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Complete Your Best Career Change

Make Your Best Career Change
With a Coach Connection Career Coach

Make Your Best Career Change with your ideally matched Career Coach with The Coach Connection (TCC)
to discover and transition into the career you love and thrive in.

Since 2001 over 96% of TCC’s thousands of clients made their finest career change. Our clients from all walks of life in over 26 countries finally figured out their ideally matched career, and then attained it on their own terms.

Think TCC’s Career Change Success Claims Sound Too Good to Be True?

We are so confident you will make your dream career change through TCC career coaching that we offer our exclusive Money-Back Guarantee to put our money on the line to back up our claims. TCC guarantees that career coaching will be done RIGHT for you every time. TCC Guarantees that you will select your ideally matched career coach from the highest quality group of career coaches in the English speaking world, or we return your money.

Wayne made his best career change with TCC
I turned to Coach Connection honestly as a last resort. Having for some years been dissatisfied with my career, I was unable to make a change nor knew toward where I might turn to cease running into the same problems. As the actual coaching began I felt like everything suddenly came into focus and I was able get charge of my life again. I really don’t know how well I could have found this without the help of TCC. I have recommended this experience to others, and would do so again, and again.”

Wayne Ottenbreit, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The 3 Work Selection Methods to Make a Career Change

One that works almost 100% and Two that rarely work and

1. The “Career Coaching” Method to Select Your Work Positions and Career has an Exceptional Success Rate.

“Career Coaching” that VIRTUALLY GUARANTEES that you will make the best career change for you. Because you “Discover and Personally Custom Design” your “Ideal Career” to “Suit You.

And more importantly, your Career Change Coach will make sure you actually get the work position that is ideal for you. Because that is his or her mission, and career coaching works much better that you think possible.

The career coaching process is very practical and results driven. The reason you hire a career coach is to actually discover, design and get your ideally matched career. The job of your career coach is to make darn sure you do. Career coaching is about Completion!

Only you, the client, decide that you have changed into your best-matched career, and you both know it. Once you the client are performing in your custom designed dream career, the job of your career coach is done.

Conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Very Confidential

2. The “Trial And Error” Method to Select Your Work Positions and Career

The Trial an Error Method emphasizes ERROR. This is the most commonly used method that over 95% of people use. With this method you evaluate the work position OPTIONS that come before you, whether by accident or choice, using any method you wish. You TRY one option. Then you ADJUST to the work conditions, your boss, your company, your industry, your customers and other factors.

After you make all of these many adjustments you eventually discover that you are not working in a position you want, or like, because it is much different than you had thought. So you decide to make another career change to get one you do like. But you use the same Trial and ERROR method to make your next career change. Then, you again ADJUST to the many forces that influence you. You eventually recognize that you once again dislike your new work position, only the scenery has changed.

So you repeat the process, hoping you will get lucky, but with the same results. You begin to doubt yourself, after a number of these erroneous choices. Wondering if you will ever enjoy and prosper in your work. Like the other approximately 86% of American workers who dislike their jobs.

You probably feel that there must be a better way, but you cannot figure out what it is.

3. The “Please Others” Method to Select Your Work Positions and Career

You allow others to dictate your career path and work selections. Most often they will be your parents or spouses. Approximately 5% of people use this method. But of course you most likely did not want or like their career choices for you, so you plunder along doing the best you can in something that is not right for you and that you probably dislike.

Unfortunately this method frequently creates stress between you and the people you chose to please. You most often are not too motivated to perform in the career they chose for you. Consequently you probably do not succeed as well as they want or expect you to do. They are not pleased with your work status, and want you to adjust to their requirements.

“The definition of “Insanity” is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”
– Albert Einstein


Learn “Why Hire a Career Coach” through TCC

All conversations are sales Free,
obligation Free, & Very Confidential