Life Coach Qualifications

TCC Life Coaches Are The Most Qualified In The World!

TCC only accepts and keeps life coaches who are good enough to meet our guarantees to you! We only want TCC Member Coaches who are so good we would recommend them to our own family.

TCC Member Coaches have become the highest concentration of excellent life coaches in the English-speaking world. Do we have all of the best life coaches? No. They haven’t applied yet. How can we make certain this is true?

  • TCC has the highest life coaching standards in the English-speaking world. They are listed below for your evaluation.
  • All TCC Member Coaches must pass our rigorous screening process. Only 173 life coaches out of over 3,050 coaches have passed our screening process since 2001. A pass rate of less than 6%.
  • All TCC Member Coaches are constantly monitored to be sure they always meet our high standards. Approximately 68 coaches have been separated from the team since 2001.
  • TCC’s over 2,800 clients have been the ultimate judges to determine the real success rates and winning capabilities of our TCC Member Coaches. We constantly recommend the TCC Member Coaches with the best coaching success rates.
  • TCC Member Coaches thrive in our program and stay on the team as long as they can.

How do life coaches make the TCC Member Coach team?

We spend considerable time (over 2,600 man hours to date), effort, and money on using our tried and tested methods to discover excellent life coaches for you and TCC. There are approximately 120 active TCC Member Coaches, located in 41 States, Canada, Australia, The United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Europe.

TCC does not recruit life coaches to collect their fees, or create a warehouse of listed life coaches for you to wade through. TCC Member Coaches are not employees of TCC. TCC has no quotas. TCC Member Coaches do not know who the other Member Coaches are and that is how they want it, because life coaching is Not a Competitive Sport. Life coaching is about YOU our client and not about the other coaches.

How do TCC Member Coaches remain on the team?

TCC Member Coaches are constantly monitored to track how frequently clients pick them and how well their clients achieve their coachable goals. Only TCC Member Coaches whom our over 2,300 clients have selected and proved to be excellent coaches remain on our team to be recommended to you. Life coaches that violate any portion of our very high standards are also released. Through this monitoring, approximately 55 life coaches have been separated from TCC.

We only want TCC Member Coaches who are so good we would recommend them to anyone we truly care about.

The life coach qualifications TCC Member Coaches must possess

There are certain personal and professional qualifications that are much better suited for life coaching and are required to become a successful coach. Here are the most important characteristics that TCC Member Coaches must have to be recommended to you:

A. TCC Member Coaches are totally trustworthy and have and maintain the highest integrity.
Integrity is critical. Member Coach’s integrity must be real, genuine and constant. True and effective coaching will only occur when there is complete and deserved trust between the client and coach.

B. TCC Member Coaches have “The Gift of Coaching”.
Every TCC Member Coach will have the special personal characteristic of the “Gift of Coaching.” With the “Gift” they genuinely care more about the success of their clients (you) than they do themselves. They are very “You” centered, and naturally focus on assisting their clients to achieve their goals, because they gain their personal and ego rewards from the accomplishments of their clients. They have a very strong love and respect for other people. They have genuine and full respect for their clients. With their “Gift of Coaching,” they easily refrain from judging or being superior to their clients.

C. TCC Member Coaches dedicate their full attention and energies to TCC clients.
Clients are always the center of attention. Member Coaches are you focused and not I centered. Member Coaches do not seek or accept credit, or fame for what their clients achieve. Member Coaches feel rewarded because their clients succeed. People with the “gift to coach” have a natural talent for focusing on others and have a genuine internal motivation to assist others to prosper. Helping others succeed rewards them greatly.

D. TCC Member Coaches have full control of and subordinate their own agendas, biases, and desires to judge or criticize others.
Member Coaches must be able to make very objective observations and even more importantly, communicate the observations in a very clear and truthful manner to clients. Personal agendas and bias are kept out of the process, especially to avoid presenting a nonobjective observance. People have biases, but Member Coaches involve their biases as rarely as possible and only in an open honest way to their clients.

E. TCC Member Coaches control their desire to advise, control, or manipulate their clients.
The coaching process is like no other in that the path or route for clients to achieve their goals will not be known or organized in advance. The path constantly changes depending upon the client, and any control or manipulation by the coach will, in essence, halt the coaching process. The thought or practice of telling a client they “should” do or not do anything is eliminated.

F. TCC Member Coaches have a keen ability to listen and seek out the truth from their clients.
Member Coaches exert 100% effort to listening to all aspects of what clients are truly saying and meaning. A natural desire to tune into others is very helpful. One of the most difficult things any human being faces is the ability to clearly express their inner feelings and thoughts. It is very important for Member Coaches to not only seek the true inner feelings of their clients by encouraging them to try to express their true feelings, but to actually discover what their true feelings are.

G. TCC Member Coaches have the ability to communicate their observations to their clients without any hint of expertise, or superiority.
Once the inner most and normally very guarded feelings of a client are discovered, the Member Coach must describe them to the client in a very supportive and clear manner, without any hint of judgment.

H. TCC Member Coaches are firm with their observations and present the truth to their clients.
Many clients seek and need “accountability” from their life coaches. This is another way of asking for the continued presentation of the truth, without allowing the client to talk around the truth. Life coaching, in essence, can be called providing true accountability with caring and understanding.

I. TCC Member Coaches have excellent telephone communication and relationship skills.
Over 91% of all successful coaching is conducted via the telephone. Telephone coaching is much more effective, efficient, convenient, confidential and much less costly for clients.

How does TCC treat Coach Certifications?

A number of TCC Member Coaches have obtained coaching certifications. We have found that the qualities of a life coach cannot be determined by whether the life coach is certified or not. (There are approximately 50 different coaching certifications that can be bought today for as low as $119.50, including shipping.) Life coaching certifications are not considered valid criteria for screening. You are encouraged to read why this is true from an in depth and very objective independent report on life coaching credentialing. In fact, we have denied applications for over 450 certified coaches because they did not meet our standards.

Bottom Line

The life coaching field has many different specialties and TCC expends extra energy and time to interview all Member Coaches who have met all of the above life coach qualifications to determine in detail whom they consider to be their ideal clients and what they want to coach them to achieve. This detailed ideal client description is recorded in TCC’s special database and is used to create the most desirable and effective match ups between our clients and our life coaches.