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Why Hire a Life Coach?

The reason you hire a life coach is to achieve your life improving goals. (Called Coachable Goals). The reason your life coach coaches you is to make darn sure you DO achieve your coachable goals. The life coaching process is a completion process. Life Coaches jobs are to coach themselves out of their jobs, which occurs when clients declare that they have achieved their coachable goals.

What are “Coachable Goals?”

A “coachable goal” is a future place you want to reach that requires you to grow and improve as a person to achieve it. They are life improving goals where you will enjoy and thrive in your work life, your personal life and your family life simultaneously, without guilt and without stress. Coachable goals are only achieved through life coaching, and are sometimes considered, too good to be true, because they had been so hard to reach, before life coaching appeared. They are very powerful and quite different from non-coachable goals. Non-coachable goals are best achieved through the other 9 human achievement processes. For example, to improve a physical skill you might employ a trainer. To improve your education, you would employ a teacher (i.e. go to school).

“My goal was to find a career that I can be passionate about and not feel like I am going to a “job” every day. After my coach sessions with my TCC coach, I was able to find my true calling and feel confident about my decision. Additionally, I also improved other aspects of my life, such as my personal relationships, health habits and time management skills, as they hold as much weight in my life (if not more) as my career.”

Julie Dahl, Huntington Beach, California

What are the Benefits of Having a Life Coach?

You will become more confident in your every day life!
You will enjoy getting up every day because you do what you love!
You will improve your health!
You will improve your relationship with others!
You will feel more alive because you will be fulfilling your own purposes and passions!
You will virtually eliminate bad stresses and frustrations!
You will become the Queen or King of the coaching process.
Get Started To Achieve Your Goals

How does a life coach assist you to achieve your life changing coachable goals?

Your life coach is your equal partner. Not your superior! You, the client will become the center of attention of your life coach. Life coaches ask questions to get you to open up and reveal things you have not revealed to anyone else, including yourself. Life coaches listen hard, and care enough to hear the truth. Your life coach reflects back a clear and objective picture of the inner passions, talents, values and obstacles so you become “The World’s Leading Expert On You.” Now, you are in control of your life. Life coaches and their clients (you) use the newly discovered client insights to achieve your goals on your terms. A truly powerful and effective team.

How Does Life Coaching Compare To Therapy, Consulting, Training, etc.

Life coaching is one of the 10 major human improvement processes
These 10 are Therapy, Psychiatry, Consulting, Counseling, Teaching, Training, Mentoring, Religious Guru, Self Help, and Life Coaching, the newest of the 10. All of these human improvement processes have different objectives and different methods, and when conducted correctly they all work very well. The more you learn about life coaching the better you can decide whether using a life coach is right for you.

Life coaching differs dramatically from the other 9 in that the life coach is not superior to the client
You will discover how very different and special the life coach-client relationship really is, and why life coaching is so practical and so effective. You will also discover why life coaching works so well when done right. Read on to learn the details.

The Life Coach-Client Relationship is Very Special

You will be the king or queen in the life coaching relationship, as the absolute center of attention of your life coach. Your life coach offers the very safe place to discover you and enjoy being you. Your life coach provides you total support to be you, regardless of who you are. This is such a different and special relationship that it is almost impossible to understand until you feel it by being in a life coaching relationship.

What life Coaches Will And Will Not Do…

True Life Coaches will…

  • Ask you questions about you to get you to open up and reveal things about your self you have never revealed to anyone, including yourself.
  • Listen intently to what you say and do not say.
  • Reflect back to you the inner passions, values, priorities, talents and obstacles in a clear and objective manner.
  • Hold you accountable to your own chosen goals and actions.
  • Keep everything you say in the strictest confidence.
  • Reveal You to You so you become “The World’s Leading Expert On You”
  • Keep you on track until you achieve your coachable goals.

True Life Coaches won’t…

  • Tell you what to do or not do.
  • Give you advice of what you should or should not do.
  • Sell or manipulate you to their agendas.
  • Bring up the past or allow you to bring up the past.
  • Judge you.
  • Evaluate you.
  • Criticize you.
  • Critique you.
  • Try to change or correct you.
  • Make you feel guilty for any reason at all.


The life coaching process remains the same for all goals

There are many varied and often confusing different Types Of Life Coaching promoted for many different reasons. At best the different terms used for coaching more often reflect the types of coachable goals focused on. But the true life coaching process remains the same, regardless of the types of coachable goals targeted. And multiple types of coachable goals can and will be achieved by the same coach. No need to get specalyty coaches for each different type of coachable goal. For example business coaching would focus primarily on business type goals, but will not be limited to business goals only. Most often the business goals become the starting point, leading into other types of coachable goals.

The life Coaching Process works extremely well, but only works when done right!

There are 6 Essential conditions that must be present in order for life coaching to be successful
When any of these are missing, the life coaching process is severely hampered and is likely not to work. Unfortunately, too often one or more of the 6 key conditions are not met causing the coaching clients to fail to achieve their goals Briefly, these 6 Essential Conditions are:

  • Condition 1. You have at least one “coachable goal” that is best achieved through life coaching.
  • Condition 2. You are ready to participate in the life coaching process.
  • Condition 3. You like and respect your coach.
  • Condition 4. Your life coach has extensive experience in coaching people like you to success in your goals.
  • Condition 5. Your coach practices true life coaching only.
  • Condition 6. There is total confidentiality at all times.


The Coach Connection was founded to help you achieve your goals faster, more completely and at lower cost than with any other coaching service.

  • TCC clients are often surprised at how quickly their goals are achieved and add new goals to their program.
  • The TCC success rate as reported by clients exceeds 96%.
  • TCC coaching fees average 40% lower than industry standards.

Learn more about The Coach Connection

Learn the Good, and the not so Good about life coaching and the Life Coaching Industry.

The more you know about life coaching the more you will be able to make the best decision about hiring a coach and gain the most benefits from being coached. Our goal is to educate you about all aspects of life coaching. I also wrote an e-book entitled: “Go To Play Every Day and call it work” that describes in detail all aspects of the life and career coaching process, along with 19 real life case studies.

The Good:

People can achieve very valuable life and career improving goals through the life coaching process when done right that are rarely accomplished elsewhere. Life coaching clients become more prosperous, happier, healthier, and more confident. The Return On Investment (ROI) for engaging a life coach or any one of the different types of life coaches is spectacular. Studies report a ROI over 529%. The life coaching industry that Thomas Leonard started with his new “coaching” process in about 1992 has grown dramatically ever since because his new “coaching” process works so well and provides such great benefits. And using a life coach is normally fun, exciting and very rewarding.

People who have conducted any type of life coaching (Business, career, personal, leadership,etc.) under the right coaching conditions achieved their remarkable coachable goals faster and more completely than they had imagined. However, they usually want to keep their coaching relationships a secret, so they can fully enjoy the fruits of their coaching. Good life coaches know and encourage this, and are forbidden to reveal anything about their clients, without expressed permission to do so. So there are many more very successful people who got there through coaching, but keep that fact to themselves.

The Not So Good:

There is great confusion and considerable misunderstandings about what life coaching truly is. Leonard’s “life coaching” process is SO different, and SO hard to comprehend, that it remains very puzzling, even to coach practitioners themselves. In fact, life coaching frequently sounds “too good to be true.” The life coaching industry is so fragmented, so self absorbed, and so divergent that it perpetrates this confusion. Consequently there are thousands of different interpretations of life coaching, many of which are not even close. For example; “dog coach,” “worm coach,” and “hustle coach.”

The life coaching industry is very fragmented with many different purposes. It is going through teenage type growing pains. It is only about 20 years old. Too many people have had unfavorable experiences with a supposed “life coach” that left them confused. They conducted life coaching under the wrong conditions. They are also the most vocal about their bad coaching experiences. Negative is repeated and heard more often than positive. This is human nature. A common response is “Why pay someone to do what your friend can do for free?” Answer: Your life coach will be totally objective, completely truthful, totally in your corner, and will not have any agendas or past history with you like friends do that confuse the discovery of the truth. The overwhelming confusion about life coaching, the many convoluted self-serving spins on “coaching” and the fragmentation of the youthful life coaching industry create a recipe for a brewing unfavorable reputation of the life coaching industry.

History of the Life Coaching

Life coaching was designed and developed by Thomas Leonard in the early 1990’s. Thomas was on a mission to unravel the mystery of himself, so he could take charge of his life on his terms. He tried every human improvement process he could find to discover himself and failed miserably. So he designed and implemented his own process, he called “personal coaching” because it was personal. Hollywood coined the “life coaching” mantra about 10 years later. Read a far more in depth article about the History of Life Coaching that has been published many times elsewhere

This life coaching process quickly took root
The life coaching industry doubled and tripled in size every year because life coaching worked so well. And because Thomas not only documented the process, he practiced it, and he trained others to be effective coaches. This new thing called life coaching changed people’s lives much to the better.  Happy and prosperous life coaching clients couldn’t stop telling others about coaching. Today, millions of people have achieved remarkable objectives because of life coaching.

The Life Coaching Business as it exists today

Life coaching logistics
The life coach and client initially identify goals the client would like to achieve. Then, they have periodic sessions of about 45 minutes in length with the client by telephone (interestingly, coaching in person is less successful than by phone). Usually these sessions are weekly. The client may develop “assignments” with the coach to accomplish between sessions. They jointly assess progress towards the goals periodically, and the client defines when the goals have been achieved.

Success rates
Success is defined as a client achieving their coachable goals through life coaching. Unfortunately, many life coaches do not keep track of their clients’ success rates. However, experts estimate the overall coaching industry has a success rate less than 25%.

Life coaching fees
Most coaches charge an hourly or session fee. Sometimes the sessions are bundled – so many sessions for a given fee.  Others vary their fees according to the goals or client. Fees may range from $50 to $5,000 or more per session. Too frequently life coaches and coaching groups demand that clients sign long term contracts, committing the clients to 6 or 12 months of coaching at fees exceeding $25,000

“The quality of coaching you receive and the quality and quantity of goals you achieve through coaching are NOT PRICE SENSITIVE.” This is THE statement that the Coaching Industry does NOT want you to see. Most Coaching Schools and Coaching Associations instruct their students to charge very high fees to justify their expensive training AND to promote the concept that their brand of coaching IS extremely valuable BECAUSE their fees are so expensive. Sad to say, too many coaches and coaching groups also hide their fees so they can calculate their fees based upon what the prospective clients might be willing to pay. Coaching when done right will generate PRICELESS RESULTS, BUT you do NOT have to pay excessive fees to get high quality life coaching. The other factors we list on this site are far more important than pricing.

Low ease of entry
Anyone can call themselves a life coach. There are no standards, training criteria, or qualifications across the industry. Becoming a “life coach” is as simple as calling yourself one. In the last 10 years, literally tens of thousands of persons have declared themselves to be “life coaches”. We believe this is because they perceive the life coaching business to be “an easy buck”.

Life Coaching by Telephone
One of the biggest advantages of this new life coaching process is that it is far more successful, more effective, more efficient and much less costly when conducted over the telephone. Life coaching by telephone works much better than face to face coaching

Life Coaching Schools and Certifications
There are more than 350 “For Profit Coaching Schools” that sell their programs to teach people to become life coaches. Anyone can enroll and graduate, all it takes is paying the training fees. Coach training fees range in cost from $200 to over $25,000 and can take from 6 weeks to about 2 years. Many graduates also receive coach “Certifications,”  that signify very little. The quality of the training and of the graduates is haphazard and questionable. Yet, Thomas Leonard who founded three of the first and biggest coaching schools always stated that the best way to become a great life coach is to just coach.

Being successful doesn’t make a person a good coach
It is commonly thought that a person who has been successful in their field would be a good life coach. This simply isn’t true. As mentioned before, life coaching isn’t about telling a person what to do or to follow your example. True life coaching is about helping people understand themselves and focus on achieving their goals. This requires the “gift of coaching”.

The “Gift of Coaching”
This cannot be understated. A life coach whose clients achieve a high success rate will have this gift – the ability to put their ego aside, to be a peer to the client, to illuminate and not give orders. This is rare among life coaches, but it is essential to success. Most clients can feel when a life coach has the “gift of coaching” during sample sessions.

Qualifications for high quality life coaches
Like any profession life coaches provide different levels of excellence. The life coaching process is much different than any other human improvement process. Excellent life coaches have been found to possess very unique and special life coaching qualifications.

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