finally actually see and understand his true Subconscious self. Once Steve went from 10% awareness of himself to over 80% awareness, he gained the Ultimate in Clarity, Confidence and Stress Free Power of Choice which he used to lead Apple from the trash heap to greatness.

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