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Get Your Dream Career Through TCC Career Coaching

Enjoy and thrive in your work more than you think is possible. Discover and get your ideally matched work positions where you are very well rewarded for doing what you love, by teaming with your personally selected TCC career coach. OK, you might think these claims sound too good to be true. Yet, we are so confident you will obtain your dream career through TCC career coaching that we offer our exclusive Money-Back Guarantee.

“I found myself at a personal and professional crossroads. I had advanced degrees, practical experience, lots of energy, and everything (one would think) that would prepare me to step into something new. Almost! I can’t express how grateful I am to the Coach Connection for providing this service–not just connecting me with the right coach, Claudette, but helping me understand what career coaching was all about, and making sure I was ready to take full advantage of the coaching I was paying for. Claudette has been a great help and support as I’ve launched my business, and it’s really starting to bear fruit.Kevin B Kreitman – PhD CEO, The Organization Zone LLC

You too can achieve any of the following career goals

(Just like thousands of TCC clients have accomplished before you)

  • “I’m stuck in a career I don’t like that creates more stress than I want. I want to discover the career path that is less stressful, more enjoyable and more prosperous for me, and allows me to enjoy real work life balance.” (I want to create a Mid-Life career change to enjoy the rest of my life)
  • “I want to greatly increase my odds of being hired into jobs I like.” (I want to get off the job chasing merry-go-round to land the right jobs for me)
  • “I want to discover, and get my ideal income position, so I go to play every day and get to call it work.” (Learn how thousands of TCC clients have achieved this very popular goal by reading Bill’s e-book entitled I want to get a supplemental career that will support being a mother” (My kids are in school and I want to do something fun and productive)
  • “I want to successfully start a new business” (I want to benefit from my entrepreneurial spirit)

TCC career coaching takes you to your Dream Career.

Your TCC Career Coach will not only help you discover your best careers, but your will also make sure you get them, when successful business womanall other methods have been less successful. Let’s examine why. The most commonly used work selection process — The Trial and Error Method (Emphasis on ERROR) — has shown a success rate of less than 5%, especially when using the “send out resume’s program.” TCC career coaching clients achieve a success rate of over 96% because you will define your DESTINATION (your best careers or ideal income positions) before you begin your journey, so you no longer wander aimlessly. View Videos by Bill Dueease that demonstrate how career coaching works differently and much more effectively than the Trial and Error work selection process

WHY You Will Get Your Dream Career Through TCC Career Coaching

Because TCC has mastered the Career Coaching process, the most effective way to create and get the best career for you.

Because TCC’s sole Mission is that you will transition into the best career for you and you know it. The Coach Connection was designed and redesigned to fulfill our mission of your success. Everything we do is done to make sure you, our client, will get your ideally suited career. TCC succeeds only when You our client succeed in getting your dream career.

TCC guarantees that career coaching will be done RIGHT for you every time. TCC provides all 6 Essential Conditions for Success through Coaching so you have a proven pathway to achieving your goals. Coaching, like any other human improvement process only works well when done under the right conditions. You will select your own TCC Member Career Coach from the three coaches who are personally chosen (no computers) to be your best matching career coaches from the over 120 worldwide TCC Member Coaches (who have been rigorously screened from over 2,950 coaches). TCC’s Coaching standards are so high we only accept the top 6%, based upon experience, performance, integrity and their natural “Gift of Coaching.”

Since 2001 over 96% of TCC’s over 3,000 clients have reported that they have actually transitioned into their ideally matched careers, as compared to the industry average of less than 38%. TCC career coaching gets the job done much faster, with less cost and more completely than anywhere else.

TCC career coaching is so powerful and successful that we offer our unique 100% money back satisfaction guarantee to back up our claims – the only one in the coaching industry.

HOW will your TCC career coach assist you get your ideal career?

Your TCC career coach will assist you to unravel the mystery of you. Your career coach will ask you questions to get you to open up and reveal thing about yourself that you have never revealed to anyone else in the world, including YOURSELF. Then your career coach will reflect this newly discovered information about you back to you, so you will see yourself for the first time in your life through the reflections of your career coach. You and your career coach will concentrate on discovering and clarifying your many passions, your self imposed obstacles (The things you do NOT want to do, with no reasons given) your beliefs and values (Your Integrity points, your boundaries), your many hidden talents, and your priorities. Upon discovering these five core ingredients about you, you will become “The World’s Leading Expert On You.” Faster and more completely than you think. This is when You are IN CONTROL.

You and your TCC career coach will then design your ideal careers and income positions in great detail to suit you. These are the positions that allow you to fulfill your passions and priorities, follow your beliefs, maximize your talents and avoid as many of your self imposed obstacles, as you want.

Your TCC career coach will hold you accountable to you to make sure you take the action steps you want to custom build your ideally matched career to suit you, and to actually get it and be operating in it on your terms and you KNOW it. You custom build your career by changing the conditions around you to suit you. Not by changing you. For example if you decide you want to be your own boss and start you own business, your coach will hold you accountable to take the steps needed to create a new business on YOUR terms. If you dislike giving speeches or presentations, then your coach will help you institute the conditions where you no longer have to make speeches. Or if you want a job that allows you to travel a lot, you coach will make sure you focus only on jobs that require the amount and type of travel you want to make.

With TCC career coaching, you will achieve and exceed your career goals!

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