Real Estate Coaching

Become a more successful Real Estate Agent
through real estate coaching

The Coach Connection (TCC) Real Estate coaching will help you achieve your goal of becoming a more successful and productive real estate agent or broker. Other goals achieved by TCC clients include:

  • “I want to become more focused on the activities that bring the best results.”
    (the most popular real estate coaching goal chosen by our clients)
  • “I want to discover if being a real estate agent is what I really want to do.”
  • “I want to discover what I will want and need to prosper as a real estate agent.”
  • “I want to establish the conditions for my real estate sales activities to produce the commissioned-based results I want to support a happy and balanced life away from the job.”
  • “I want to organize the operations and conditions of my real estate agent business activities to allow me to perform the needed functions and duties I truly enjoy  and excel at achieving.”
  • “I want to develop a strategy and game plan to become the real estate agent to suit my needs and desires, so I will have fewer frustrations and find my ‘Zone’.”

Your TCC real estate coach will help you achieve all of the above goals. Sound too good to be true?

Real Estate Coaching Success Story #229

Experienced real estate broker/agent goes from overwhelmed to relaxed and productive

One 49 year old woman had been a real estate broker/agent for 10 years and found herself “extremely overwhelmed and barely functional” in her business. She “was unable to focus on her work for an entire eight hour day, let alone during the extra hours that her business required.”

She engaged her TCC real estate coach to assist her to get control of her business and life and return to greater profits while enjoying it more. Immediately, her coach assisted her to discover those obstacles that were preventing her from being functional and productive. She created a NOT TO DO list which reduced her feelings of overwhelm. She also realized that she by reducing the tensions in her personal life; she was able to increase her energy levels to improve her focus on the issues at work.

Not only that, but she reported how she had grown in the following ways: “I am putting a much greater emphasis on spirituality and gratefulness as a basis for life. I have reached out for the first time to people on a personal and professional level and have mended some fences. I am taking better care of myself physically and emotionally. Best of all, I am now able to be fully engaged in a full days work and have turned my business around.”

Your Real Estate coach will provide powerful support and clarity
Being a real estate agent is a lonely position. You must be deeply motivated to be a self-starter, withstand competition from virtually everywhere, and weather disappointments without suffering damage, all with little or no apparent support. Your personally selected TCC real estate coach will become your secret weapon, and will focus only on you to give you the powerful support and clarity you will need to grow and improve as a person and thrive in the unique world of real estate.

When you work with TCC, you will be successful in meeting your Real Estate goals!

  • TCC creates the right conditions for success with our proven four-step process.
  •  Athough the average coaching success rate in the industry is only 38%, TCC clients are successful about 96% of the time.
  • The only real estate coaching service in the world that offers a money-back guarantee is The Coach Connection.

Become the real estate professional you know you can be.

Real Estate Coaching is so much more than this brief summary can convey. I would love to discuss with you all that coaching involves and what you can expect to achieve in your life.

Give me a call at 800-887-7214, and let’s talk.