Personal Coaching

Achieve your personal dreams and life balance with personal coaching

The Coach Connection (TCC) Personal Coaching will help you realize your personal dreams so that you can thrive in a life that is balanced and fulfilling.

Personal coaching goals achieved by other TCC clients include:happy-woman1

  • “I want to create life balance to enjoy my personal, family, and work lives without conflicts or guilt. (the most popular personal coaching goal selected by our clients)
  • I want to go to play every day and call it work because I love what I do at work.”
  • I want to become the person I always wanted to be by taking control of my life to .”
  • I want to improve my health and reduce stress.”
  • I want to convert my mid-life crisis into a more enjoyable and prosperous life.”
“Our company, was literally saved on many occasions by the Coach Connection. We cannot verbalize enough and recommend them enough to any business at any stage of growth. What we really like best about TCC (besides the obvious) is the special attention to not only our immediate needs, but the level of coaches. Because of both the expertise of our coach and Bill, we’ve been able to recover and we will never forget their kindness.”
Sharon Shaheed, Piano Play Music Systems, Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Get from where you are today to where you want to be in your life
Your TCC Personal Coach will help you achieve clarity and confidence about who you are and what is most important to you, to design your personal life around your values, passions, and priorities. Together, you and your coach will create the conditions in which you can succeed and develop action plans to move you from where you are today to where you want to be in life.

“Personal coaching works exceptionally well, but only when done right.” – Anonymous.

For best results, do personal coaching the right way
TCC does personal coaching the right way, by making sure all six of the conditions for coaching to be successful are met before your acceptance.

Are your coaching goals different?
Properly understood, all coaching is personal coaching. Your personal coaching goals might not appear in the list above. However, you will set your own personal goals with your coach. That is the beauty of personal coaching – you are not tied into any preconceived or packaged program or goals. Your goals are exactly what you want them to be. With your personal coach, you will achieve and exceed them.

When you consider coaching to meet your personal goals, please remember:

  • TCC provides all 6 Essential Conditions for Success through Coaching so you have a proven pathway to achieving your goals.
  • TCC clients report a 96% success rate in meeting or exceeding their goals, compared with the industry average of 38%.
  • TCC coaching is so powerful and successful that we offer our unique 100% money back satisfaction guarantee – the only one in the coaching industry.

With TCC coaching, you will achieve and exceed your personal goals!

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